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    doc gonzo got a reaction from mal in Forumbane   
    ah.... Forumbane...
    ne'er will we see it's like again....
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in {Ooc} Rp Forum Rules...   
    hello Folks....
    since it was asked for, i'm reaching way pack more than 25 years to what worked on AOL in the early days for a room known as "the Red Dragon Inne" that started a bunch of people into the realm of chat based RP
    1) the Person starting a Thread has Authority over said Thread, the sole exception being Moderator intervention
        so if an OP wants a Thread locked, or is concerned about the amount of OOC chatter and the like, they can ask for some help... try and Respect the OP and this one should never be a problem
    2) Refrain from "God Mode"...
       this is a Term used when a Player tries to decide the Outcome for another Player to the detriment of said Player...or any circumstance where one Player attempts to take over the Scene by overriding what others are doing in their RP... just say no, kk?
    3) keep Out of Character {OoC} chatter to a minimum, and use the {OoC} label to mark any Thread started to talk about RP without any, you know...actual RP in it
        in an RP Thread some OoC is going to occur of course...Questions or side conversations...try and keep this to a minimum...use the Private Message function and let the "Game" flow naturally
    4) there WILL be more...added as needed, but for now...hopefully these basic Guidelines will suffice...
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in {Ooc} Rp Forum Rules...   
    lol...mebbe another day...this was a quick and dirty Answer that i hadn't thought went to any Problem
    hope it helps...
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in {Ooc} Rp Forum Rules...   
    interesting indeed...
    yeah, i shifted from RDI to "the Masquerade" as soon as it opened...there were some of the original White Wolf people online back then, and they actually STARTED the Vampire game that eventually grew into what i consider the very first "mmo"
    Deo Nite...Elder Tremere, checking in....
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in the Doctor is IN!!!   
    i'm too poor to pay attention...
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in the Doctor is IN!!!   
    what did i do?...ok lemme look...
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in the Doctor is IN!!!   
    ..:::puts up the "Closed" sign:::..
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in the Doctor is IN!!!   
    mebbe neffy....mebbe
    irc is so pre-aol tho....
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in the Doctor is IN!!!   
    never let it be said i didn't take care of mah patients....

    twice a day as needed...
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in the Doctor is IN!!!   
    and thanks 4 teh tunez!!
    a suggestion to those who appear intolerant...

    yer welcome...
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in the Doctor is IN!!!   
    yes...that is a mild way to put it
    i'm an acquired taste for many, you are either hip to the swing...or not...
    for those having their first gonzo experiences...hope you enjoy
    for the haters.... may your lips get chapped from orally gratifying a goat....
    nuff said?
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in the Doctor is IN!!!   
    hail Player!
    it just keeps getting better...
    now, if they'd just give us some Info!!
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in the Doctor is IN!!!   
    ahhh...olde Home week
    Hail Proto, Soulein...Zooks mah brother from another mother...Neffy!!! (great choice of tunes, i'm gonna link a liver version for ya...you should check out the director's cut of the video..hilarious!)
    and Zing!!! you wouldn't believe the Grin i got from seeing yer Name here....glad you liked the olde skewl vid blast from the Past
    this is gonna be some Fun, methinks
    and now, for Neffy....

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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in the Doctor is IN!!!   
    awww...it warms the very cockles of my tiny black and flabby heart to hear from folks again....better replies when I am not typing on my phone....
    bit I digress...
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in the Doctor is IN!!!   
    <3 <3 <3...
    and because there are Rules around here...i will post a bit of linkage to sum up mah philosophy of Forumbane with a warning that it is NSFW due to language and sarcasm and things like that.....

    i look forward to killing yer pixels....and such
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Forumbane   
    ah.... Forumbane...
    ne'er will we see it's like again....
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Selenia of QFT sayz hello!   
    f@ck!!!...i thought it wuz killing nublets?
    boy have i been doing it wrong i guess....
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Selenia of QFT sayz hello!   
    actually...i do remember you...
    but no worries....i get yer drift....
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Selenia of QFT sayz hello!   
    lol...you flirt so nicely....
    no worries...i only stop by once in a while to see what's up....
    Paragon and Warframe take up my gaming time, i remain curious about CF...but many things scare the Trammel outta me around here, sooOOOooo....we'll see...
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Selenia of QFT sayz hello!   
    Sele = aweseomesauce....
    nuff said?
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from Kraahk in Can we all just agree...   
    ummm...it was Tully....and he changed "carebears" to "gonzo"
    funny stuff....
    as to others in this Thread...i think you misunderstand where and why those "hardcore"  folks went....
    which is fine, in the long run.....
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from Kiro in Selenia of QFT sayz hello!   
    Sele = aweseomesauce....
    nuff said?
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from Armegeddon in the Murder {TM}   
    ah yes....after a while away, i came back due to a Message....and while here decided to read up on an olde Thread....note the Name and the Date kiddies....
    still haven't made up my mind about CF ....yet...
    but what the hell, ain't like there's any rush......and i am NOT interested in dealing with P.A.B.'s that delude themselves into believing their own shyte....sooOOOOooOOOOoooo....
    we'll see....
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    doc gonzo got a reaction from headlight in Forumbane   
    ah.... Forumbane...
    ne'er will we see it's like again....
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    doc gonzo reacted to Anotherneko in The Farrum Wars - Chapter 1 : Wrath of the Gods   
    It was a hell of a day to be out in the field, where the cold hadn't frozen your armor to your body the wind snuck in and stole the warmth. Lips were blistered and cracked, skin chapped and dry, stomachs growled like packs of wolves ravenous for any content, and after their losses trying to even make a foothold enough to pitch camp their resources and morale were running dangerously low, yet there they all stood. The grizzled general looked over his troops, snorting plumes of steam from his nostrils as he sighed with frustration, looking over the shining battalion, a multitude of colorful clothing and flags clad in armor and ready to fight but … they were so young, and at the same time they already looked so tired.
    There was a weariness, he knew, that only war could embed in a person, an affliction of the soul that turns it to thoughts of home and make it ache like no wounding of the flesh ever could. This deprivation would seep from the mind to the body, weighing down sword arms, slowing down feet, making the body heavy until it refused to move any longer, and the victims heart failed. Rarely if ever did they die from this cold-borne infection alone, but there was a part deep inside of them that would never return to life, even long after the war had passed, and he could see the beginnings of the spread in their eyes. Some still twinkled brightly, some had dimmed with exhaustion, and in a few the light of home had already been extinguished.
    “You all have fought bravely.” He said it sternly, as he marched before the rows of his forces, making himself look as large as humanly possible, his radiant armor with it's carved reliefs and golden inlays was just as bloodied and dirt-caked as their own armored carapaces. “And the battle was bloody. I will not lie to you and say that we won it, but we showed those savage bastards what it is we're made of, and that we are not to be trifled with!” As his voice rose so too did those tired eyes of his forces, and he was deeply relieved by the rekindling of the flame in most of them. “Those that left us have engraved upon the hearts and minds of our enemies that we are not afraid, we will not back down. We were guided to these lands by the devine light and we will drive every one of those shadowy dogs from this promised land if it takes everything we've got!” Despite the fact that they were stone quiet it was impossible not to notice that the troops were standing a little taller, determination driving the cold from their stature. Heads were up, eyes were forward, he'd woken them up, and had their full attention. “Tomorrow, as it rises into the sky, the blessed sun will bare witness to our might as it bares down on upon the faithless dogs of these woods, and will you be standing there beside me!”
    “YES SIR!”
    “Will you raise your swords and voices to these heathens!”
    “YES SIR!”
    “Will you carve a new home the the promised land from the bones of our fallen enemies!”
    “YES SIR!”
    “Tomorrow we will be victorious! Tomorrow these lurking shadows will be driven into the light of judgement, and tomorrow this... promised... land... will... be … OURS!”
    Off to the side stood a bony looking assassin with golden-brown eyes and skin much darker than that of the troops. She adorned herself in dark browns and greens, though her vest and trousers had become quite dirty in the fray making the colors indistinguishable from each other. Besides her, looking solemnly over the field of combatants with her lips pursed into a dangerously thin line stood the priestess, her deep blue eyes already heavy with the confessions and pleas for strength she'd heard that day. She shared a sideways glance with the foreign onlooker, sent ahead of her people to help with the conflict. The message sent between them was silent, but mutual. They wandered away from the reinvigorated troops to a side tent that stood taller than the rest with a silky white ribbon tied to it's main pitch-rod. The camp had only been established recently, but the steaks had been planted good and deep, with the intent to stay. Both assassin and priestess ducked inside the makeshift chapel, and the light brown woman crossed her arms over her chest.
    “You sense it also.” She said quietly, tilting her head back to get a better view out of her one good eye. The other had been swollen shut by a blow taken during the unexpected skirmish they'd run into earlier in the day, and it looked as though the golden-eyed warrior may have also had a broken nose as blood saturated a little cotton plug meant to stem the flow. “The zeal of these people will lead them only to destruction, and their light will not be able to save them.”
    “Do not...” The priestess said quite firmly, holding up her open hand to stop her companion, her slender fingers and cramped and rigid as her sudden change in posture. “... call into question the power of the Devines.” She had had enough of everything, of the confessions of fear and sadness, the General who would not listen to her please for an act of diplomacy before action, and she wasn't about to suffer some immortal fool from another world questioning her faith. “If there is a message to be had they will send it, but until then this is where the blessed winds blew us and this is where we will stand our ground.”
    “Didn't sound much like General Frenzy was in a ground standing mood.” She retorted dryly. “He's talking about an invasion, Katherine. Everyone out there is going to die … at least once.” She added under her breath. “And my people will not make it here from Delve in time to stop it.”
    “Hopefully we will not need your pe....” She looked past the battered star-faring woman as the tent's opening flap rustled, and her lips clenched shut in that barely-tolerant grimace again. “General Frenzy.” She addressed him coolly. “To what do I owe the honor?”
    “The manor in which you took off after the rally...” He said quietly, taking up most of the entrance of the sanctuary tent, his massive shoulders rolled back to make him look more authoritative and proud. “... it set murmurs about. You have doubts in our assault on the morrow.” He was eyeing them like either one would explode with no notice, his heavily browed eyes and sharp, hooked nose not making his severe look any easier on either of them.
    “Just like I had doubts about your attack today, general.” The space farer turned to face him completely, dropping her arms to her side from having them crossed over her chest. She wore no conventional armor like the rest of his troops, instead thin plates of a foreign substance twice as hard as iron covered only what they needed to and the rest of her was exposed fabric, and her bare arms. “How many soldiers did you lose? A dozen? Two dozen? And just to a skirmish band.” She was a head shorter by comparison, but what she lacked in high she made up for in in stance, her feet apart, hands clenched into fists, ready to fight.
    “Enough with your poison Reis, you understand nothing of our plight, of our people, you're not one of us.” He growled it, leering down his nose at her and meeting her one good eye with both of his.
    “I have been in and amongst your people for years, General, over a decade.” she explained calmly, but her body language had hostile written all over it. Her back was straight as a dowel, her shoulders were back and she met his gaze with one that could have melted through a sheet of reinforced tritanium. “Which is why I came here, to help your people establish themselves in these lands, not take them over, not to fight a war for you, and certainly not to wipe out an indigenous people.”
    “People.” He laughed it darkly, going to spit before he remembered where he was. “Those aren't people, they're creatures. Faithless, mindless, shadow-dwelling monsters that will face the judgment of the light.”
    “No.” Katherine said firmly from behind the battered star-sailor. “They are human beings, also brought here by the devines.”
    “You've been listening to this capitalistic scum. Her poison's wormed it's way into your ears, Lady of Light.” He sounded so smug and full of himself suddenly that it took all Reis restraint not to ram her fist into his armored kidney.
    “On the contrary.” Katherine moved between the short warrior and the General with all the grace and power of a swan in flight, staring into his eyes for herself. “You have lost your way. The Devines do not punish their children with war, they would not pit one against the other as though in some grand jest. General, these are a people that we were destined to meet for a reason greater than than the sum of war.” He was quiet, taking a step back from the door as though the priestess had somehow grown in size. “And for you to go against the teachings of the Devines, to make war with another of their creations over land... look into my eyes and tell me this is not against everything we are taught!” Reis moved over to a seat and started unbuckling her armor, pulling off her boots and readying for the coming of the night as the two powers stared each other down in the fluttering opening of the tent. She'd hardly rest, and doubted anybody else would that night, but her armor was constricting enough to draw her attention for her deep and simmering hate of the general she had to obey.
    “Whether or not these 'creations' are that of the light....” He said it finally, quietly, dangerously, his voice little more than a gravely, dangerous, growl. “...We will let the Devines judge for themselves, tomorrow.” He thrust his arm out quickly behind him, sending the tent flap open with a dramatic flare as he went to exit. Sadly for him one of it's toggles became wedged in the elbow joint of his shimmering armor and he had to stop for a moment to clumsily tweeze it out with his fat fingers, muttering and cussing all the way out of ear shot and to the end of the row of tents where his much more luxurious one had been pitched. The two tents occupants looked at each other again and broke into uncontrollable giggles as they readied themselves to rest for the night. The coming dawn would be a trial.
    “So, they plan to attack sunrise tomorrow.” Az'at sat with his hands on his knees, calloused fingers interlocking, his slender and pale face illuminated by the flickering flames and framed by his tooth and feather decorated hair. His three reconnaissance agents stood before him, all of them exhausted for having been watching the invaders camp for over a day. Two had been dispatched to camp in the elite-scouts absence, and he had several in the woods for good measure. They had fought hard that day, taking down the noisy invaders to their new found lands. They had not taken out as many as he would have liked, but the wounds his people had inflicted were deep and the metal shells would not soon forget. He looked up at the trio, who despite their fatigue were still quite alert. “And the troops are few, exhausted, and uneasy.”
    “Yes sir.” The first of them nodded, having made the initial report, his various hunting prizes and trophies suspended from his hair as well, clattering with the sudden motion.
    “The priestess, general, and their foreign pet had a heated discussion, though we couldn't get close enough to overhear.” Az'at inhaled deeply, taking the smokey twilight air to his core as another scout spoke. “It's believed they have a difference in opinion about the occupation of these lands.”
    “Hah.” He laughed it quickly sharply, leaning back so the few of his exposed features glimmered in the light, the rest hidden by his winter hides and furs. “What a sweet sentiment. We will surely be able to use that to our advantage if we can't crush them in their entirety tomorrow.” He picked a long pipe from inside his bulky parka, packed it from a bedazzled pouch, and lit it with a flaming branch, inhaling the slightly bitter smoke and blowing it out into the night's sky. “Never again will we suffer like we did at the hands of the C'in.” He spoke it quietly, soberly, and several of those around him lowered their heads as they remembered the swarm of foreign warriors swooping down on them in numbers that should have been impossible to amass. “We have found ourselves a new home, and I will see no fat, soft, squealing pig take it from us again.”
    “What about the words of the oracle?” One of the civilians asked from where they sat on a thick, mossy log, their dress and trophies visibly less grand and eye-catching than her leaders. “That the winds of change would need embracing.”
    “I care not for their mutterings.” He growled quietly, staring down the girl until she broke contact and lowered her gaze. “These fools attacked us out-right and with out warning. Are we supposed to embrace that?” His voice grew firmer, more loud with every syllable, until every conversation in the wooded camp had grown silent, and everybody was looking at him. “When they march into our camp tomorrow are we going to just hold our arms open so they can drive their swords through our chests?”
    “NO.” He whirled on the elderly councel member who'd spoken up. “No plush invader will be taking over our promised land. And if you're too afraid to face some ranting zealots then you can return to the smoldering void that was once our homeland and make your living there.” He was practically shouting, his neck muscles tensing and spasming with every word he barked. “The rest of us will stay, and we will fight for the land to which we were guided by the Air Gods themselves.”
    “Yeah!” Several of the older veterans looked around, frowing sagely as the younger members of the tribe pumped their fists into the moonlit sky and whooped excitedly. They had survived the wars these young ones could hardly remember, they were there at the beginning, and had fought through to the end, only to have it be for nothing when their home was destroyed by the mysterious powers of the N'et, all of it's life seemingly swallowed, and none would grow again.
    “May their Devines have mercy on them!” he crowed to the slow and silent moon as it trekked it's way across the sky above, the shocked portrait painted upon it's surface staring back into his own bright, crazed eyes. “FOR WE SHALL NOT!” He then rose from is position of power at the fire, fist still in the air, and those around him whooped and chanted with excitement, filling the frozen air with the heat of their dance and the call of their war songs. “Sharpen your blades brothers and sisters, starve the trolls tonight. Tomorrow there will be a feast of mayhem the likes of which history has never seen!”
    The sun refused to rise the next day, staying under it's blanket of clouds which threw a bitterly cold wind down onto the battlefield and pelted each side with stinging snow. With their glistening weapons of ebony and bronze in hand, the Az'ats lead their forces out of the shadow of the woods as the synchronized chanting became audible over the hill, where in display of all their splendor the forces of Caere B'haere marched in time. Each army had a following of trolls behind them, hulking creatures with a glazed look about them, beady eyes snapping to and fro over their enemy's forces, drooling absently in all the excitement as they dragged their knuckles along the ground behind them. Warriors on both sides gave these brutes a wide berth, as even a trained troll could do more collateral than a poorly aimed siege, and were known to be set off by the smallest things. The Caere B'haere's had the high ground, but the Az'ats had the cover, and both sides felt confident in their position enough to call taunts across the small, rocky meadow. They stared at each other for some time before General Frenzy stood forward from his troops, and Chief Az'at put some distance between himself and his people.
    “I, The General Frenzy of Caere B'haere, give you this one last chance to surrender!”
    “Surrender. Hah!” Chief Az'at looked over his shoulder at his people, the closest to him having heard him and laughed as well. “He want's us to surrender! What do you say to that!”
    “RELEASE THE TROLLS!” The shouted in a sudden chorus that excited and confused the dim beasts. War cries of “TRO-LO-LO-LO!” pierced the din as the dense creatures roared and lurched forwards into action.
    “The trolls!” General Frenzy drew his own blade, pointing it towards the advancing horde. “Loose the trolls!” Both armies advanced behind the slobbering monsters, their generals leading the charge as the trolls began exchanging blows in the center of the battlefield. For the clumsy beasts that they were they had a certain finesse when it came to impact, minor swings allowing them through the opposing forces guard to do maximum damage while they recovered, and the first flecks of thick, black, blood were sent flying onto the battle field as skin was broken and then torn into. The spectacle was so simultaneously horrifying and awe inspiring that some of the fresher forces of Caere B'haere stopped mid-charge to stare with their jaws open and their arms at their sides while others launched themselves forwards with such zeal they'd nearly closed the distance between the two warring leaders, and nobody was paying attention to the clouds. A vortex had begun to form above the heads of the warring Caere B'haeres and Az'ats, slowly at first, but only at first. Lightning lit up the snow-laden sky, there was a deafening roar as lances of blinding white light rained down from the heavens, exploding the ground at the center of the battlefield and throwing waves of soil and rock dozens of meters into the air. The following silence seemed to last for an eternity, as both sides tried to regain their bearings, and the strong, commanding voice finally boomed out of the sky.
    “Laying it on a little thick there Todd?” In the trees on the far side of the battle, both her eyes open for the first time, crouched the chuckling capsulear dressed in freshly cleaned winter camo print, speaking into the small communications device sewn directly into her brain.
    “Remind me, who ordered a six man orbital strike on a bronze age civil war?” The amused voice chimed back as the forces below slowly got to their knees, some bowing down low, others raising their open hands towards the sky.
    “Praised be the light, it's the Devines....” Both the forces leaders, as well as every single last troll had been evaporated with out so much as a trace by the tactical lasers strapped to the six Destroyer class star ships orbiting thousands of miles above, and all that remained was a smoking crater twice as deep as any of the trolls had been tall.
    “The air gods...”
    “You gave us these lands! Would you see us forfeit it to these... creatures?!” One of the bolder warriors cried at the sky with all his might, raising his sword as if to take on the still agitated clouds. “After we lost our homes... and our families were scattered to the winds... SHOULD WE SUFFER THIS TOO?!”
    “I HAVE GU...”
    “OW!” Despite the fact that the booming voice was generated solely in her brain for her to hear she still clapped her hands over her ears like it'd help dull the volume. “Wrong feed! Wrong feed!” She whispered it harshly.
    “Crap... sorry...” There was a quiet pop as he switched to his atmosphere penetrating megaphones. “I HAVE GUIDED YOU HERE TO THIS LAND, TO THESE PEOPLE, IN THE HOPES THAT YOU WOULD GUIDE EACH OTHER FORWARDS INTO A FUTURE OF PROSPERITY, HAPPINESS, AND LONGEVITY.” The masses below were stony silent as he listened in through her ears for any sort of retort. Az'at and Caere B'haere were looking at each other as if seeing their opponents for the first time. It wasn't Todd's voice that rang out next, but that of an older night, preaching forgiveness while holding his hand up towards the void the planetary counter-measure team had blasted in the cloud cover. Reis smiled and lowered her binoculars, resting her forehead against the lenses, glad that this 'war' had at least been temporarily halted.
    “Hamming it up a little up there?” Reis raised an eyebrow to the sky and got a skeptical laugh as a reply. Above the clouds, on the verge of space, the sky flickered and flashed a full spectrum of colors. “Oh ****, that's not Concord is it?” Her heart skipped a beat at the very thought of the New Eden police force discovering their little charade. If that was the case she could kiss her security status as well as her ride off the planet good-bye. The repercussions for messing with pre-space-flight races was enormous, and she could probably buy Todd a couple hundred more orbital strike ships with the bount on her head alone.
    “Just a hostile fleet engaging us, we're out of here.” She was so relieved that she face-planted right into the snow, groaning as it agetated what they'd confirmed as her broken nose, and she felt the hot dribble of blood and snot begin down face again as she let the icy cold snow on the ground soothe away the pain and her involuntary tears.
    “Praise be to Bob.” she breathed it as she raised her eyes to the sky once again, sure the giant orange burst of light that had the masses below scattering in all directions had been the death throws of somebodies ship. “I owe you guys big time, thank you so much.”
    “I'll be cashing in that IOU ASAP.” Todd grunted and she could hear him motoring his destroyer out of the gravity well of the planet, and out of her local communication range.
    “I'm counting on it.”
    It was later that day, standing besides the massive crater into which both parties leaders had vanished, that the Az'ats and Caere B'haeres faced each other, hands clasped in accord as their newly elected representatives fleshed out the details about how the land was to be shared. Too deeply engrained had been the hate between the two camps to forget all together, even at the commandment of their deitys, and so the Az'Ats would recede their forces, families, and establishments to the southern borders of the newly christened lands of Farrum to the deep glades and wildlands of Avtopic, while General DeCousian would serve the Caere B'haere forces until they were able to establish several settlements in the region of Otergams.
    Secretly though, quietly and in whispers too low for even the wind to pick up, plans are being made for the day when the gods turned a blind eye to Farrum, their creations will rise to purge Farrum of the filth that has claimed it not realizing...
    they weren't the only one that saw the lights in the sky that day.
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