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    dolmar reacted to fnukafka in War Story of the Week: RealBlankspace   
    this is better then 1 vs 6  war story
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    dolmar reacted to fnukafka in WIPE   
    8:40 - we will had alpha patch 6.0 (still long way to beta :D)
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    dolmar got a reaction from Prometeu in Sunday evening push of V, W and HoA vs KDS, Cal and N   
    Well done.
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    dolmar reacted to Prometeu in Sunday evening push of V, W and HoA vs KDS, Cal and N   
    Even though Balance is leading in points in EU they brought the help again from W, HoA and a few more US guilds.
    They mustered 35 people. Knowing how many we can muster that was a force to crash not to fight.
    I guess they are not as strong as they think they are...
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    dolmar reacted to Sloppy in Worlds worth defending - Official discussion thread   
    Encounter 1.  Starting the day.
    Sloppy logs in, no one is around so he starts the day solo on his level 25 purple body.
    Balance holds the entire map, so he decides to take something so he can get a harvesting bonus somewhere.
    He knows that in this campaign, in Halychyna there's 10 outposts, and 2 forts.  Telshire fort in bound to the outpost at the spider valley, the zombie valley, and 3 of the wildtribe camps.
    Sloppy is a miner, and since they removed all the rank 10 nodes from the keeps he knows the best place to find high level ore nodes is where the zombies are.  But he wants to get the bonus before he mines.  He also hopes that if enough guildmates login he can take that fort for an even greater bonus.
    He checks the siege schedule and sees that 2 of the wild tribe camps are live now, a wild tribe and zombie camp are live the next hour, and the spiders in 2 hours.
    He heads to the first wildtribe camp which is rank 9 urgu. He works his way to the group boss  which he knows he can solo.  (Same as the current group bosses).  It takes him about 5 minutes to solo it.  He grabs the loot off it, which is equivalent to the current raid bosses.  There's also a bane seed that will weaken the shield of protection on Telshire fort.
    He runs the artifact back to the fort and plants it anywhere in the forts territory.  One seed being planted knocks out the ability for balance to use a portal to get to the fort.
    As he's heading for the rank 10 aracoix camp, dolmar logs in and asks what sloppy is doing.  "I'm flipping camps for Telshire", says Sloppy.
    So they head out together, to the other camp.  When they arrive there's a balance druid there.  He must have guessed what was happening.  But he fears the Sloppy and Dolmar, so he runs off.  Sloppy loots the group boss and they run the seed off to plant.
    15 minutes later the zombie camp and the other wild tribe camp goes live.  3 balance are farming the rank 10 zombies at the end of valley and hitting the nodes.  They are getting 3x's Xp and also a 25% damage bonus on the ore nodes (2x's for controlling the fort and 3x's because they also own the controlling keep) .  The group boss in flagged balance so only chaos or order can kill it.  But balance can protect it, and use it as a weapon in the upcoming attack.
    Sloppy and Dolmar arrive and fight an epic battle against the 3 balance and the group boss.  They kill one, and the group boss and grab the seed.  They run it towards the fort, but the 2 remaining balance dog them the whole way.  They finally get the seed planted and balance runs into the fort for safety.
    The forces grow again.  This time 6 uxa head off to get the 4th camp.  It's a 20 minute battle against the 4 balance and the group boss.  uxa was able to res at the zombie camp because the 3 seeds on the fort gave them that right, so were finally able to wear the balance out and kill the guard, take the seed and run back to the fort to plant it.
    The hour turns over and the final piece that Chaos needs is the spider boss.  There's 10 chaos now ready to head out, but they know there will be a fight because they sent a scout and saw about 10 balance hanging out killing the rank 10 spiders beside the spider queen.  They're also farming the r10 stone nodes there while they wait.
    Encounter 2a - Chaos loses the big fight, and balance manages to save the spider queen and protect her for the rest of the hour.  The next hour one of the original camps spawns a chaos group boss.  Balance kills it, and grabs the special poison off the boss.  They run back to the fort and pour the poison on the ground killing one of chaos's seeds.
    Encounter 2b - Chaos wins the fight.  They prepare for the fort siege which they just triggered.  It starts at the top of the hour.
     They win the fort siege by killing all the balance and the raid boss.
    They take the raid boss bane seeds and plant it at the keep.
    They know if they can flip the other fort in the zone there will be a keep siege that night.  Lucky for them some solo dudes in another clan just finished planting the 5th seed on the other fort.
    So it goes live and they take that one as well and plant the seed at the keep, which triggers a siege that night.  The group bosses stop spawning in Halychyna, and the outposts are removed from the vulnerable list until after the siege.
    The keep siege works exactly as it does now.  The bane seeds are planted.
    Encounter 3 -  Chaos has won the keep.  They get some perks.
    3X XP.  30% extra damage on resource nodes.  A portal from the temple to the keep.  Solo players can now hit motherloads in chaos controlled territory under that keeps umbrella.
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    dolmar reacted to Sloppy in 5.92.0 Feedback Reports for 6/6/2019   
    Boring!  I'm bored!  We need a game loop.
    I've literally read hundreds of ideas for a territory control game loop, that promotes small scale and large scale pvp.
    Everyday I log in and think.  What am I going to do today?  If it's spring or summer I go and harvest!  But I'm now burnt out on that poorly made socks!  I need some small and medium scale pvp!
    Suggestion - At the very least remove the circle mechanic from outposts and put a soloable group boss, that drops 1-2 rune essences and some purple sacrifice parts.
    Winner flags the outpost, and it doesn't respawn for 2 hours.  (Put the time it will spawn on your fancy list you just programmed).
    If you manage to capture all the outposts near Fort A, than a raid boss spawns for 1 hour in the fort.  The boss killers get the fort, the defenders keep the fort is the boss is alive after one hour.  The boss also drops dead, and the defenders can loot him after.
    This should only take a day or two to code.  But it will give people poorly made socks to do!
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    dolmar reacted to Sloppy in The UnDeAd Legion   
    Sometimes our leaders forget our own rules!  Dolmar recently recruited a druggie, and also spent hours trying to help him out.  A serious breach of protocol!
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    dolmar got a reaction from JamesGoblin in #Warstories: Death Knell for Chaos   
    I think we all know how a geared better player that forced through this current grind system can mop up a group of people easily .
    They in that climate  were the zerg.
    They outnumbered you 2/1 but were inferior. 
    Be that to preparation? It speaks to the current disgusting amount of leveling/preparation in the game currently.
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    dolmar got a reaction from JamesGoblin in #Warstories: Death Knell for Chaos   
    not insulting you just making a statement . Swiftpackpig ,elementalist firing from nuk. Those guys did not even have armor on.
    You definitely were better prepared.
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    dolmar got a reaction from JamesGoblin in #Warstories: Death Knell for Chaos   
    2 geared leveled v 5 naked "or basic".  Nice video though.
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    dolmar got a reaction from makkon in #Warstories: Death Knell for Chaos   
    I think we all know how a geared better player that forced through this current grind system can mop up a group of people easily .
    They in that climate  were the zerg.
    They outnumbered you 2/1 but were inferior. 
    Be that to preparation? It speaks to the current disgusting amount of leveling/preparation in the game currently.
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    dolmar got a reaction from KanashiGD in #Warstories: Death Knell for Chaos   
    not insulting you just making a statement . Swiftpackpig ,elementalist firing from nuk. Those guys did not even have armor on.
    You definitely were better prepared.
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    dolmar reacted to yianni in 5.90 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/30/19   
    i see Gaeas whale is still worthless, i thought projectiles were fixed?
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    dolmar reacted to weaponsx in Too many hoops for necromancy already and it just got worse.   
    Welcome to Grind-Fall 2019.... whole game is one big grind now...
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    dolmar reacted to KrakkenSmacken in Rewards for defending outposts.   
    The could make it like the bank.  Everyone who opens it, opens "their" own version of it, and gets one amount of whatever is inside.
    If the items inside spawn only on flipping, or on a schedule, then it would give people a reason to go visit all the territory they held because they would know there was something in the chest for them.
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    dolmar got a reaction from Mayhem_ in Rewards for defending outposts.   
    instead of last hit mechanic how about just open a chest and let people spam it to try to loot it ? or the loot is on the boss guard that defends the circle?
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    dolmar reacted to Sloppy in Rewards for defending outposts.   
    I'm looking forward to the upcoming changes to forts and outposts made in the last monthly video.
    It was mentioned the outposts were for groups of 1-3 players to fight over.
    Zones currently have about 10-12 mini areas built into them.  For example the spider area, the zombie area, the forest with the hellcats etc...
    Each one of these mini zones should only have 1 outpost associated with them.
    The outposts should have 1 npc guard protecting them (Something that takes a badly geared player 2 mins or a well geared player 30 seconds to kill).
    When the guard is killed whoever gets the final hit becomes leader of the outpost.
    Currently people run from outpost to outpost capping,  while the enemy faction has a small group across the zone doing the same thing.  It's currently almost more incentive to avoid a fight.
    We should be trying to promote small scale pvp, not avoid it.
    25% of everything looted or harvested in the mini zone should go into a chest at the outpost and only the owner of the outpost can loot it.
    Attackers can take the outpost at any time.  (I know timers may be put on outpost but I'd prefer they didn't)
    If they take it the owner of the outpost has a 5 minute window to get 50% of what's in the chest and the other 50% goes to the chest in the nearest fort.
    There's people out there that will put a spy in an alternate faction, (This system isn't only for the faction game, but will adapt to all frms) just to keep the loot safe by flipping the point back and forth.  So we need to do some stuff to protect against abuse.
    1.  As mentioned above, send 50% of the loot to the fort.
    2.  To prevent people from pulling the loot the moment the enemy engages the guard, we lock everyone out of the chest while the guard is damaged.
    3.  After the chest is looted it should not be accessable for a random amount of time between 30 and 90 minutes.  There should be no clock visible, or countdown timer.
    NPC fort boss instead of circle.  He becomes vulnerable based on the new siege timing mechanic coming soon.
    The player with the last hit on the Boss owns the keep, and gets a 5 minute window to loot the fort chest.  Only 50% of the loot sent to the fort was in the chest, the other 50% was sent to the nearest keep.
    Remember there are no outposts in the area around the forts, so they also get 25% of all loot/harvestables put in the chest, plus the extra 50% if any nearby outposts flipped.
    Same mechanics as the fort.  However whoever plants the tree becomes the owner.
    50% of all fort loot and 25% of all resources farmed in the keep zone are in the chest.
    Campaign points should be based on the sacrifice value of all loot earned.
    2x points for outposts, 3x for forts and 4x for keeps.
    Remove capture bonuses.  They aren't really working properly.
    Wait - There is more loot generated in spring, how do we catch up?  10x points for all hunger shard related loot, or killing winter type mobs etc.  Stuff that gets people out into the zones doing stuff.  Those outposts with level 10 hunger shards in the mini zone should be fought over extremely hard.
    1.  This gives pvp'ers a way to earn resources without resorting to hitting nodes.
    2.  This gives people a reason to defend what they take and to actively use and protect the area.
    3.  This gives pvp'ers a strong reason to defend harvesters in the area they have taken.  Why roll that group of newbies farming spiders when they are paying you 25% of their gold.
    4.  More incentive for people in the same faction but of a different guild to grab a different outpost and stay spread out.  Which helps prevent zergs.
    5.  A giant pyramid scheme to allow the overlords of the server to benefit.  Ya the rich get richer, but they deserve to be rich when they put in the hard work.
    6.  No new resources are being created, harvesters and gold farmers are just getting 25% less, but are being more protected as the pvp pushes away from ganking and more toward outpost fighting.
    7.  Too many timers suck.  So if we can keep the timers off the outposts it could be better.  If Darkfall 2, it ended up being called Timerfall because of a similar yet flawed system.
    8.  This creates hot spots.  People will naturally flock to the outposts with the best loot.  The hotspots will end up generating most of the campaign points.  So he who controls the hotspots will gain a ton of points for themselves, their guild and their faction.
    9.  This mechanic works for guilds, dregs, factions and gods.  All while people do selfish things!
    TLDR - Take some territory, collect some taxes.  Pvp'ers lock down an area, they profit, while they have a reason to protect newbs and harvesters.
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    dolmar reacted to Noric in Class Balance - Needed Sooner Rather Than Later?   
    Would like to see other campaign modes myself. Maybe some small ones to just test out various things. A map with lots of war tribes to see how they work, turn off imports/exports for it and see what affect it will have early game. Turn on imports later or on another map to see late game. Race wars, class wars, FFA (team) or even a siege map with near constant up time. Bonus points if you can manage to keep teams semi equal. Heck a zone with NPCs attacking or defending a fort/keep just to see if its plausible. Has there been a map with no import/exports?
    Faction wars are not really adding much imo. Already down to 2 factions with both sides getting stuck in a routine. Balance 50ish mans two zones, chaos puts 75+ in one. Chaos sends people to attack, balance tries to zone cap where we left. Balance attacks, chaos moves to zone cap another keep. Both sides have tried to delay banes going down, then pile in once they defend a keep. In short the only way large siege fight are going to happen is if one side risks losing a keep. Dont think raising the zone limit would change it much. It would still be defend/destroy bane then pile into open zones. Just a matter of how many can pile in.
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    dolmar reacted to Sloppy in War Stories - Official Discussion Thread   
    I don't get it.  Certain unnamed people made it clear through their actions that any talk about PVP or victories, makes the people you killed feel bad.
    Making people feel bad results in forum/ingame warnings and bans.  Some of them lifetime bans with no refunds.  Criminal!
    Ok... back to my self imposed ban on the forums until they fix the rules and the way they are moderated.
    Sorry if this made anyone cry.
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    dolmar reacted to Armegeddon in The UnDeAd Legion   
    Any new players that are willing to learn the ropes, contribute and enjoy a great community of "non-stuffed shirts", jump on in for the win..... We won't ask for your political affiliation, or treat you like a step child if you don't conform to group think!
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    dolmar reacted to Armegeddon in The UnDeAd Legion   
    Good Fights tonight.. Well done Chaos. We held the keep and routed balance at the bane tree.
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    dolmar reacted to blazzen in Anyone else finding the TTK a little to long now?   
    I'm sure TTK feels low to the people who are still wearing white armor and are getting blasted by 5k neckbreakers from bugged 194 damage weapons. 
    Gear power aside, I like the current TTK overall and I hope the armor changes don't effect TTK except for making leather users more viable. Remove the mail/plate HP bonuses and give them an armor bonus instead, and add that hp back into the base vessel so there's not such a steep HP curve where you're more than doubling your base HP from armor. 
    I do agree that anti heal needs a little more love though. The assassin anti heal was definitely over nerfed. Assassin toxins in general need to be reworked. Alchemists should be able to experiment on them to determine their damage/effectiveness the same as a weapon or a quiver. They need to scale and not be just a flat amount. Another great suggestion I heard from @Scree was to make it so the poisoner discipline allows other classes to equip a poison similar to how bow disciplines / quivers work.  
    Another thought - make the third assassin tree the anti heal spec. I can't even think of the name of it because nobody plays it (it's not blackguard or cut throat). 
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    dolmar reacted to Noric in Tree fight = slide show   
    Todays bane tree was a complete slide show for me. As soon as it went down *Poof* my FPS shot back up. I lag a bit in large fights but trees... forget about it, I'm lucky if my CD timers update and I dont DC. I think its in part due to the mass debuff, buff, name, guild, faction and HP icons constantly moving around. 
        Could really use a client-side option to limit the clutter. Ideally a short-cut that hides/shows selected items for large scale battles. Example - Hide non-grouped allies, faction/guild/name/buffs. Bonus points if I can select what buffs/debuffs are shown. Still hoping for a reverse HP bar too. Meaning no bar is shown at full HP, filling in as damage is done. Much easier to see a target low on HP (near full bar) vs finding a bar mostly black in a sea of red and blue. Guess the bar would need to be transparent for that to work or it would just be a mass of black bars.  
  24. Thanks
    dolmar got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Faction war and faction choice vs new player.   
    You can craft at the EK or make another char on EU and transfer your stuff via spirit bank to get crafting there. 
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    dolmar reacted to jtoddcoleman in Zone Caps   
    we're pushing as hard as we can to get the new server performance improvements out to you guys, because the higher the cap, the less this issue will matter.  we could put in a temporary faction cap (something like 33/33/33) but my fear is that people would just abuse this with alts and it wouldn't actually help the situation -- in fact, it would make it worse, as everyone would be forced to queue pretty much all of the time.
    we're aware of the issue, and absolutely understand that it's incredibly frustrating.  if there was more that we could do, we would.  server and client performance is our #1 priority for the next milestone.
    once we're on the other side of that improvement, I'm more than happy to look at separate queues for different factions (or maybe just enforcing that during siege windows), but I want to stay focused right now 100% on improving performance.
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