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  1. I hate invisible rogues. They're a complete pain it the backside. They add a huge range of choices in how to engage and disengage groups from combat. It really expands the depth and breadth of game play beyond the capabilities of the merely average player. The situational awareness needed to deal with them places the unwary at a deep disadvantage. They're completely unfair in many respects. If it weren't for them we could just blunder around the battlefield with no chance for the smaller force to survive any encounter. They're just a crutch for the skilled and the devious. We don't need those
  2. Last time I got a proposition that good I had to gnaw my arm off in the morning to escape. Come to think of it alcohol was deeply involved then too. Sorry my depravity does know limits.
  3. No matter how much information they put out there it won't be enough. I think I'll just take it as it comes.
  4. They're liable to put all sorts of strange things in the client to throw you off the track. It's been done before. The problem with data mined information is it can lead the pitchforks and torches crowd to some really erroneous conclusions. Spoiler alert the sun won't rise tomorrow. A little birdie told me. Because birds can talk. Like totally.
  5. Those things just creep me out. How about spider people instead?
  6. I'm aware they exist and as I plainly said I'm also aware they don't have the same constraints gaming software has. Artcraft isn't going to be able to afford parallel server systems operating in real time on their budget. They won't have real time backups either. No game company can. They can't just bury their costs like financial or government institutions can because they're not that vital and don't produce those kinds of profit margins. Dupes aren't simply bugs they exploit the weaknesses of both hardware and software much of which is beyond the control of the game programmer. Due to their
  7. Games have system requirements for synchronicity other software doesn't. If a banking transaction takes a few extra milliseconds for verification we might roll our eyes a bit. If a game does it to a few thousand people simultaneously we get a lagged out mess that will usually end up crashing. You'll notice dupes almost always involve creating "lag" on the server. Add to that the economic restraints that prevent the massive redundancy required in critical online applications and it just gets worse. Claiming game software is like other software is absurd. Oh and the perfectly foreseeable code f
  8. Characters are like socks; they should be changed often and discarded when they start looking frayed.
  9. Two things to remember. Nothing is personal, especially when it's personal. Anyone who can make you angry can control you. You'll save a fortune on replacing headsets and keyboards if you just keep those things in mind.
  10. Long on bluster short on specifics. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah....... Anyone summon Proto yet?
  11. Yes it's not a 1v1 game. Group A is five Confessors with a shield wall of ten Champions. Group B is fifteen Legionnaires. Group B charges from ambush or over a hill and right into the Confessors knocking the Champions out of the way. Group A's choices are: The Confessors AOE themselves to death in the vain hope of picking off a few Legionnaires while their meat toons stay out of range doing nothing. The whole group attempts to escape and gets run down from behind in a classic broken infantry versus cavalry engagement. The Confessors die like lambs hoping their Champions can win the lopsided e
  12. There is no hell. No fire. No eternal damnation. No pearly gates. No Saint Peter. No choirs of angels. No harps. Just nothingness or God. Take your pick.
  13. As long as it's not so prevalent that everyone has to do it or be forever screwed that's good. Locks are for keeping honest people honest. As for the rest that's why we have castle doctrine.
  14. Shadowbane was an evolutionary dead end. This game will be fundamentally different in many aspects. My hope is they take the best parts of Shadowbane and combine them with other things to make a fun, attractive, functional, and coherent whole. Think sea otter instead of platypus. It's more important that all the parts work together than any individual part making it into the game even if it doesn't make sense for it to be there. If they put it up there as a stretch goal they must have some idea how it fits. I have faith.
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