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  1. Woot we won War Story of the week! https://community.crowfall.com/topic/28273-war-story-of-the-week-the-battle-for-the-judge/
  2. RIP Red Elk.. life cut short so soon... "did anyone check and see if it dropped Heart additive?"
  3. Looks like only guild leaders can use them currently.
  4. Attributes dont mean anything at the moment. The attributes imo need to be reworked.
  5. With that kind of population it would be a good time. Problem is the game it self would crash with more than 100 in each zone. Hopefully it will run better soon and be able to handle a fun sized population where all of our current "large guilds" are small fries in the greater populations
  6. Pan for some reason these triple posted. Please delete some of them @Pann
  7. Back before a lot of changes this was Crowfall 3+ years ago
  8. Is anyone playing on live at this time? Cause last I seen it was like 5 people on live tops? Its kinda a confusing embarrassment . I understand trying to shuffle people to the populated areas "Test" but dunno this is the way to do it. Possibly just bring down the live server until you feel Test is done cooking . ?
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