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  1. Book Confessor fire field is 0 range even though it lets you target out of that it always just cast at your feet.
  2. Felt good . I have reservations about having to level every corpse"vessel" i equip but looking at the long term for necromancy im guessing it would be good to be that way. looks like there is stuff to do in the world now . Lets get the bugs fixed and get ready to try this thing out! Well done ArtsCrafts
  3. well now i wish i would have kept my extra char slots...
  4. whats the ETA on 5.8 .. The server test is dieing down less and less people on every night.
  5. Frostweaver - Where are you?

    While i think you for responding it is a bit sad that we still do not even have info of what kinda class it will be. what it may do or not do ect.
  6. UXA Welcome's you to order.. This reminds me of old UO factions with people/guilds changing factions occasionally. interesting developments.
  7. Give me eyes for my heads! I need additives that mean something... Cap bonuses are still VERY mehh...
  8. I do luv dearly digging up body parts and playing with them!
  9. RIP Obs LoD

    Well done fellas .. Well done..
  10. It's Monster Month!

    Fav month of the year and i like prizes ! I am down like four flat tires!
  11. Leveling and Skill system suggestion

    I do agree that i would like to see more exp levels being granted beyond 10 for farming monsters. or even hitting nodes"iron ,trees stone ect. As the nodes are basicly stationary monsters that can be hit with only a certain kind of weapon damage this would not be hard to accomplish. Hopefully we will get up to rank 30 monsters and "harvest nodes" that will grant exp.
  12. The UnDeAd Legion

    Got you squared away. Thanks for your interest in uXa we will be in touch.
  13. Can we use these for our streaming twitch crowfall videos?
  14. Eternal Kingdom questions and clarifications

    We work hard on promoting the Order faction. Been recruiting in order to help new players not get lost in the crowfall alpha jumble.
  15. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    It does indeed . They are years into development and do not have the bandwidth to start on frostweaver. The QA live streams seems that thomas blair does not really know the game very well. "Last stream told us how good bard health regen works in survival tray" The lack of massive combat capability "40 people turn into a lag fest" . four months on each patch 5.5 5.6 5.7