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  1. Crits all the way! My favorite way to play is jumping in, dealing massive damage, then popping out to reset. Such a satisfying feeling to burst down a target! Add in some great teammates, and you'll drop the backline like flies!
  2. I'd love to see the assassin promotion classes to be a bit like different jobs! Maybe like a venoms master, who is trained in the arts of poisons and potions, a headhunter, who is like a critical strikes master that goes for super high critical damage as well as debilitating blows, and a martial artist, who uses combos to juggle their foes, and deal critical strikes in the combos! Those are the 3 Promotions I'd like! Honestly Ace could go any direction with the assassin, and I'm super excited to see what happens!!
  3. Thank you SOOO Much for posting this thread! Personally, I think a great soundtrack increases a game's immersion immensely! If i'm in a dark forest, I want the music to fit it! Crowfall also has the luxury of music changing alongside of seasons! I think this could be very appealing to the community! Far too often I find myself muting a game to listen to music. Why is that? It's because after 12 minutes of hearing the same 3 min. song loop, I get bored, annoyed, and even fatigued. A great and fitting soundtrack could not only keep me tuned in, but it could improve my game experience overall! As you point out OP, if the soundtrack is good enough, it could even land a spot amongst the immortals! I'm not suggesting Ace should spend tons and tons of money and resources trying to get a perfect soundtrack, but I would LOVE for Ace to get creative! There are so many ways to make a soundtrack other than throwing money at it! <3 Best of luck!
  4. No, that's silly! I think people are just hyped about alot of "What ifs". When people are hyped, they tend to make everything extreme, including posts! Also I don't think discussion could destroy a community, infact I think lack of discussion could destroy a community, so these threads (While maybe overhyped) are a good thing. People are talking about the game, which in the end of the day is what really matters in account of keeping a community strong!
  5. It seems like there is quite the advantage of having a guild in this game. Honestly I'll probably roam around in a group of 5-6. I enjoy smaller scale PVP.
  6. While I can understand where you're coming from, I believe this is the wrong question to ask! The real question is wheither Artcraft can make a beautiful and detailed enviornment, without the game being a "PC killer". I believe they have the technology to do so, many games have done so in the past. Infact, I think the focus should be on making an enviornment that immerses the player. If you focus on player immersion, then you can focus on the artwork, style, and design of the lands. This way, even if someone has a low budget PC, the lower settings options look great. Many games have done this, and I believe Artcraft can do the same. This method presents more options! Options for players that want to have super ultra high quality grass settings, and players who want to have low settings, yet still feel immersed. More options is always the answer!
  7. I don't think RNG kills competition, infact, games like League of legends and hearthstone (which are very different than crowfall, but arguably the most competitive games out there) are influenced by RNG. In my opinion, I think it adds a bit of spice to a game! Think about a game with no RNG, no critical strikes, ect, I feel like while it would be more consistent, the no RNG style would make things a little less fun! The feeling you get when you score a lucky crit, or when one of your abilities hits all of the targets you had hoped is one of the best feelings a gamer can experience, I would hate to see this mechanic not be a part of Crowfall.
  8. I like to think of gear as something that compliments your character, not makes it! I'd enjoy seeing a system where the lot of your stats come from what you choose in creation, and the gear and other items just add to those stats you choose!
  9. Personally I've always played the Assassin/Rogue archetype. WoW, GW2, love em all! There is something about dealing MASSIVE damage and using skill to stay alive! Love it! High risk, high reward
  10. Awesome Just one of the many tools this Archetype should have to enable her to get in, deal massive damage, and get out!
  11. Personally, the way I see the assassin class is a hit and run class 1. You're deadly, you're fast, and you're fragile. You have a hit, and you need to be quick about it. 2. You have tools to help you in sticky situations, ways you can escape, or ways you can reduce the amount of damage you recieve from enemies. 3. You want to work with team mates to reduce your risk, or use your tools to work alone. 4. You're fast, mobile, and can out manuver most archetypes. Thats the way I see it, and honestly I think if this is the way the class comes out, it would be really fun to play!
  12. Honestly I understand the entire reasoning behind gender locking a class, not only do you save time and money, but it fits well with the lore. Personally, I've always played female characters, so it never really bothered me.
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