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  1. I would like to see player kingdom growth stem from main hubs, and not have a nation's cities dotting each corner of the map without consequence. Fast travel should be limited somehow. Perhaps fast travel would be allowed up to a certain distance between cities, and those lying outside of range would need to be traveled to on foot. Would make it riskier to have a city/outpost/whatevs far from your main territory. I imagine summon will exist, and beyond that there could be a power a small number of high ranking players can usse. Something like "rally", which gives a short window for all nation members to recall to a nation city specified by the power user. Once a day kinda thing to be used wisely. Deployable teleport beacons placed by the magically-inclined that expire when you leave world? OP @ sieges tho, NOT ALLOWED K? Who knows though, need more info about everything. Gimme.
  2. The only penalty to a large nation should a fixed increment in the cost to maintain it based on player count/territory, which should still be easily manageable by an active nation. Just don't discourage zergs - such an ambition damper. It'll be interesting to see if/how hunger players a roll in this.
  3. Class generator based on a 350 question, multiple-choice personality quiz. Don't like what you get? That's life.
  4. I don't think it will be a problem. The casual gamer will log in with (hopefully) a guild at his back, and whether he gets slaughtered or not, will have a wonderful time in a game unlike any other. He better get better though, or prove to be loyal fodder during a siege. #casualgamersmatter
  5. P2P Ftw. In a game where GvG will most likely be the focus, a monthly payment means people playing fewer characters, becoming better players, and using less bots. No costumes plz thnx.
  6. I am hopeful that PvE is the primary source of entertainment in this game. When I log in I want to see a long list of instanced dungeons I can jump right into a queue for. Ideally the mobs wont put up too much of a fight, as I'll be eager to get to that end boss. If I can find a spot to stand where he won't be able to hit me, that would be great. Then I can deplete his massive HP bar to 0, claim my loot, and sell it those damned PvPers for about tree fiddy. But really, as some others have said here, you need PvE. It doesn't have to come in the form of a grind and I think the devs will surprise us with how well they implement it. NPC controlled outposts that can be bought/influenced, or simply come with the territory? Sweet. Maybe evolving NPC factions that can threaten player territory... dynamic attacks? Gotta have that PvE filler.
  7. I'm hoping we don't see any classes that just spam heals. "Healers" should be support characters. Lightweight heals, with a focus on target/group damage mitigation, debuff removal, and moderate CC. If they can give us some clutch damage mitigation powers, heals could be something used with skilled timing. Very short cast times, low recast, light-moderate power.
  8. Agreed on no PvE instances. They remove the sense of consequence and lend little to politics. I wouldn't mind seeing structured PvP arenas so long as they happened in the normal persistant space and allowed for anyone to observe them, barring players/guilds restricted to the host city. They should also require some resource/time investment to arrange so that they aren't an always-accessible source of endless PvP, taking away from more impactful open-world PvP.
  9. I support the stylized look. I think it will age better, lose less quality on lower settings, and give superior clarity than a realistic styling - something that counts for a lot in a GvG situation. We'll see plenty of grit.
  10. And hopefully as something with more form and fashion than a jellyfish (or squid). Sup sup.
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