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  1. I believe you found a guild. Let me know if you need any assistance.
  2. I just like to scrooge mcduck swim through the skulls
  3. All this talk of unfair cause people started eariler so you want them to wipe just so you can catch up?In order to test starting. Well honestly fellas you could have started back then. If you just heard of the game and just started okay i get it. But, Punishing the rest of the players on LIVE because when and where you started is not viable . As guess what the live game when it launches.. Will also have people that started behind others. ...
  4. Forsooth If you like to roleplay a desiccated corpse shambling across the battlefield under the command of a person with an unhealthy love of the dead . This is the place for you..If not you can still hang out and pay for your membership with the skulls of our enemy's.
  5. what other games have you played where .. You dont need to level up to craft .. You dont need to go get your materials to craft.. You can just open up a store and have people come to your empty wagon to buy stuff. Sorry but if it was easy to get then people would just get it them selves and say custard your store. Just saying..
  6. Good video! Still not sure what is so difficult about tossing a box down in the EK using existing tech of a char corpse ect.
  7. I think hitpoints could be the same across the board on armor.. But the mitigation should be better on mail and plate. normalizing hitpoints on armor totally works. or remove it hitpoints from armor all together.
  8. The uXa crafters are in constant discussion about the cost of leather armor. Why does it cost 100 more resources to craft it than it does for the cost of plate armor ect?
  9. Ramping up Recruitment for the first official Campaign. Please send me a Msg directly for more info.
  10. Weighing in .. The talent system is great . It creates diverse chars . It is not fixable you mess up take the penalty of making a new char. The leveling well at least it has people in the adventure zones. Either raiding or being raided. If we had boss mobs to be camped with greater experience/gold/sacrifice items it would help. As is the goal is to level to 20s and use the gold you gathered to level the rest of the way. Im okay with that. But, when we start using crafted bodies that exp cost so much more.things will get more and more hectic . If i remember correctly a orange body on test was over 5k a level. That is a lot of investment so you might want to make sure every talent is in place and you REALLLY want to play that vessel. Over all as much as i hate it and as lazy as i am . I think its a move in the right direction. As long as you can easily group farm/level and do not get the exp hit reduction. 0-30 level in an hour of farming is far easier than most games.
  11. dolmar


    One day we will have frostweaver...
  12. Not sure about op the other confessor lines have more dps . But, the sanctifier is very tanky . The spitting distance is not quite usable as you are not quite as tanky as a melee in order to make it Viable to slot. Fanatic is strong also. Another guildmember is testing that and its bonuses to control effects with damage bonuses make it a strong alternative. Have not tested the dot removal "cleansing fire" The dots for from the top line. Are very strong as it seems everything catches everyone on fire with severe burning. I will test it further.
  13. well now i wish i would have kept my extra char slots...
  14. While i think you for responding it is a bit sad that we still do not even have info of what kinda class it will be. what it may do or not do ect.
  15. UXA Welcome's you to order.. This reminds me of old UO factions with people/guilds changing factions occasionally. interesting developments.
  16. Give me eyes for my heads! I need additives that mean something... Cap bonuses are still VERY mehh...
  17. I do luv dearly digging up body parts and playing with them!
  18. Well done fellas .. Well done..
  19. Fav month of the year and i like prizes ! I am down like four flat tires!
  20. I do agree that i would like to see more exp levels being granted beyond 10 for farming monsters. or even hitting nodes"iron ,trees stone ect. As the nodes are basicly stationary monsters that can be hit with only a certain kind of weapon damage this would not be hard to accomplish. Hopefully we will get up to rank 30 monsters and "harvest nodes" that will grant exp.
  21. Got you squared away. Thanks for your interest in uXa we will be in touch.
  22. Can we use these for our streaming twitch crowfall videos?
  23. We work hard on promoting the Order faction. Been recruiting in order to help new players not get lost in the crowfall alpha jumble.
  24. It does indeed . They are years into development and do not have the bandwidth to start on frostweaver. The QA live streams seems that thomas blair does not really know the game very well. "Last stream told us how good bard health regen works in survival tray" The lack of massive combat capability "40 people turn into a lag fest" . four months on each patch 5.5 5.6 5.7
  25. Or just list it as a "Defending the fort" Just cause you don't know the person does not mean they may not turn the fight. Discounting people in the fight just cause they are not in your group is fallacy for inflating epeens. I hate the current numbers game if you are not sure don't mention numbers it just makes you look like a liar . I expect more from older guilds .. Your established you don't need to fudge the truth to promote your guilds value...You are better than that.
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