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  1. Friday prime time patch server down for extended periods. Not the best of ideas...
  2. does not seem like much on the patch notes. downloading now though.
  3. I noticed a patch this morning. but did not see any patchnotes.
  4. We eagerly await. actively participate and consistently salivate over crowfall which will drown out our lives and be a welcome respite and destresser by killing multitudes. Take the time you need but , But try not to leave us in the dark .
  5. Over all Good job on this weekends test. Had fun testing thank you to the other testers for logging in and making it interesting. Noticed with fully charged C on confessor could be recharged very quickly if you did not use both charges. If to many people complain might have to increase the cooldown by a few seconds. The scoot on fessor is only going 10 meters and very under performing. The racial Nethari fire bonus does not stack with fire field damage so its not worth using with such crappy range in compared to 100 yard archers. Most Murdeer clerics can throw hammers about as far as you can throw fireballs. Added range on the confessor Murdeer kinda pigeon holes you to that class since you get no real bonuses for running Nethari at the moment. Most bugs i found have been reported.
  6. Yes Hell I am Kickstarter amber and still cant get in. Sadface!
  7. Amber kickstarter still not getting love.
  8. Same issue i had pale i canceled this weekends plans ... \
  9. You can play on the live server just not the test server . Dont worry i paid 250$ two years ago and i cant even test on the test server yet.
  10. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

    I seen this and am interested occasionally in going to the old world for nostalgia sake . Especially with the rate of crow fall possible release seeming to head deep into 2018.