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  1. The question is ... When do we get these back in our packages?
  2. We all are hoping for Test to move to Live production. With the wipe announced no one is wanting to play, So hopefully they push it to live since its stable and that will reset bank/ek/campaign . That will get more people into the new world and they can tweek it as long as there is no show stopper bugs left.
  3. While the victory points are useless the gathering/banking ablity of the forts are the only reason to hold them. Some of my guys find a fort to hold and then gather all the elements around it during the campaign its our pvpers job to make sure we hold it.
  4. https://www.twitch.tv/uxa_gaming Uxa Twitch channel . We decided to start one in order to aid in funding guild members accounts , system, parts ect.
  5. lol good job ive been caught in the webs!
  6. they talk about alchemy updates? Also they still give the ETA as when its ready? Frostweaver news? I was having to work what did they talk about?
  7. Hope this means they are getting ready to roll out 5.7 on the test server.
  8. Yes that is true. We have been testing 5.6 now for almost 4 months? On hearing the greatness of 5.7 the entire time I would just expect more than EK update ect possibly a announcement of something of more substance . I normally do not use chat programs at all they are the least needed as we all use some voice chat or other. Yes this was the only thing included in this update notification for Thursday. On another note i guess its just me cause i could not give a multicolored Socks about a chat window .
  9. I know its a step in the right direction but at best its a baby step . I was just wanting more for an update instead "Hey guys we will have a better chat window"
  10. While this is good .. its not really news that they will have the same chat capability as every other game..
  11. The question on everyones mind is WHEN IS 5.7 I am hoping with the pushback on live that they are putting in 5.7 in test asap and hoping to get it on live by end of campaign.
  12. True .. I am still hoping though! Tuesday down but we still have thursdays update.
  13. Yea i feel with this update they need to adjust that . unless the white gear thats on the vendor is all fails with no experimentation
  14. Oh the possible disappointment ... They said over a month ago that they had sent the stuff to the engineers to make it possible .. Maybe a sneak peek on the concept powers ect .. So i can stop day dreaming of slaughtering everyone with freezing cold and draining their life force!
  15. What kind of monsters would mock you if you die to a mob? Dunno about your guildmates/friends they sound like terrible people!
  16. I ask at every live stream that i am at. And i miss very few!
  17. NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Top of the list is get all races classes in then work on the other stuff.
  18. "Eyeballs Ace Development Partners tag" Sadface ....
  19. There will be rune dropers the same as there was in shadowbane and those should be harder to take down . Such as the spider queen currently is harder and does do a few extra moves. I believe as they get the A.I more advanced and cleaned up. the rune droppers will be much more difficult to kill . That should do it for most pvers.
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