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  1. Oh totally! The only problem is, with the current system and the way it works, you're literally crippling someone before they go into that fight. I'm all for PvP, however it is already difficult enough when you have a white vessel go up against a legendary vessel and/or a character in intermediate gear going up against someone in epic gear. There's enough disparity that can lead to frustration yet encourage others to "get good". Why make the playing field even more uneven?
  2. Ok, my thoughts on the current Test Snap Campaign so far. First off, taking away the ability to create minor and exploring disciplines is a major no no. If people have to get these from warbands, then we can pretty much kiss our casual player base good bye. If they need to do combat in a pvp zone to get these disciplines, but yet cannot fully reach their combat potential then it's a problem that feeds upon itself. Warbands are challenging enough for a group of fully kitted players in top gear with all disciplines and that's not even considering the fact that (and it will happen), a stronger, better outfitted group will gank them either to take what they've earned, to grief them, or why not both? Add to the fact that guilds will be camping these for days on end to look after their members is only going to chase away potential future players. Furthermore, the fighting for disciplines will slow down the player economy drastically! If people have to go out in basic gear, pray they can make it through the war bands, hopefully not get ganked, level, and only then are able to craft, it is going to be quite awhile before we see any serious crafting progression. While I do appreciate a challenge, having the game adjustment curve so steep at the beginning will chase off potential customers. The fact that outpost guards can take a legendary human vessel in legendary gear (including jewelry) down to half HP from an enormous distance does not bode well for new players. The mobs on Test are incredibly tough. Yes, I'm sure there is a want for more group play, but keep in mind a group of legendary vessels in legendary gear were just able to hold their own against these war bands. While no one died, we definitely had to keep on our toes. If this is the case, then what in the heck are new players in intermediate gear with no minor disciplines supposed to do? And again, this is just the warbands. I've not even put open world PVP into the mix. Now that I've stated the problems (which are easy), I have a suggested solution. Have tiered disciplines similar to player gear. Sure you can craft all the disciplines, but if you want the epic and legendary versions, then put the items for these on the warbands. Yeah, they'll still have to fight for them and there'll still be pvp ganking, but at least we're giving these folks a fighting chance. A person who is new to the game is more likely to stick around if they can get a taste of what is to come as opposed to simply denying them access to key game functionality outright. Meet in the middle, give people a chance to get to a middle ground where they get a taste of what is to come, and then if they want the top tier gear/disicplines/resources then by that time they will know enough about the game to do what needs to be done. The current path is only going to frustrate new players and cause them to quit. Sure you're looking after your hardcore players, but like every single MMO that has come out in twenty years, these folks will eventually hit your games peak and will simply leave (unless you keep a steady stream of content coming, more work for you). The casual players that you will rely upon to keep your coffers full will long be gone. You do this game and it's customers a great disservice by making such draconian change.
  3. Awesome! Thank you!
  4. None of my characters can access my EK. There is also one character that cannot go to ANY EK. I really don't want to plug him into a campaign as I will lose the mats that's on him. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?
  5. Hi Folks. I can't seem to get into my EK. When I go to get in there, the Enter World button is transparent and has both Enter World and Loading there. When I try to get into other EK's, it just does nothing. How do I fix this?
  6. Nevermind, the parcel I have only allows for one large structure, my lodge. I took down the lodge and placed the manor, same thing, no sockets. The cottage is the only one with a crafting table socket. The rest of the structures at this time are merely a waste of resources and a burden on your spirit bank.
  7. OK, got the Manor, but don't have the large tokens. How do I go about getting one of those?
  8. Is it only cottages that have a crafting table socket? I know the vila doesn't. I'm half tempted to try a manor and see what happens.
  9. Yeah, I didn't see any sockets at all. At least the cottage had one socket for a crafting bench. It wouldn't bug me so much if these things were not so resource heavy.
  10. Ok, so I thought I'd create a vila so I could have more than one crafting table (according the game website). I go ahead and use my cottage deed and boom, can't place a thing. It's bad enough I cannot place my vendor stall and vendor, but now my runecrafting table is in my inventory instead of being used. Any idea when this might be fixed?
  11. I remember before there were people who were actively seeking out harvesting bone. Was just curious if anyone was still looking to purchase. Throw me a tell in game or message me here.
  12. Damn! I was so looking forward to learning about this too!
  13. Howdy folks Was following the website and it said I needed at least a cottage to be able to place a vendor stall. I finally got the cottage built, but the vendor stall will not allow itself to be placed. What am I missing?
  14. Me too. I was in game when everything just went weird. My port back to the temple didn't work and my spirit bank was showing as empty. I logged out, and logged back in to the same stuff you stated.
  15. Saw in the store 1 month VIP membership status. What does that mean? There's no description in the store exactly what this does.
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