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  1. Which one did you bring the pigs to? Did you bring them to the Stefan in the quest keep? Or did you bring them to a Stefan in a keep that's owned by your faction and has a caravansary built?
  2. Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Need guild banks, with ranked permissions. Either in the EK or in the Temples. There's no easy way for guild members to transfer our resources to the guild crafters. Currently we're stuck waiting for crafters to log on and trading directly with them. If we had a central storage (not just an unlocked chest in the EK that anyone can access) that we could pool all the guilds resources into would be great. Chat needs work. Especially in the commands sections. Maybe some / commands to quickly switch between specific panes like /g /f /a etc, beyond the simple alt-tab scroll-like function. Would also like to be able to split the panes and have multiple chat windows open at once. Dregs Guild Alliances need some tweaking. Alliances need to be more structured and solid. Right now they operate more like a psuedo-truce rather than an actual Alliance. Alliances need to be more their own thing, with individual heraldry, naming, and an Alliance scoreboard. Right now, how the players are using the Alliances is they're allowing the Alliance leaders to capture all the locations so they can stockpile all the points under a single name. This is great for whoever is leading the Alliance, but the supporting guilds get nothing for their efforts under this system. If the supporting guilds want to get points they're stuck ratting outposts here and there for garbage points, either that or they cap from the Alliance Leader to the detriment of the Alliance and risking being removed from said Alliance. All the Alliance members should be able to cap in the Alliances name, and all capture points should contribute to the Alliance, no matter which member of the Alliance actually captured it. Then rewards at the end of the campaign need to be split among the Alliance members based on contribution. Right now, all the rewards just go to the Alliance leader, and the supporting guilds are stuck trying to rat spare points to pick up what rewards they can. No proximity or /say chat. Not being able to directly communicate with players right in my proximity outside of whispers/zone/alliance/guild/faction chat seems like an odd design choice. UI customizing! Being able to change the UI, either through addons or an in-game drag and drop system, is a huge QOL improvement that's pretty much standard among MMOs now a days. Not having that ability is not a good thing.
  3. I made a point of forgetting this game existed until launch so I wouldn't burn myself out on all the Betas and Alphas. I actually managed that endeavor until my Collector's Edition box arrived on my front porch. So what I'm most looking forward to is stepping foot into a totally new and alien world that I literally know nothing about.
  4. Audit


    You can still go back and look at them. Not sure how long until ACE deletes the archives, though....
  5. More DPI. I think I have my current mouse set to 5600 DPI.
  6. That would be the Eternal Kingdoms. They don't go offline, they will always be there.
  7. Not sure I understand what you mean by "always open servers." Do you mean like not closing off certain servers due to population? No region locked servers? No VIP servers?
  8. Logically, yes. I haven't played DF or Eve so I can't speak to them, but in GW2 the most successful World vs World guilds typically have a "day crew" and a "night crew."
  9. "Peak Hours" are usually a byproduct of having regional servers. If you just have one server per CW, which is what ACE is doing, then there won't be that much down time. NA's downtime will be EU, AU, or RU's peak time, depending on the time of day, and vice versa.
  10. Swimming with gear is not as easy as it sounds. Can people do it? Yeah, I've swam with full military utilities on. Just the boots alone made swimming exponentially harder. I couldn't imagine attempting to swim while wearing a suit of armor. But, this is where my weight system would come into play. Just have every item in the game have a weight, a la Skyrim. If you're carrying enough stuff to put you over the weight threshold you'll be unable to swim. Full armor and weapons will put you close to the weight limit but not over, so if you're carrying extra stuff you'll need to decide what is least important to you. Water needs to be usable tactically, so those who prepare for it can utilize it. But, there needs to be a large enough dis-incentive to go in it so that people trying to run from a fight don't just use it to escape.
  11. Yes. A full set of plate armor weighs around 55 pounds and restricts movement. Very difficult, if impossible, to swim with while wearing.
  12. I like the "going in water will somehow kill you" idea. I just don't know how I feel about magical sharks and piranhas coming out of nowhere to eat you. I think a sort of weight system will work. For instance, you can't swim if you're over the weight threshold and will drown and the closer you get to the threshold the harder it is to swim. This will prevent people from using water to run from combat, because if they enter the water with their armor they'll drown because they'll be over the weight limit.
  13. And every game that has implemented water combat has had it turn out poorly made socksty. The closest to doing water combat well was GW2. And they designed an entire set of water specific weapons and abilities, just to have it largely ignored by the player base. Even in games that have the ability to fight in water it still serves more as an obstacle than a place to fight. ACE can still get the same obstacle effect out of water without wasting time and resources on a system hardly anyone will use.
  14. So anyone who disagrees with you is a troll? Arkade is right, excluding lag, melee combat worked fine last test. It plays better than it looks.
  15. The only MMO I've seen recently that sports a halfway decent water combat system is Guild Wars 2. And even then it's largely ignored by the player base unless they're forced into it by an objective or something.
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