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  1. Vila and placing crafting tables

    Nevermind, the parcel I have only allows for one large structure, my lodge. I took down the lodge and placed the manor, same thing, no sockets. The cottage is the only one with a crafting table socket. The rest of the structures at this time are merely a waste of resources and a burden on your spirit bank.
  2. Ok, so I thought I'd create a vila so I could have more than one crafting table (according the game website). I go ahead and use my cottage deed and boom, can't place a thing. It's bad enough I cannot place my vendor stall and vendor, but now my runecrafting table is in my inventory instead of being used. Any idea when this might be fixed?
  3. Vila and placing crafting tables

    OK, got the Manor, but don't have the large tokens. How do I go about getting one of those?
  4. Vila and placing crafting tables

    Is it only cottages that have a crafting table socket? I know the vila doesn't. I'm half tempted to try a manor and see what happens.
  5. Vila and placing crafting tables

    Yeah, I didn't see any sockets at all. At least the cottage had one socket for a crafting bench. It wouldn't bug me so much if these things were not so resource heavy.
  6. Howdy folks Was following the website and it said I needed at least a cottage to be able to place a vendor stall. I finally got the cottage built, but the vendor stall will not allow itself to be placed. What am I missing?
  7. I remember before there were people who were actively seeking out harvesting bone. Was just curious if anyone was still looking to purchase. Throw me a tell in game or message me here.
  8. Damn! I was so looking forward to learning about this too!
  9. Launcher+Game Crash?

    Me too. I was in game when everything just went weird. My port back to the temple didn't work and my spirit bank was showing as empty. I logged out, and logged back in to the same stuff you stated.
  10. What is VIP?

    Saw in the store 1 month VIP membership status. What does that mean? There's no description in the store exactly what this does.
  11. Are the servers still down? I'm still seeing that they're supposed to be up as of 3PM CST. I try to log in but it tells me my login failed and that it cannot resolve the destination host. Anyone else going through this?
  12. feels bad...

    You're able to log in? I can't. Say's it can't resolve the host.
  13. Oh I have no trouble with everything being wiped. I'm just stating going forward it would be great if the skill point system was a mix of time based and effort based. There are a lot of people who work at this game way harder than me and should be compensated accordingly. It'll help drive people out into the different zones to get that training in, thereby offering up more targets for pvp and more opportunities for people to work together.
  14. Going to comment on skill training. Don't get me wrong, love the trees and love the real time gathering of skill points. However I find myself simply logging in twice a day, spending my points, and logging off. Why? Because there's no incentive to play right now. What is the difference between a person who spends hours crafting and harvesting versus a person who simply logs in to spend skill points? Zero really. There is no reward for crafting other than the items that you make, and it takes quite awhile to get to the point where you can make gear that people really want. That's the problem (the easy part), now for a suggested solution. The more a person actually crafts/harvests, they should get additional skill points on top of the real time points. People should be rewarded for their efforts. It's a PvP game, and the only good materials and work benches are in the PvP zones (beachheads simply suck). I'm not going to get into kingdoms because then you're using spirit bank exports and imports, and that's limited. I personally believe that people who put hours into harvesting and crafting should be getting extra skill points to progress faster. The pace of the real time skill points is perfect, don't get me wrong. If you're a casual player, then when you reach the higher skill tiers, it will really mean something. But for the more hardcore player (which I am not by the way), they want to get into the game as quickly as possible. Just my thoughts.
  15. New player confused about EK/Campaign.

    Some people in this game, even in pre-alpha, are pretty paranoid. Between having a flu with a sore throat (was accused of using a voice modulator) and switching from Balance to Chaos, some folks thought I was a spy. I couldn't stop laughing.
  16. New player confused about EK/Campaign.

    Oh believe me, I'm trying. Harder than one thinks.
  17. New player confused about EK/Campaign.

    Besides EK's, will players have a place at the start where they can access the different tradeskill tables? Given the limited amount of transactions on the spirit bank, having to go out into pvp zones to be able to craft anything beyond leather armor is probably going to be frustrating for new players, especially if they haven't been able to hook up with a guild.
  18. So far so good, no issues getting into the game. I guess feedback more than anything. Didn't really notice any bugs. I'm sure this is on a lot of posts, however: Slow pace - The running/walking needs to pick up the speed just a tad. No insta-travel or people running around like the flash, but just a touch more running speed to help feel like we're getting Stamina - This is a tough one. I understand why it works (swinging a sword and swinging an axe are equally tough), however being a half-giant I think I can manage to cut down a single tree without needing a break. While I know it is crucial to ensure this is done right for combat, maybe lighten up a little on the stamina spend for crafting. Mobs - Resource availability is beautiful, keep it up. Looking for things to kill and skin, that takes some work. Maybe bump up the mob spawn by 50%? I'd settle for 30% Tooltips - I know you folks are working on this, just a friendly reminder. Obviously nothing major here. For a pre-alpha, color me impressed!
  19. Good Day I backed this game a while back. I've heard little from it since. Apparently I have some beta access? What version of beta is running? It'd be nice to get some clear information on what's going on.