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  1. I hope there is info in the tool tip of these new items to indicate their use in crafting. The complexity of this system warrants being obvious.
  2. @thomasblairBear in mind that I don't have an opinion on what the best group size should be. The example you and Mark gave of not needing as many healers if the group size was increased raised a concern for me. Do you have numbers for how many players you think are going to play Healers? I understand my experience is purely anecdotal, but there is also a common experience by all gamers that DPS > Tank > Support/Healer. Is there any way to actually know that 5 best accounts for the class densities?
  3. Updated OP for mention of Discord and refined content.
  4. Can you make the glowing tools the color of their quality, or would that be too obvious and promote an extra level of griefing?
  5. Please make the non-tool harvesting animation a constant stream of energy being pulled out of the item being harvested. It just looks better than the repeated, short duration animation of pulling energy out of the trees from the livestream.
  6. So, If I already got an Arkon Greatsword statue from an investment pledge, I can refund the one I now get from my Kickstarter pledge for store credit?
  7. Power, Wealth, Glory. The Eternal Void Ignites The Hunger Within.
  8. But the game will have crafting stations, and we will have to run back and forth. And "logistics" couldn't be more relevant. Logistics is literally the planning of activities in order to achieve a goal. So regardless of whatever method they implement in the game for crafting, there will be logistics applied to how to do it properly.
  9. Agitator, did you get your question answered and issue solved? I just wanted to add that if you consume (or "open") your pledge bundle to apply it to your account, you can no longer easily upgrade automatically. You would have to ask Support to rebundle it in order to upgrade to the next tier. Hope you got it taken care of.
  10. Absolutely. Gordon is on point, and that level of commitment to customer service deserves recognition. Everything about this company makes me glad to have invested in it, but customer service is, hands down, how empires are built.
  11. This. For real. You got access to the playtest months, if not a year, earlier than expected. I fail to see how you didn't get more than you paid for.
  12. You might want to read the thread. That is answered at least twice.
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