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  1. I'm sure they'll tighten this up during campaigns. Godsreach was never about PVP.
  2. I know I know, but I feel I should balance the criticism with praise when deserved. I honestly didn't think things would improve this fast. Hopefully it's a trend.
  3. One thing I will say that could use tweaking is death. While I agree it needs to sting, going back to the temple to get your body back is a bit much. At least have the statues in the zone you died in. I figure that's a pain in the butt enough. Just a thought.
  4. Ok, now for those that know me, I've been pretty critical of this game during the last few months. I've been snarky and outright mad. I will say this. The last patch is definitely a step in the right direction. Granted, it's not perfect but it definitely fixes many things. Leveling is possible again! I feel like I can actually go out and fight, gear up, and take part. I like the mob drops! They can get new players geared up and ready to go quite quickly. Being able to amass the gold you need to purchase what you can't get off drops makes the game much more a
  5. What? You want it maxed starting off? That I don't care about. Having everyone starting off at zero? No thanks.
  6. Exactly! There's no need for a wipe yet. If they keep resetting the game, how in the hell are we supposed to test it all? If they want to go ahead with a wipe, fine. But I want my refund. I didn't pay for the game to become the current steaming pile of garbage it is now.
  7. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Getting that passive skill tree up is a pain. I get it, game releases there'll be a wipe. Fine. For now, while still testing? You're just going to frustrate your more experienced people, whom I might add will be the ones who will most likely be responsible for helping get the play economy up and running. That's if there's a game left.
  8. binny45


    A wipe will only alienate an already alienated player base. Many of us are simply logging in to spend our points on the chance that they fix the game to a point where it is fun to play again. Entire guilds have been decimated thanks to ACE's recent patches and wipes. Many have drifted off to other games/alpha's/beta's. There doesn't seem to be any point in testing this game while the developers refuse to act on obvious player concerns.
  9. Now if only Test was up on a regular basis so we could actually test things. 😛
  10. We used to have over 100 people on the NA servers for sieges. Many a night we would be waiting in queue to get into a zone for a siege. Now you're lucky to see 60 people on both servers combined. I wish they'd fix combat and crafting in this game so people can get back to testing it.
  11. People are waiting for the game itself to get fixed so people don't rip their hair out in frustration when trying to level and/or craft.
  12. A few months ago, this person would have found a guild that could have helped with this. With the place a barren wasteland, it's hard for new players to try this game properly. Hopefully the devs do something that will draw people back. Despite my being disgruntled off at this game, I do want it to succeed. I just hope they're able to put something positive into the game that will make it fun to play again. Damn, this sounds just like Vanguard when it was in testing. Though a PvE game, many of the complaints were similar. They ran out of money before they could properly finish b
  13. QFT! I know this game has the potential to be great. Many people are just turned off by the direction they're taking, alpha or not. From the looks of things, the current state is what they hope to build on. If this is the case, the game will not succeed. They need to listen to the players more.
  14. So far it's been a couple of decorative mugs in game with no stats and maybe a piece of land. Bout it. Nothing crazy, but better than nothing.
  15. I think the biggest problem many are having is that the game in pre-alpha was playable. Granted some things were broken or yet to be introduced, but at the end of the day people were having fun. Friends were made, guilds were formed, and for the first time in a long time it felt like a great MMO. The last couple of patches have wrecked that. Many are still friends, just now they're playing someone elses game instead of testing this one. Every single one of those testers knew what they were signing up for. And they tested this game probably more than most would given the time co
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