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  1. Can't find the recipe for tumbling grit in stonemason table. Can't make a necklace copy... edit: you need blue+ stonemason belt for the recipe to pop up. but the belt item doesn't say this...
  2. 2 things 1. make it easier to make the copies. Like for example 5 of the same item, and it takes the same crafting disc to make it. 2. lower the dura per copy, make it some sort of an even number as well for easy math. The original already took way too much time from the player to make it...multiple crafting discs, combinations, food, potions etc. It's good to have options when crafting, but at some point it's tedious. If I need to make like 5 completely different type of weapons it will take me like 1 hour for the whole process, maybe more if mats are spread out. When do I get to play the game?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAX-0njYFTw If you are at a certain distance from bog bears they won't attack you at all. 5-7m...they won't hit you with melee or range attacks. Check the short video for details.
  4. Can you guys look into stone node spawn coding? This is maybe the 4th campaign where I haven't seen a slate small node or ML. I have checked quite a few mountains...zero slate ML on all of them, and there is barely any marble as well. Granite on the other hand...there's always lots of granite. Something is way off with the way different types of stone ML spawn on the map.
  5. So...with herculess efforts in 6.5 with lego vessel lego philo stone and r3 JC dreggs building you MIGHT get to cap one stat...seems fair enough.
  6. The ring give just stat...not stat cap. Only the vessel give you stat cap increase.
  7. Maybe I don't have the whole picture here...but how are you supposed to hit 250 cap stat now? A 6.5 legendary vessel with lego philo stone will turn out 235-238 AT BEST. In 6.4 it was working as intended..lego vessel with lego philo stone end result main stat was 247-250.
  8. Base fae total starting stats - 100 Base half elf starting stats - 80 When necro crafting Fae vessels it was perfectly fine to get lesser results because of the higher base stats. But it is completely wrong to align necro crafting of other races vessels to the fae.
  9. The only problem with that is that Fae base stat is total 100...rest can start with total of 80-90.
  10. Left vessel was from today - used bon tippers, and dust rerolls. Legendary disc, legendary belt. Right vessel was from 3 weeks ago - no tipper, no rerolls. Legendary disc, legendary belt. If white vessels have 30% difference...then purple/legendary with philo stone will max at 235 stat or so...instead of 250. Fix please... I did LW and weaponsmith crafting in 6.5 and the result was just about the same as 6.4. Same overall damage, same stats. Necro is borked af
  11. Completely agree on the time sink...it's a huge waste of time. Pre 6.5 I had collected hundreds of mushrooms/apples and could make probably 1000 bon tippers...I just couldn't be bothered to make it because of the time it takes to grind stone down, make empty flasks, make yeast, make red wine, make bon tippers. Then they sneak in food recipe change without even a peep in the patch notes and suddenly it takes 100k to make something I could've made for free yesterday.
  12. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/786224665098059836/829033566104190996/unknown.png Legendary armorsmith and white runemaker disc, armorsmith belt. I get the runemaker statue buff...duh RM disc is on the right. Legendary leatherworker and white runemaker disc, leatherworker belt. I get the runemaker statue buff...duh RM disc is on the left. What is the logic behind getting the buff? How does it determine which crafting skill gets it?
  13. http://www.twitch.tv/obslod Obs from the clan Lords of Death is currently live streaming the pre-alpha test that have just started and is supposed to go for a couple hours.
  14. Hello, as the topic says. We need some additional info on these. In order to make the pledge that me and my guild will benefit from the most we would need to know what each of these will be used for. 1. Is the castle purely for defense purposes in EKvsEK fights or there's trade/craft/train NPCs in there too. 2. Is the cottage/villa/manor something like personal storage buildings or we'll need it for something else too? Produce food or w/e? Place vendors? 3. If 2 of us have amber packs that's got 5 tax-free parcels each, can we have it in the same EK? Kinda have like a combined EK for the clan. If that's not the case I was thinking of doing the cheap pledge for everyone and 1 person go for the bigger pledge to have 20/40/80+ parcels and all of us live in his EK. I'm sure any decent sized guild is in the same place atm. We don't really know what to pick, and we only have like another day to make the choise and adjust our pledges accordingly. So any info on these before the kickstarter is funded would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!
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