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Everything posted by dolmar

  1. Woot we won War Story of the week! https://community.crowfall.com/topic/28273-war-story-of-the-week-the-battle-for-the-judge/
  2. RIP Red Elk.. life cut short so soon... "did anyone check and see if it dropped Heart additive?"
  3. Looks like only guild leaders can use them currently.
  4. Attributes dont mean anything at the moment. The attributes imo need to be reworked.
  5. With that kind of population it would be a good time. Problem is the game it self would crash with more than 100 in each zone. Hopefully it will run better soon and be able to handle a fun sized population where all of our current "large guilds" are small fries in the greater populations
  6. Pan for some reason these triple posted. Please delete some of them @Pann
  7. Back before a lot of changes this was Crowfall 3+ years ago
  8. Is anyone playing on live at this time? Cause last I seen it was like 5 people on live tops? Its kinda a confusing embarrassment . I understand trying to shuffle people to the populated areas "Test" but dunno this is the way to do it. Possibly just bring down the live server until you feel Test is done cooking . ?
  9. A lot of people are in a holding pattern as you cant even get runes at this time. Many things are currently broken . I think they are pushing some serious updates "hopefully".
  10. UXA is open recruiting again to prepare for launch. You can read through the thread for a little background. PST to me for more information. Thank you.
  11. Yea we all were buddy lol.
  12. lol! Well better late than never.
  13. I remember you guys. send a pm. I will assist where I can .
  14. We are going to crawl from our graves.. Crypts. . Sarcophagus .. We shall come out in droves... The UnDeAd will be here for then Dregs..
  15. Actually Tark was -W- i just gave him a home after he left them. Like i did a few other -W- I just say what i see . Politics are something im not good at cause i do my best not to lie and always play it truthful. If im wrong i admit it. Its okay though
  16. Blazzan has been running a alt account in order and not in chaos actively playing in nearly a year. I mean no offence Anglemar . I think your a good guy but, you know me well enough to know that i don't do politics . I am not good at it. We will be back once the game drags me back in. Much love to you and yours .
  17. I have had fun . I've had a lot of fun and i still have high hope for the game. I enjoy fighting with and against most the old school guilds in this game. I do think that ACE needs to make the game they envisioned and stop pandering to a partial test community. I just hit a point where I just did not want to do this patch. Its to little to drag me in . I feel they are behind the curve on getting the game out. It reeks of scope creep. I like you most likely are heavily invested in Crowfall and hope it comes to what we all dream of it to be. Its just not there and seems wishywashy at
  18. Sorry bud not gonna bite on that. We just are not having fun in this current iteration of the game. -HuGz-
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