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  1. Is anyone playing on live at this time? Cause last I seen it was like 5 people on live tops? Its kinda a confusing embarrassment . I understand trying to shuffle people to the populated areas "Test" but dunno this is the way to do it. Possibly just bring down the live server until you feel Test is done cooking . ?

  2. 12 hours ago, MyaterPain said:

    I'm Myater from Darkfall/Shadowbane from the clan Defiance (for  anyone who remembers). My clan has a decent amount of people coming here and obviously as new players we have some learning to do so I was wondering if some people would be nice enough to give us some tips :). 

    Crafting? What should we focus on and are there any guides to help us understand it at a higher level?

    Vessels? How do these work exactly with leveling them up?

    Where the meta is going (in your opinion)?

    Building characters? Like the talent tree/disciplines/stats.

    The game in general and anything else people can think of that may be helpful I'd really appreciate it!

    I remember you guys. send a pm. I will assist where I can . 

  3. 15 minutes ago, mandalore said:

    He’s the guild leader of UxA, Tarks “former” guild. 

    Actually Tark was -W- i just gave him a home after he left them. Like i did a few other -W-


    1 hour ago, PopeUrban said:

    I don't know you very well, as all I read is your forum posts.

    From that perspective it seems like you do politics a lot.

    Like a LOT.

    I just say what i see . Politics are something im not good at cause i do my best not to lie and always play it truthful. If im wrong i admit it. Its okay though :)

  4. 2 minutes ago, Angelmar said:

    Nice spin as always Dolmar.  Good that you omitted Blazzen is a GL of a Chaos guild.

    For all the folks concerned re: overnight content.  I suggest you run the numbers and put in some time thinking through the changes.

    All Outposts are now worth the same as all the keeps (due to nerfs to keep values and buffs to outposts).  

    The 3 ppl online at 5am EST can now full cap the 48 Outposts (down from 150) in 30s each (instead of 10 minutes) and have equal influence over the CW as the 100+ ppl that show up for sieges.

    These values may be too favorable to Outposts, but folks saying they cannot effect the CW result as a 1-2 man crew at any hour of the day are just ignorant of how the scoring works.

    Blazzan has been running a alt account in order and not in chaos actively playing in nearly a year. I mean no offence Anglemar . I think your a good guy but, you know me well enough to know that i don't do politics . I am not good at it. We will be back once the game drags me back in. Much love to you and yours .

  5. 2 minutes ago, mandalore said:

    Have you had fun in any iteration?  I’m a doomsayer and pretty critical of CF (ask Krakken) but even I enjoy what little time I do play.  I still think the game will consume its own pop but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel for CF launching (May 2029).

    I have had fun . I've had a lot of fun and i still have high hope for the game. I enjoy fighting with and against most the old school guilds in this game. I do think that ACE needs to make the game they envisioned and stop pandering to a partial test community. 

    I just hit a point where I just did not want to do this patch. Its to little to drag me in . I feel they are behind the curve on getting the game out. It reeks of scope creep.

    I like you most likely are heavily invested in Crowfall and hope it comes to what we all dream of it to be. Its just not there and seems wishywashy at the moment. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, mandalore said:

    Aren’t most the concurrent players on from 1800-2300?  I like how in one sentence you blame Angelmar and Blazzen, two guild leaders from opposing faction then you immediately jump to blaming the enemy faction that your guild members were kicked from (left, whatever) that also happens to be dominated by a faction that has crushed any hope of victory that you might have been clinging too.  So which is it?  Is it balances fault?  Is it Blazzen and Angelmar?  You can’t reasonably  think that a minority of overnight players should have most of the power over the majority of a servers player base. 

    Sorry bud not gonna bite on that. We just are not having fun in this current iteration of the game. -HuGz-

  7. 1 hour ago, oneply said:

    If the “solution” is, they don’t play anymore, then yes I agree with you. Cause that’s really all that’s changed. 

    And I do like that afking during capping is no longer the ideal use of time. 

    There is nothing to do during the night . So if you do not play at the active times then the game is dead and boring. The map and siege schedules were designed by Anglemar and Blazzen so of course they support it. IMO Ace caved to the -W- since balance streams and makes the most videos. It saves them on advertisement. Just my two cents.. uXa will be back. 

  8. Ultima online factions had a limit to the amount of people that could be in one faction that was directly related to the other factions . If one faction went so far above in population to the others then people were locked out of joining that faction till the others caught up. Yes it would take some coding but it would "balance" the factions. 

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