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  1. I'm sure they'll tighten this up during campaigns. Godsreach was never about PVP.
  2. I know I know, but I feel I should balance the criticism with praise when deserved. I honestly didn't think things would improve this fast. Hopefully it's a trend.
  3. One thing I will say that could use tweaking is death. While I agree it needs to sting, going back to the temple to get your body back is a bit much. At least have the statues in the zone you died in. I figure that's a pain in the butt enough. Just a thought.
  4. Ok, now for those that know me, I've been pretty critical of this game during the last few months. I've been snarky and outright mad. I will say this. The last patch is definitely a step in the right direction. Granted, it's not perfect but it definitely fixes many things. Leveling is possible again! I feel like I can actually go out and fight, gear up, and take part. I like the mob drops! They can get new players geared up and ready to go quite quickly. Being able to amass the gold you need to purchase what you can't get off drops makes the game much more accessible. For those that like the more advanced options through harvesting and crafting, those are there for you to perfect your playing experience. For the newbies, they don't have to wallow around in the mud anymore, armed with only a basic, rusty weapon that almost surely spelled doom when attempting to kill anything other than an R1 spider or pack pig. The cows no longer to kung fu! This was a big one for me! Some performance issues are there. Zones take a while to load, and there seems to be some sort of delay when harvesting, but these are things that can be tweaked in the coming days and weeks. Overall I'm happy with this patch. It gives people a reason to play again as minor disciplines are more readily available and gear is more plentiful. While I'm still waiting for this world to feel more like a "living, breathing world", I'm still going to give this one a thumbs up.
  5. What? You want it maxed starting off? That I don't care about. Having everyone starting off at zero? No thanks.
  6. Exactly! There's no need for a wipe yet. If they keep resetting the game, how in the hell are we supposed to test it all? If they want to go ahead with a wipe, fine. But I want my refund. I didn't pay for the game to become the current steaming pile of garbage it is now.
  7. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Getting that passive skill tree up is a pain. I get it, game releases there'll be a wipe. Fine. For now, while still testing? You're just going to frustrate your more experienced people, whom I might add will be the ones who will most likely be responsible for helping get the play economy up and running. That's if there's a game left.
  8. A wipe will only alienate an already alienated player base. Many of us are simply logging in to spend our points on the chance that they fix the game to a point where it is fun to play again. Entire guilds have been decimated thanks to ACE's recent patches and wipes. Many have drifted off to other games/alpha's/beta's. There doesn't seem to be any point in testing this game while the developers refuse to act on obvious player concerns.
  9. Now if only Test was up on a regular basis so we could actually test things. 😛
  10. We used to have over 100 people on the NA servers for sieges. Many a night we would be waiting in queue to get into a zone for a siege. Now you're lucky to see 60 people on both servers combined. I wish they'd fix combat and crafting in this game so people can get back to testing it.
  11. People are waiting for the game itself to get fixed so people don't rip their hair out in frustration when trying to level and/or craft.
  12. A few months ago, this person would have found a guild that could have helped with this. With the place a barren wasteland, it's hard for new players to try this game properly. Hopefully the devs do something that will draw people back. Despite my being disgruntled off at this game, I do want it to succeed. I just hope they're able to put something positive into the game that will make it fun to play again. Damn, this sounds just like Vanguard when it was in testing. Though a PvE game, many of the complaints were similar. They ran out of money before they could properly finish building the game because they weren't listening to players. Investors said launch, they launched, the game faltered at the beginning. SOE managed to make the game playable but the damage was already done. Many of the players at launch had already moved on. That's what I'd like to see the devs avoid. They have to get this right by launch. When that is? Who knows? I just know the path they are on now does not give me a good feeling.
  13. QFT! I know this game has the potential to be great. Many people are just turned off by the direction they're taking, alpha or not. From the looks of things, the current state is what they hope to build on. If this is the case, the game will not succeed. They need to listen to the players more.
  14. So far it's been a couple of decorative mugs in game with no stats and maybe a piece of land. Bout it. Nothing crazy, but better than nothing.
  15. I think the biggest problem many are having is that the game in pre-alpha was playable. Granted some things were broken or yet to be introduced, but at the end of the day people were having fun. Friends were made, guilds were formed, and for the first time in a long time it felt like a great MMO. The last couple of patches have wrecked that. Many are still friends, just now they're playing someone elses game instead of testing this one. Every single one of those testers knew what they were signing up for. And they tested this game probably more than most would given the time commitment this game required before the patches. By adding senseless grinding, asinine mobs, and crippling players in both crafting and combat, they pushed too hard and chased them off. I honestly had hoped that the last couple of patches were just bad missteps and that fixes would be coming. The longer they take to fix this game, the less likely there'll be an audience to play it when it is finished.
  16. The problem with Test server is that it is unreliable. Been on there awhile. You should try it before judging. Great for checking some things, but one day it's up, next it's down. Never really around for any real length of time to try stuff out. The fact is, many testers are already burnt out and frustrated (as previously stated). These are folks that have pumped hours upon hours every day, seven days a week testing this game. It was fun! Incomplete, but it was playable. Now, nothing. Despite the leveling and gear and whatnot on Test, the game is still unplayable. Mobs are still crazy. Still hardly anyone around to play with. Normally during a pre-alpha I'd say "Go ahead and wipe". However this game is such a chore to play right now, I think it would just keep current testers away for good and cause enough bad blood to have them never come back, even on release. This is never good news as bad news travels further and faster than good news. Do something good, people will tell some of their friends. Do something bad, and they will tell everyone with zest and gusto. Been testing for 20 years, been in business for about half that. Said situation regarding bad vs good publicity is true on both fronts. Hey, defend it if you want, that's your choice. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I regret buying two accounts. If this is where the game is going, I'd gladly accept a refund. (Can I get a refund?) The devs are going to have to do some serious fixing to get many of their testers back. Wiping the servers at this point would just be a slap in the face to the folks who put a huge amount of time into this game. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
  17. If that's the route they want to take, that's fine. But then it stops being what was advertised. Why not just get rid of the detailed crafting altogether? Just make it like WoW and go beat on each other. Then again, if this is what people want, there are plenty of games out there that do this. Regarding the passive trees I have several thoughts on this. We're here to test this. Wiping trees does nothing to support this. Just give everyone a crap load of points so they can specialize in two key areas. That would even the playing field and allow people to test the game. Doing a wipe just means more waiting to do what we want to do, which is test the games mechanics. Ultimately, the way the game is currently structured, there is always going to be someone left behind others. The only way I see to level this a bit is to mix up passives with active use. For example: You have two people working on blacksmithing passives. One person only logs in, spends points, maybe fights for a bit, then logs. The second person is constantly crafting for their guild. Always pounding on the anvil, ensuring all his/her guildies are gear up. With passives only, the person who only logs in occasionally may have a higher blacksmithing skill due to them simply playing the game sooner. The person working their butt off gets no reward for their efforts other than the appreciation of their guildies. I think passives can help people level up areas that they don't have time to dedicate to, but are interested in. However, a person who works at blacksmithing day in and day out, should be able to skill up faster than someone who doesn't do it at all. This would make things more fair and dare I say it, realistic. Furthermore, while addressing crafting, I want to get into these rare drops that allow you to....well....do your job. Be they hammers, or awls, or goggles, or whatever. I don't totally disagree with these, but I believe they should be implemented more appropriately. Personally, I think crafters should be able to build whatever they want (based on their skills) up to Epic. Anything Legendary/Runic, should require these drops. They're apex gear and they should require lots of effort to get. I would have no issue with helping my guild farm this stuff to be able to equip our players better. I think applying these rare resources to anything less than Legendary/Runic is frankly a waste.
  18. Totally do not agree. Many of us have been playing MMO's for years, decades even. I don't mind grinding if it's within reason and the reward is worth it. Grinding for days for an item that then begets more grinding is frankly just a waste of everyone's time. Crafters have enough to do as it is. The last couple of patches just put more and more work on their backs to the point where they simply don't want to login anymore because the game has now become a job. They're burnt out. And when crafters leave, then the rest don't want to log in because they can't get the gear they need to play.
  19. Guild Wars 2 has water down pat and that game is getting up there in age. This is a brand new game and cannot at least accomplish some of this?
  20. Already a supporter and waiting for Beta 3. I'll let you know how it goes.
  21. They do a full wipe, and you can kiss the remaining testers goodbye. They're the only ones still kicking what's left of the can. Too many people have put in way too much time into this game. They demanded it, we accepted it, then they screwed with it. The hours spent harvesting, crafting, waiting for a damn passive systems to be able to actually make anything, the camping of items (this mechanic is just plain f***ing stupid), all to make gear to play. People are burnt out as it is. Now you want to take all that effort away? A full wipe during testing would kill the little bit of life that's left to this game. I know I wouldn't be coming back. If this happened they can keep the cash and shove it where the sun doesn't shine because they'd never get one more red cent from me. I already feel hoodwinked, don't add insult to injury.
  22. Oh we've been following "the plan". The problem is is that the game is that much of a chore to play right now that people cannot even be bothered to log in. I know it's testing, and I know that there are things coming down the pipe. However, right now people would rather watch paint dry than play this. There's only so much broken you can put up with before you tap out. I still log in, see if there's anything on the go and nothing. I've yet to find a PUG as there is hardly anyone around! I want to play and test, but just about everyone I know that used to enjoy testing this game would rather play literally anything else than log in. So it stands to say, what can the devs do to at least make this game enjoyable enough so that people start logging in. I do know that the current crafting trend (needing items to make better gear and those items are rare drops with durability) is a big, BIG turn off. There's enough to do with crafting as is. Our crafters were already burning out before these items were introduced. Then having to camp for these items, only to do it again and again? If they want realism, show me in reality where someone learns a specialized skill from something in their pocket, only to lose that skill when said item breaks? It's another time sink. They (the devs) think they are adding value when all they're doing is adding unnecessary grind. Then there's the mobs. What in the hell were they thinking? The mobs my character needs to level are unsoloable, period. Normally I would get a group, but no one is logging on! I can't get better gear because our crafters are not logging on. I'm lucky enough to have a blue vessel, because our necromancers are not logging on. And on the rare occasion that one of them does log on, they can't make the gear I need because they don't have these rare drops. Look, I get needing maybe a special drop to be able to make legendary/runic gear. Totally understand. But all qualities? Really?! And the added kick to the guts of the item having durability? Just make it a specialized skill, just like all other MMO's. Crafting in this game is a pain in the ass enough as it is. I've yet to see a dev respond to any of these posts so who knows if anyone is listening. I've certainly not received a single message regarding my concerns. It's all one way conversations, them talking and us taking it on the chin. At this stage of the game, the company should be more hands on, working with players in game to test their software. Instead, all I hear is crickets.
  23. If they launch the game going down the path they are currently taking, they might as well shut the servers down now. The game is simply not fun anymore, testing or not. The whole point of testing is to find what works and what doesn't. I've seen this in several other games where the devs keep messing with the make up of a game, piss off the players, and then wonder why their game is shut down within six months to a year. If I was testing this for free, I probably wouldn't care as much. The fact that I've paid for two accounts means I can complain all I want. Pre-alpha or no, I want my damn money's worth and to get that, the devs need to start listening to all of the players, whether they be full time, part time, casual, hardcore, crafting focused or pvp focused. They were in a good space and then they started screwing with the game. Instead of listening to us then, they continued to make it worse. I don't know what the vision is for this game, but right now it's driving folks away in droves.
  24. Howdy folks Going to try and stay away from my normal rants. Given the fact that many of the people I normally play with refuse to play the game in its current state, I was curious what would need to happen to get testers back to the table? It was only several weeks ago we had people queuing to get into zones to play. Now the place is a wasteland. Many of my guildies are off playing other games, waiting for change. What do you think that change should be? Obviously we don't want hand outs or to make the game easy, but in it's current state it is simply a frustrating mess. Frankly, I'd just be happy being able to level at a decent pace without having to worry about my gear falling apart after 24 hours of gameplay. I mean, I get it, PVP is part of the game and frankly it makes it exciting. What isn't exciting is that every time you die, the hit on your gear is bloody crazy! Dying is cool, dying naked after several deaths is not. Come on, share your thoughts!
  25. The durability issue is pretty freaking frustrating too. 30 durability on a saddle with each death. I've had a saddle I spent 900 gold on and two days later it's down to 50 from 200. Why? Because despite being in a group and doing our best to try and level, the mobs are insane and then there's the random roving gank squad (not really faulting them since there's nothing else better to do), the death count has gotten pretty high. What the actual hell?!? I mean, can we get a Dev in here to tell us exactly what is going on in the HQ? Are you folks seriously trying to kill this game before it was ever alive? Or are you just getting sick pleasure out of watching what used to be a dedicated test community get so frustrated that they would rather do anything else other than play your game? Honestly, most days I log in, spend my points, then log out and play something else. I'm just looking for reassurance, that's all. Like, someone hasn't slipped lead paint chips into the building water supply? Or that Yoko Ono hasn't come in and turned one of the devs against the others and is fulfilling her dream of an MMO with no players......so chic! I'm still trying to wrap my head around why you would take a game that was seeing player populations so high that zones would literally put players in queue because they wanted in on the action. Now? I'm lucky enough if I can get a 3 person group and even then we're still trying not to die from Kung Fu Kow!
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