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  1. It means that Alliances count a guilds for the conquest rewards. Whether you're 15 smaller guilds working together, or one guild, the rewards are the same. The Big Shield guild gets the conquest rewards and is on the honor system to share it with the alliance.
  2. Does this affect VIP storage? Would it provide any more space for those of us who will be VIP for the foreseeable future?
  3. What other info is needed? Sky Point. Grid S14. Middle of the wilderness, and Temple Ambient Sounds are playing. The nonsensical Sims-speech you hear in the background while walking through temples is playing while not anywhere near a temple. I was running around the entire Sky Point zone counting motherloads on my female Half-giant Barbarian with a snowy hellcat mount. It was day time in game. There were no other players around me. And when I got to the north west corner of the S14 grid during my sojourn around the map, I heard laughter, and gongs, and imaginary people trying to sell me fantastical wares. I'm at a loss for what more information I can provide.
  4. There are maybe 5-6 Marble Mother Loads in Sky Point, total, spread separately, all over the map, and about triple that of Limestone Mother Loads. Right now, a new player trying to start Necromancy has no chance without a pipeline in Dregs somewhere. Especially with no Shadows campaign.
  5. Temple Ambient Sounds (talking, gongs, etc.) plays in SkyPoint near grid S14, no where near a temple.
  6. Default is "K" for powers. You can drag and drop on the hotbar itself, but the powers don't swap. The one you drag just overwrites the power already in the slot. If you can't see the power that was overwritten in the big list above the hotbar, then you need to check if you are in the Ranged or Melee tab. Some powers only display in one.
  7. So, now, we are left with the crappy situation of losing out on conquest points for individual guild rewards because we are not taking Allied outposts to be "considerate", knowing that we are not only not going to get as many rewards for our individual participation, but even the rewards obtained by the Big Shield will be watered down...assuming big shield is honorable and shares rewards. Individual rewards in the proposed Reward Token system seems more viable, assuming the kinks in the individual scoring gets worked out. (i.e. actually getting credit for assists).
  8. Thanks for the clarification, Tiggs.
  9. Cool story, bro. Glad to see you waste your time, then.
  10. Clearly a troll account you don't mind losing. Anyways, It seems you were invoked as a way to claim that blackguard isn't broken, because, somehow, if another specialty assassin class is viable, then clearly none of the specialty classes are broken. That's my guess, at least.
  11. As a related topic, I should point out that being in an alliance generally means you aren't taking outposts from your allies. As such, your individual guild is missing out on points you otherwise might have gotten, in the hopes that being part of an alliance will provide the rewards. Unfortunately, that's one big guess. Can anyone please clarify if individual guilds get rewards based on individual points or based on overall alliance points.
  12. I have heard differently. It's been said that every guild in an alliance gets the reward for whatever their total alliance conquest points get. Meaning, if your Alliance finishes first, every guild in that Alliance gets the 1st place reward. It would be nice to get confirmation on whatever one is correct.
  13. I felt this same way about the siege window on NA-W, and I'm PST. They are too late by about an hour, IMO.
  14. What other game has finally put the appropriate emphasis on player made gear? Crafting in almost EVERY other MMO is trash compared to raid/dungeon drops. If most players are willing to grind a raid over and over and over again to get one piece of gear, why is anyone bitching about this crafting system? Go jump in a 40-man raid and stop crying about a crafting system that requires a bit more effort.
  15. Only two of the houses in the Karn Parcel with the Urgu that attacked the village (Dregs>Aurefio) spawns loot, and only one cabinet at that. I've been wandering around it for about 30 minutes and have only been able to loot two cabinets.
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