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  1. Yall act like CYT is kidding...but there IS going to be another countdown after this one.
  2. I can't believe this thread is still going.
  3. You were reiterating what has been cried a million times already, and creating another thread about it. What exactly do you call it?
  4. Defenders are supposed to have the advantage. It's a freaking stronghold.
  5. I like shadowbanes heal system (not the current sbemu abomination) It was (generally speaking) 1-2 priests (main healers, with many heal/support powers, and a limited amount of crowd control [roots and stuns]) 3-4 healer classes (varying in playstyle and options, some with small crowd control and limited dps, some with woes, etc) EVERY healer class had the option of a decent small single target heal, and an OK, limited range, AoE group heal. And then you had different tanks and dps toons.
  6. And if you think that's me going nuts, wait til things get heated, lolol
  7. Yes grammar, it's important when the only communication is via text. As for your opinion, I find it quite ridiculous. There's already an inherent penalty to killing a friend...you might no longer be their friend. Why should the developers tell you who you are allowed to kill in a PvP game? Or do your friends find it fun to make you whine, and you're worried they'll all kill you, a lot?
  8. Lmaooo. Just saw that the all mighty Grathkar edited his post an hour after reporting me (lol)...don't worry grath, it's still in my quote
  9. Seconded and +1'd for the use of the word "jabroni"
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