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Status Replies posted by dolmar

  1. Hey Dolmar. 

    I'm a long time UA and Shadowbane player. Backed CF during KS and just now checking it out since it has more meat in its bones. 

    Looking for a mature bunch of people to jump on and do group stuff with and learn the game's ropes. I'm on during EST timezone at random times, mostly on at night and weekends as well but also during the day. 

    Interested in the guild since it seems like it may strike some chords. Looking to do PvP as soon as I can! How do I join up and are you guys NA? 


    1. dolmar


      Hello Rico,

      We are East coast USA majority  time zone but, we do have people from all over the world. 

      We have a few aussies ect that cover our off time zones so we have round the clock players. 

      You join up by meeting with us in discord talking it out and seeing if we would be a good fit for each other. 

      We are a bunch of older players been around since 1995 till now. We heavily played shadowbane on a multitude of servers. Would be glad to have you aboard. I will get you discord information tonight around 6pm est. "when i get off work"


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