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  1. All of the emails say that we need to play on TEST. Will this be pushed to Live, or have you decided Live is extraneous until Launch?
  2. We sure are. We currently aren't active in Crowfall at the moment. Im awaiting the wipe, and the rest are waiting for launch.
  3. I hope there is info in the tool tip of these new items to indicate their use in crafting. The complexity of this system warrants being obvious.
  4. @thomasblairBear in mind that I don't have an opinion on what the best group size should be. The example you and Mark gave of not needing as many healers if the group size was increased raised a concern for me. Do you have numbers for how many players you think are going to play Healers? I understand my experience is purely anecdotal, but there is also a common experience by all gamers that DPS > Tank > Support/Healer. Is there any way to actually know that 5 best accounts for the class densities?
  5. Updated OP for mention of Discord and refined content.
  6. Can you make the glowing tools the color of their quality, or would that be too obvious and promote an extra level of griefing?
  7. Please make the non-tool harvesting animation a constant stream of energy being pulled out of the item being harvested. It just looks better than the repeated, short duration animation of pulling energy out of the trees from the livestream.
  8. So, If I already got an Arkon Greatsword statue from an investment pledge, I can refund the one I now get from my Kickstarter pledge for store credit?
  9. "How is it that every major belief system always focuses on the fight between light and dark, good and evil? What about the majority caught in the middle? Aren't they the whole reason for the fight?" ~Anonymous Hi everyone. I'm finally putting my guild idea out there. This is starting from the ground up and I'd like to invite people looking for a gaming guild that's just starting out. The Endless Host's narrative will be one of balance, of fighting to make sure the tyranny of order and the chaos of unbridled freedom never hold too much sway. We will be focused primarity on gameplay content, warfare, crafting, and kingdom building, but also absolutely open to roleplay and storytelling, as it is close to my heart being a tabletop gamemaster and RPGer for many years. Roleplaying, however, will never be something that ever gets in the way of theorycrafting and finding your own personal reasons to enjoy the games you play. While Crowfall is the first game community I've approached, if we get the guild going strong, it certainly won't be the last. I envision The Endless Host as a guild of friends, and not game-specific. We will have a presence in other games based on interest and participation. But, since I'm probably the most excited about Crowfall, I wanted to focus my energy here for the time being. I have a Discord server set up for forums and voice chat. There is also a website. The website is rather bare bones, at the moment, since I don't have the time or capability to make it fancy. Feel free to stop in and say hi on the site, The Endless Host.com. Also, leave me a message here if you're interested. "Knowledge is the unparalleled instrument of peace, but even knowledge requires the sword to keep enemies at bay."
  10. Power, Wealth, Glory. The Eternal Void Ignites The Hunger Within.
  11. But the game will have crafting stations, and we will have to run back and forth. And "logistics" couldn't be more relevant. Logistics is literally the planning of activities in order to achieve a goal. So regardless of whatever method they implement in the game for crafting, there will be logistics applied to how to do it properly.
  12. Agitator, did you get your question answered and issue solved? I just wanted to add that if you consume (or "open") your pledge bundle to apply it to your account, you can no longer easily upgrade automatically. You would have to ask Support to rebundle it in order to upgrade to the next tier. Hope you got it taken care of.
  13. Absolutely. Gordon is on point, and that level of commitment to customer service deserves recognition. Everything about this company makes me glad to have invested in it, but customer service is, hands down, how empires are built.
  14. This. For real. You got access to the playtest months, if not a year, earlier than expected. I fail to see how you didn't get more than you paid for.
  15. You might want to read the thread. That is answered at least twice.
  16. Big World is the stepping stone between siege perilous (which happened last summer) and whatever is next. Which, with all that's being tested now, will probably be the Throne War. Small, short campaigns coupled with limited EK building.
  17. It's not like any of it is functional yet either. Just the satisfaction of staring at your list of sweet sweet pixel crack. Try your best to just wait.
  18. Anyone with one account can only play one character at a time anyway, so I fail to see how this system is in any way limiting a person's ability to play alts. In fact, this system is superior because you can not only train class specific skills but also cross class skills at the same time, which is far more efficient than any other system out there. Even if you aren't a VIP. Having to get different gear for another character is no different either. You log on to your alt and craft or buy gear just like you did with your main.
  19. This brings up a question for me. What do having extra character slots from Kickstarter mean now?
  20. The question I was replying to was "Please could we have a comment on whether the rest of the existing Parcels such as Shire, Town, Capital also present harvestable resources?" So, yes. It has everything to do with it.
  21. How about this. Have you met a tree or rock you couldn't harvest yet? I haven't. There is no reason to think the resources on housing parcels will be any different. There are already housing parcels in testing, and I can harvest them. Seems like we already had the answer to this.
  22. No time frame yet, but it's only been a few days. They have to coordinate with Indigogo to get the data list for investors, then cross reference with current backers. It will take some time to parse 1100 different emails. Plus, Microventure needs to verify the identities of all investors to ensure each one is a separate individual legally allowed to invest. If I said two weeks, that might still be low balling the estimate.
  23. The backer rewards are easier to apply, as ArtCraft only has to add them to all acounts with Contributor or above. The investor rewards will take more time, as they need to cordinate with Indigogo/Microventure to ensure they have all the emails for investors. Then they need to identify all the emails that match current accounts in Crowfall. So, data crunching for almost 1,100 accounts may take a little while.
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