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  1. Sounds like someone has been watching Game Of Thrones! My head is good at scaring children and absorbing alcohol. I can normally make friends in games due to my laid back nature and being drunk. I'm really looking forward to teaming up and exploring this/these world's with others. Hopefully someone will take me and then keep me around when they realise I'm a useless old fart with no experience. The internet's a forgiving and patient place...right?
  2. I would respectfully disagree. There's nothing 'massively' multiplayer about 5 on 5 arena battles or 6 on 6 FPS matches. I do enjoy, and have experience with, PvP games though. So there's that.
  3. 5 years of competitive Team Fortress 2 which I enjoyed hugely. 3 years of Dota2 which I enjoy hugely and am terrible at. Still playing and having fun even with the most toxic community I've come across. Watching random people call me names makes me laugh. Why don't some people realise that games are just a bit fun and not the most important thing in their lives? Sometimes I swear losing a DotA match is the worst thing that could possibly happen to some people. I enjoy PvP a lot. Even when I lose.
  4. I played competitive Team Fortress 2 for 5 years or so and really enjoy PvP. I'm always a polite and respectful as I find rudeness online to be massively immature and annoying. If I wouldn't say something to someone's face I won't say it online either. A six month match sounds like so much fun and I can totally see me rushing home from work to get involved with whatever is going on at the time. Collecting loot and then losing it won't bother me. That's just an excuse to play more right? I definitely think I'll be wanting to find a nice welcoming noob friendly guild to interact with
  5. Hello. I've never even played an MMO before. I am a member of a gaming community but never levelled skills and queued spells. Pleased to meet you.
  6. Thanks all for your input, it sounds like noob players are being thought of which is nice. I'll probably just do what I normally do and jump in and learn as we go. I'm a big fan of Kool Aid as my excessive backing of Star Citizen proves! How to macros go down in the MMO community? I made a VoiceAttack profile for Star Citizen and thought maybe that kind of thing would be useful here too. Then I thought perhaps they are generally banned or frowned upon... https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/153203/updated-voiceattack-profile-anna-v5-0-control-everything-with-your-vo
  7. Dollars have been pledged and iirc I have access to beta. Maybe I should dust off the old GW2 account and go get some practice. Cheers everyone. Seems like a nice community here.
  8. Oh yeah, to answer why I'm here, I like backing interesting looking games on kickstarter and this does look damn cool, different and exciting. So I'm here for some fun times with nice people in a cool game. Aren't we all?
  9. Like I said I can take a beating and come back again. I like to learn and really enjoy games that test me. Kerbal Space Program is a particular favourite because it punishes mistakes and I had to learn to get anywhere, so having to work at becoming good is not something that will turn me off. I just feel that if I came to a new online multiplayer FPS game with no FPS experience it would be difficult to ever catch up so when I think about all the mechanics and combos of skills and all the other things that I'll have to get to grips with its a little daunting. I like a challenge though so I
  10. Hi there everyone. I'm an old school gamer but have never played an MMO before. I tried Guild Wars 2 for a few days but couldn't get into it. Crowfall looks and sounds different but I'm worried i'll be a useless noob forever doomed to get stomped on over and over as all you MMO veterans use your accumulated knowledge and skills from similar gaming experiences in the past. So what chance do you think i'll have of having a good time in Crowfall? I can take a beating, (I play dota2 badly), so losing doesn't really bother me, but losing all the time will ultimately get frustrating. No guild w
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