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  1. More DPI. I think I have my current mouse set to 5600 DPI.
  2. That would be the Eternal Kingdoms. They don't go offline, they will always be there.
  3. "Peak Hours" are usually a byproduct of having regional servers. If you just have one server per CW, which is what ACE is doing, then there won't be that much down time. NA's downtime will be EU, AU, or RU's peak time, depending on the time of day, and vice versa.
  4. The only MMO I've seen recently that sports a halfway decent water combat system is Guild Wars 2. And even then it's largely ignored by the player base unless they're forced into it by an objective or something.
  5. If you just want in on the next test then Gold is all you will need. $155.
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