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  1. I think we all know how a geared better player that forced through this current grind system can mop up a group of people easily . They in that climate were the zerg. They outnumbered you 2/1 but were inferior. Be that to preparation? It speaks to the current disgusting amount of leveling/preparation in the game currently.
  2. not insulting you just making a statement . Swiftpackpig ,elementalist firing from nuk. Those guys did not even have armor on. You definitely were better prepared.
  3. 2 geared leveled v 5 naked "or basic". Nice video though.
  4. instead of last hit mechanic how about just open a chest and let people spam it to try to loot it ? or the loot is on the boss guard that defends the circle?
  5. The title is "Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!
  6. Yes it needs to be changed. We all know that. But mid stream is bad form. My hope is the Tribes taking the outpost and fighting them also for them will make it more fun and rewarding.
  7. -1 No if we change rules we change it AFTER the campaign. If your teams dont want to put in the work dont...
  8. Exactly the harshness that we are trying to avoid on the forums . Even if you do not care about the community , the game or its future. Others do that is why this is being debated. Anyone that is banned no matter the persons "most feel" should not be banned willy nilly . I see that you would only care if it comes to you and yours of course. Most in the community do not want any one banned for "banter" . Unless you are talking about a specific case? My statements are generalizing the forum rules ToS.
  9. He gets a court date , Hearing , Trial and, Still unless he murders someone does not get life or death penalty.
  10. uXa Is Still recruiting like minded Chaos NA players. Please send me a msg if you feel you are a good fit for our team. P.S. If i do not answer the msg right away check the nearest highest rank graveyard im normally there.
  11. Seeing people banned for political banter is debilitating to the game imo. Jay walking no matter how many times should not constitute the death penalty. If you get enough tickets ie drivers license sure they may take your license. But they do not ban you from going to the store . We are consumers in crowfall . We have spent a ton more money than we would a regular game. Ace has listened to the gaming community on the entire creation of the game. Accept where these forums are concerned. They ignore us in this instance . We have begged for more softer policy's and that has been rejected at this time. None of us feel that saying a simple thing such as soso guild "sux" should be a point and be the final straw on someones account. Ban them from the forum sure its your forum. In game ? Their $1000.00 of dollars with no chance to recoup the loses is not what the player community desires. But, This is apparently not up for debate and they do not want or desire our input on this matter. So the choice's are. 1# Only post things here that help the creation of the game . 2# Test the game. 3# Only give constructive feed back on the game. We as testers have paid to help create the game we want to play. Know your role in this and don't step on toes.
  12. dolmar

    Zone Caps

    balance still outnumbers everyone honestly? 93 chaos 52 order 147 balance on tonight. that is my count reports.
  13. run as Admin For the Win! Sorry little I.T. phrase. lol
  14. Just saying Why is Alchemy not been given the same treatment as food that requires 0 skill? All these buffs would normally be regulated to Alchemy in any other game. While im glad that more stuff is being added .. Why is alchemy the skill that is forgotten? You mind as well do away with the skill completely roll ambrosia into a food product and put philosopher stones in necromancy....
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