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  1. Greetings from BenWP

    hey now...don't tell me what to do, heathen!!! but cereally...just PM ben, i'm sure he'll help you out... and no, i'm not *here* again....jst dropping by to check progress after getting a PM from these forums out of nowhere...and now spending the evening reading/catching up a bit... fewking mortuary around here, imo....but things seem to be moving along steadily....someday i might even care enough to download....
  2. the Doctor is IN!!!

    i'm too poor to pay attention...
  3. Selenia of QFT sayz hello!

    f@ck!!!...i thought it wuz killing nublets? boy have i been doing it wrong i guess....
  4. Selenia of QFT sayz hello!

    actually...i do remember you... but no worries....i get yer drift....
  5. Selenia of QFT sayz hello! flirt so nicely.... no worries...i only stop by once in a while to see what's up.... Paragon and Warframe take up my gaming time, i remain curious about CF...but many things scare the Trammel outta me around here, sooOOOooo....we'll see...
  6. Greetings from BenWP

    hurm...tough call indeed....
  7. Forumbane

    ah.... Forumbane... /sniffles ne'er will we see it's like again....
  8. Can we all just agree... was Tully....and he changed "carebears" to "gonzo" funny stuff.... as to others in this Thread...i think you misunderstand where and why those "hardcore" folks went.... which is fine, in the long run..... heh...
  9. the Murder {TM}

    ah yes....after a while away, i came back due to a Message....and while here decided to read up on an olde Thread....note the Name and the Date kiddies.... still haven't made up my mind about CF ....yet... but what the hell, ain't like there's any rush......and i am NOT interested in dealing with P.A.B.'s that delude themselves into believing their own shyte....sooOOOOooOOOOoooo.... we'll see....
  10. Selenia of QFT sayz hello!

    Sele = aweseomesauce.... nuff said?
  11. Greetings from BenWP ben said...we were very close to my dropping a Rock in Austin 3 guesses where? /hides
  12. Some Shadowbane reminiscing...

    don't misunderstand me..i'm NOT running down any emulator...good for those running it, good for those who are enjoying them... just not my thing, for various Reasons...this does NOT mean i am trying to put any of them down just sayin' that imo, the best experience of SB was the entirety of the Mourning server....nothing else came close due to it being the ONLY server to go from Launch to Reboot....the richness of it's history and the quality of the Players that passed through are unchallenged could just be meh...
  13. Duke of URL...

    bah...they are still foaming at the mouth all over the news about this guy...who was talented, but cereally? no huge outcry a while back when the person in this next clip passed away...and he was MUCH moar Influential and important by ANY criteria....
  14. cloak and dagger moderation went sour?

    a very good Question, that also touches on the root cause of what i'm talking about... so let's take your Question and add to it the Concern @pang raises about growing a Community within the realm of our Discussion... and, after all...Discussion and Conversation are the Essence of what i'm trying to get at when i refer to Community building so let's begin with the concerns pang raises....firstly..i never said that having outside Forums and websites was bad, or that they adversely impacted these Forums..i merely stated the obvious, that the activity level here has dropped since it's peak... can we agree on the basic objective facts as derived by the metrics? ok then....then allow me to make a point....the outside sites are symptomatic of the decay in participation here on the official Forums in this instance...folks felt that they could not discuss and express themselves here...for whatever varied reasons, and thus shifted their attention to somewhere they felt more this reasonable to everyone? ok..that being said we get to the next portion of our does one fix it, and the unspoken bit....should anyone even try? my Answer to the second part if ...yes, thus why i came back *here* and am typing right naow....i DO think it's important THIS is the place the Devs look at, THIS is the place built solely as the official place FOR the Game, by those building the Game...and thus to me, has quite a bit of importance ask yourself "why are Forums important?" i see two big Reasons....Feedback and Community building the first is obvious, as stated, if this is the place the Devs scope out, then this is the place they will take their Feedback from....yes? as for the second, i've always thought that one of the largest factors in the health of any Game was it's Community...allow meh to elucidate with a bit of an example.. take the SB community....such a tight knit group that even after 8 years of the Game being closed, there are still fights over the two active emulators as well as the Meta arising form the in-game/Forum politics that continues to the present Moment in every way (need i remind folks that it was a simple and mi9ld discussion in the SB forums about that Meta that got me fired in the first place?) ask "ok Doc, be that as it do we fix it?" good Question, but without any simple Answer....the long and short of it is that Trust is the Foundation of Community as well as a good relationship betwixt Devs and Players....and that begins with Respect that flows both ways.... and it DID flow like a River for a both directions....up to a Point that loss slowed things down can possibly be repaired, but it will take both effort and a kind of Forgiveness.... we'll see how it goes, eh?
  15. Some Shadowbane reminiscing...

    you know i just adore the truly Silly peeeeeeplez... and u r always at the top of the list... gawd i enjoy good comedy