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  1. I was part of the Original Serrated Gaming guild.... went through a couple different websites and forums... Are you still putting together a Guild for Crowfall? I am interested in joining back up and being active...



    Corrupted Essence is always looking for so mature players, we understand that real life takes priority, but we love to play.

    We need all classes and are trying to get as big of a guild as possible.

    Myself and the guild leader are Canadian, but we welcome all.

    Join us friend,

    Reply to this message, if you wish to join us and I will get the Guild leader to invite you.


    Once a guild invite is sent, it needs to be accepted on crowfall.com - Community tab/guild tab.

    Thank You

  3. As I mentioned some posts back, we have transitioned to a gaming community and @NocturnalDemise has become our new dedicated guild leader. I know that many guilds tried to take him before that because he is awesome that way. I also know that many guilds like to talk crap about us because we literally kicked every guild's butt in hunger dome. Others are not happy we spied on them. That is because we never believed in half way. If you want to hate someone, I am responsible for those nights you lost sleep, but if you are like me and enjoy competitive gaming, lets meet in the field and have a blast together. It was never personal, we were just better motivated players at the time. Here is a little reminder why Serrated is still playing Crowfall.
  4. Some news. One thing about starting a guild so early in game development is that there is a lot of down time. Fortunately our ranks have held together well despite that. As a result, we have organically converted into a gaming comunity to support everyone's desire to have fun across multiple games. So we are now entertaining applications from CU, LiF and CoE as well.
  5. It is not really a code. With this forum, it is really a procedure. Go to you signature settings, click on the image and then click the link icon. It will bring up link options.
  6. We received a really special surprise from an anonymous artist. Without further ado, I proudly present... https://www.youtube.com/embed/EYlVlP-64b0
  7. Thank you Deedster70! I PM'ed you directly and we are honored by your application! It is always challenging to support a premature game, but Serrated is dedicated to doing so. Presented with several opportunities to diversify, our guild has remained stead fast in its loyalty to Crowfall. Like any guild, we are, or have become, friends and as friends we embrace opportunities to play together. But rather than diluting our mission we have embraced rising leaders of sister guilds in other games. That illustrates the kind of people we are. We our self-confident enough not to have to force players to abide by arbitrary rules. We are in the game to win, but most importantly to have fun together.
  8. There is plenty of time to choose a guild. The game content is largely not there and many have gotten bored of the Hunger Dome and are not playing, using BDO to pass the time. We will reserve the guild name when ACE sets that up. I thought is was going to be soon. I don't think the guild is server restricted, but we really do not know what ACE will do. Todd has said before that he wants to avoid splitting the US and UK guilds. In short, we do not know. Hope that helps!
  9. Great discussion for our FLA friends http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/10704-fla-town-crier-pvp-pve-rp/
  10. Based on recent information, players will choose factions when entering Campaign Worlds. Since you can participate in multiple CW's at a time, you can be in multiple factions at a time. Your friend in one world will be your enemy in another. So, faction identity does not mean as much as it has in other games.
  11. Tis is the season. I am going to break form and wish my fellow RQ gamers and everyone in Crowfall a happy holiday. We can kick each other's asses later. Have a great holiday!
  12. I am very impressed by the current level of testing. Combat has been ongoing and changing rapidly. On top of that, every session has included the extra sugar of increased graphical details. I am not making any excuses, but I am just saying the progress is obvious and ongoing. If I was to make a complaint, it would be that testing has been going on too long. Many of the guild have just grown bored of the test content.
  13. I have asked them not to close it. We are big boys and don't need to be protected from social PvP.
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