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  1. Any other LGBT players?

  2. Still hoping for frostweaver to be zerg buster class...
  3. GW2 with loot

    While i agree I am just hoping this does become more of a MMORPG than guildwarz2 WvWvW . At the moment it is vastly easy to compare. You must get supplies to rebuild the fort/keep ect. There is no real lose when you die other than your apples. True gear is as a constant grind as it is in a constant state of destruction. "anytime your in combat stance it is decaying. " There is a lot of comparisons i just want crowfall to be more than gw2 WvWvW and I worry it is a warranted concern.
  4. GW2 with loot

    Its not like scoring matters at all atm...
  5. GW2 with loot

    We had FFA servers and test before factions were implemented . It was a blast and the strategy that came with it ...
  6. GW2 with loot

    Both Actually. I just don't know much about their mechanics they are planning to make this different then the current systems out there. Maybe i missed it . I know factions is guildwars2 with loot and that its kinda that. But the other systems do we really know much how that is going to work?
  7. GW2 with loot

    At the moment crowfall is more gw2 than it is shadowbane/gameofthrones/eve. Dont get me to far off i enjoyed the faction combat in gw2 but it got old fast. I know there will be other realms dregs ect but we dont have a ETA or a clue on how any of that will work... So in the end even when that is in we still dont really know how the building in those games will work... With all that said . What makes this different from GW2 .?
  8. Aww Tinnis .. Now i dont even want to watch the livestream . I just want frostweaver!
  9. Nice coverup looks like a frostweaver to me !
  10. Kickstarter Large Castle

    The question is ... When do we get these back in our packages?
  11. Does this mean we will finally get our large castles and them fully painted?
  12. Most my team has not logged in since a wipe was declared . Move it from test get it on live then do a video.
  13. Betting on frost weaver news this week.

    Yep but ohwell was hoping...
  14. We have been wondering why COMS went dark . ..
  15. Did i miss the live stream or was prerecorded?