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  1. I like the idea of waltzing across the worlds sure.. But, You essentially are making necromancy useless. You make the body and then one and done. Waste of training ....Painful to hear.. I really am disturbed by this change and was really looking forward to necromancy and stitching bodies together .
  2. I know yall mentioned selling your old msi laptops via social media but, You might get a better return on some of the testers winning them as a prize on one of your streams. Just food for thought. Easy media boost in advertisement for something thats already paid for.
  3. Good to see you fellas still active @Destrin @KrakkenSmacken Miss the friends and foe testers . The team is playing Life is Feudal but .. I'm a caster type player not much into this nothing but melee archery thing.
  4. Hey guys Long time tester here. I have not tested since before christmas vacation but , I have been keeping up with the forums and updates. My question is if i was to start testing again and playing would I have fun doing so?
  5. occulus rift & crowfall

    Zomnivore what do you think about just playing in the desktop of occulus and remapping the controls to the occulus controllers?
  6. i approve of this change.
  7. how compatible do you guys think it will be?
  8. We eagerly await. actively participate and consistently salivate over crowfall which will drown out our lives and be a welcome respite and destresser by killing multitudes. Take the time you need but , But try not to leave us in the dark .
  9. Same issue i had pale i canceled this weekends plans ... \
  10. You can play on the live server just not the test server . Dont worry i paid 250$ two years ago and i cant even test on the test server yet.
  11. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

    I seen this and am interested occasionally in going to the old world for nostalgia sake . Especially with the rate of crow fall possible release seeming to head deep into 2018.
  12. Good job it looks much closer to a professional stat sheet. @thomasblair this going to make it into 5.3?