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  1. You can actively level your vessel and get better gathering crafting ect. Activity in game is king waiting on stats will still just put you further and further behind.
  2. ^^^ This is a great idea. Make Con Great again!
  3. The fact that caster dmg classes are just a waste of space atm is part of this. No pinpoint damage from fessor ect. Hopefully some of the tweaks to get them right and the introduction to frost weaver will change things. Hell i would like a class that causes hunger lol! Imagine hitting someone and bringing their hungermeter down in a sustained fight. Sad making someone hungry would be more beneficial than straight sad confessor damage and current CC. Another thing to note is the lack of a tree black-mantal We can not stop the healing currently the mantels are super weak a 500point health mantel is just poorly made socks.
  4. while these are nice i still need add ons skeletons zombies corpses ect...Maybe even some spider webs!
  5. dolmar


    Yea i got in some great fights there this weekend. Just hoping there are more spots like that to spur pvp and world action.
  6. Rune Drops, I know a few places that are currently pvp hot spots . I am hoping possibly ..could be... Runes will be tied to drops mobs ect 5.7 . It would create more things to fight for and aid in creating a more robust economy .Yes it will make it harder to create your spec but.. it would give you a reason to go out..
  7. Not everyone in game of thrones is a king or king worthy . Some people push trees... Some people hit rocks.. Some people are elite crafters .. In crowfall you do not start off a king. or even close to a throne. A MMO takes work .. A robust economy and a team willing to get dirty to get what is needed to take over a kingdom. "Kids Want everything easy" Think of something you do not mind doing and make that your gift to the cause. Join a team , Create a team.. This is a sandbox .. Make something ..
  8. I still say put the major resources inside the keep walls rank 10 nodes you can gather .
  9. Hey guys can we get higher ranked nodes this time around the rank 1 -3 is kinda tough. The rank 5 that was on abby Australia was nice. The nodes around the keep should be of ultra high value. Maybe some nodes inside the keep area that are rank 10 in order to really want people to via for control.
  10. Its a sugestion i get that but its a bad one. As it takes people out of the world and provides more of a PaytoWin aspect as people with multiple accounts would just milk there EK . Economy must happen organically . The best way to get the economy going is to make the gold have VALUE . There is very few gold syncs atm. I have been working vendors and sold a few things for sure but then i jsut use that gold to buy stuff that is easier to buy than to craft. We need greater amounts of items in game more cooking ect. Then to get additives to craft you can sell that stuff on a campaign vendor. preferably at a contested keep. Another idea is to take runes out of the easy mode craft and sell them on vendors at controlled locations.
  12. Top notch fellas . I am more and more excited about 5.7 with every drop of news... Now can we sink our teeth in?
  13. Hey crowfall can we or do you ever plan to allow us to dig up higher than green body parts?
  14. We have checked the progress and are happy with how things are progressing . We are opening up our recruitment. Send a msg to me in order to join the ranks of the dead...
  15. What is the point of these grave goods? They do not do anything at this point.. Is there a future use for them?
  16. If we are at ten times training as compared to launch something needs to be rethought. After a few months even at this speed a economy is just now being built. Everyone will be using intermediate weapons for a month before they could even start making the first level of blacksmithing leatherworking vessels ect. Might want to reevaluate the training speed to get to the meat and taters of at least starting the builds. Even if its even slower at the end of the line training.
  17. Agree completely. Make it so Artscraft.
  18. Necromancy vendor up in Arkadium. I use additives to each body in order to get the best stats. Let me know if you need something custom.
  19. i upgraded my system to ryzen 1700 32g ddr4 and 1080 founders eddition. Have m.2 sata drive and two other backup ssd samsung evo. I still lag and get bad frames in Crowfall around keeps.This game should be running 100fps . It is not. Goodluck
  20. A idea would be set times the forts/forts could be taken. It might spawn more siege activity. It is extremely useful to have ownership of the forts. But, Since it can be taken at any time and taken back and forth it means less.
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