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  1. May 17 Snap Test!

    Wooot!!! Wait im at work
  2. Ill trade you 4 tons of apples for a commander rune?
  3. I know people that would just bot apple harvesting and buy it with that. I just think it would be better to require teamwork or a skilled single person to outsmart the team. Just sounds like wanting easy mode rune's
  4. When the question asked. "Do we need more things to do and more content?" The question is always yes. In shadowbane we had PoI mines seiges leveling and boss mobs. But some of the best solo fights were over Rune Droppers. The Rune dropper locations actually aided the smaller guilds and solo players with gorilla tactics and timing the drop points. It made it more of a living world. With Crowfall they can even make it MORE alive through this. Grinding endless sacrifice points seems like you could just buy the rune drops with trading in tons of harvested apples.
  5. Getting disc from regions created regional control and huge amounts of pvp at the locations of commander ect. Its okay while i respect your idea i just disagree with using sacrifice points as currency or even a lottery.
  6. Im not sure . Yes we need something more to work for in game. But, A lot of stuff is not in yet . Like capturing the disciplines from creatures like shadowbane. The entire body creation is a minmax char design gamers wet dream. Sure increase the levels you can reach if you want . Add in more ability to grind on monsters and sacrifice. Possibly short term buffs for chars from the sacrifice system. But, PLEASE don't turn this into a forced grind fest.
  7. Murder of Crows AMA

    Great series , Also loved Wheel of time "Robert Jordan" and "David Eddings" Guardians of the West" So many books i used to read.
  8. Murder of Crows AMA

    I try not to go to far above the Mason Dixon. but, I have been through out the south "live in North Carolina" I have traveled as far west as Oregon . I have not been out of the United states as of yet. Wish to go to Ireland one day though.
  9. Stone born looks the same as the halfgiant im guessing we are testing the runes with out the model currently. @ACE_Jackal Just want to make sure im not bugged and not seeing correct models. I was expecting big bristle beards.
  10. They did not say they could not do dungeons . I think what it comes down to is it would take a lot of time to HAND craft it. Time and manpower they just do not have currently. Dungeons will be in the horizon but let them get the main portion of the game out first. They have to focus or scope creep could really keep the game coming out for years.
  11. I hope its a wipe so its a fresh start for people all on the same footing. It would be nice if frostweaver made it in to 5.6 in the last minute .
  12. Murder of Crows AMA

    Gordan for sure . His time in the industry that i have grown up in makes him a god among men. He has been creating my hobby for nearly his entire life.
  13. Last but not least

    Life Steal would be great! dont need stealth ect, I dont think that is meant to be.
  14. Last but not least

    Oddly i expect the class to have some sort of ice armor buff. Just seems logical. I kind of think it will be more of a control mage . Slowing the battlefield or players while confessor is in your face damage and hardstops. Frostweaver more slowing the battle and controlling the battlefield with ice walls ect.
  15. The UnDeAd Legion

    We the UnDeAd have been watching and waiting for crowfall to mature enough for us to raise the banners and wreak havoc among the populations of crowfall. With 5.6 going to live we will come back to check the progress in to see just how far along the game has come... Will it support the mob of murderous UnDeAd that is uXa in its current state??