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  1. They've already stated that every class isn't going to be balanced vs. every other class. This is good. I am fine with finding myself in situations that are too tough for me to tackle, regardless of how hypothetically "good" the player on the other end of the keyboard is compared to me. This is an MMORPG. Not Street Fighter. Not a MOBA. Big parts of the game include things like planning, scouting, preparation, exploration, & world building. It sounds like some people want to be able to wander obliviously around the gameworld and think if they are "good" enough, they should have lit
  2. You know what? I've never actually read the Tully post on the forum Rules of Conduct, because I've never really thought about doing anything I thought would break any rules. With that said, the rules as listed are pretty strict. However, people appear break most of these rules all the time without penalty. Take that as you will. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/332-forum-rules-of-conduct/
  3. Player Skill vs. Character Skill: How much impact are character statistics and gear going to have on combat vs. player skill?
  4. ColdSlither


    Entourage was a weird period piece when, for some reason, being a douchebag was cool for a couple years in the early 2000's. The show got pretty terrible pretty quickly and I'll wait for it to be on HBO to see the movie.
  5. I've stayed out of all these topics, but I might as well chime in with a few thoughts: 1) This is totally normal. Somewhere early on, somebody mentioned "when you have 100 people posting out 15K, you should look at changing things". Well, that's just not true. For almost all games, a very tiny percentage of the playerbase posts on the forums. This is particularly true when the game is 2 years from release and there are few details about it. Expecting a huge volume of consistent posters at this point is just not going to happen. 2) There is a certain segment of the population, for whom
  6. But that's still assuming mechanics that haven't been confirmed. Right now we don't even know if these structures can be built from scratch. As stated in the video, you find this ruined small keep and you can build it (if you want) into the large one. A large guild very well may not be able to build 5 or 6 small keeps, if you have to find them existing in the game. Say there are 5-10 (or whatever number) of up-gradable structures scattered throughout a CW. This group can certainly try to break into smaller teams and take over a handful of the other keeps, but they may not be able to. It
  7. I know what you are saying. I just disagree. Again, this will go back to the point that we don't know enough about rulesets and such, but it sounds like, to me, from everything they've said they are intending to design the campaigns to be able to won by guilds that aren't necessarily just the ones with the most numbers. Now, maybe they will succeed at this design, maybe they will fail, but that appears to be what they are aiming for. So, the existence of a large structure tells us nothing other than that there are large structures to support large groups. A smaller guild with a medium
  8. I think you are looking at it all wrong. "natural progression for victory"? How does that follow? As far as I can tell, you don't win campaigns by the tier of fortification that you build. We haven't seen anything that says that, so the only way that having a fortification leads to "victory" would be in how it impacts your ability to win/earn points for the campaign. If you upgrade to the largest castle and only have 15-20 people to defend it, you are probably going to have an impossible time keeping the walls up, because you can't defend it. If you can build a smaller outpost in a
  9. Seems to be only the case for the tier 3 keep (which is what most of the video was showing). The smaller keep he showed with wouldn't require anything near that number. Remember, he said you might find that small keep in the CW and then you could upgrade it to the larger ones. And those are just the keeps. Remember that's already a step up in size from Forts. I think it's clear, from those videos, that supporting a Large Keep (and presumably Castle) will require large numbers, like you are talking about. But that doesn't mean that we will have, or need to have, a number of Large Keeps
  10. People will need to plan their fortifications based on their size, not just try to upgrade to the "top" building option. This is a good thing!
  11. [OLD MAN] Kids these days...In my day we watched shows when they aired or not at all[/OLD MAN]
  12. In fairness, he didn't say anything in that post that isn't from already aired TV shows.
  13. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/6499-meaningful-ek-contribution-to-campaigns/?p=175004 "If there aren't enough materials flowing from the Campaign worlds, we can increase the Campaign rewards. We can do this by increasing capacity (how much you can take out), or even by addressing flow (how often you can export). "
  14. They have said they may tweak the frequency of exporting from campaigns, which actually suggests that it's not only when a campaign ends, necessarily.
  15. No way should a character remain in a world indefinitely after logging off, but when not resting in a safe location they should remain for a significant time period. But 5 or 10 minutes at most.
  16. I kind of agree, in premise, but I'm not sure how limiting benefits translates to the "Throne War Simulator", if that's truly what they want. I mean, if you are Stannis Baratheon, you aren't sitting around going "I won't accept the Northern Clans into my alliance because I want to win the throne with as few men as possible". Instead, you'd be happy to snatch up every group and take the throne with a 99% to 1% numbers advantage on your enemies if you could. But, I think the real problem with the "Throne Ware Simulator" idea is giving the smaller & mid-sized groups a reason to hold
  17. We need to see a lot more before we can determine how much value, if any, these structures actually have. Player built, or not, they are all temporary, because the campaigns are going to end anyway. How much value to a group does a fortification have when the campaign is going to end in a few months? Is it different than the value of the same fort when the campaign is going to end in a a few days? What is the actual value, in the game? Does the guild get anything for owning that fort when the campaign ends, if they are not the winner? There's a lot we need to know before we can safely say
  18. I'm not completely sold on the idea of early victory conditions or differing campaign lengths under any circumstances. We will have to see if play out a number of times to be sure, of course, I'm just not sure about these concepts for the overall health of the game because of what I think they can do to shaping player behavior. The ability to "win" changes things drastically. And with the fact that these are lengthy campaigns, and not just some half hour battle, wins of any kind are going to be very rare. I mean if we assume an average of 3 months per campaign, the "best" guild out there m
  19. For MMOs a common reason to stop playing a game is: The game starts out great at release. As the developers listen to more and more people complaints, they make changes to the game in significant ways from what it was at launch.
  20. The problem with giving everybody %export from the dregs, is that it will make it by far the most populated campaigns. I think it's already going to be pretty populated due to the fact that the top resources are there. If everyone is guaranteed to be able to bring something out, there's no reason for every player, no matter their inclination, to have a character on a dregs campaign. In fact, it would become almost a necessary condition of playing the game.
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