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  1. My suggestion for a permanent world: Have a world where there is no "Win-Condition" at all. Instead, make it a world where the story of Crowfall takes place. I am not saying make a PvE world. You can still have it as an open PvP world. However, there is no win-condition. You just "quest" so to speak (not kill x rats, gather y herbs), but quest to advance in the World Story. You can still have all the drop loot on death, item decays, risk of other players killing you, etc. Limit the resources on this planet or have no resources at all. This will force players to eventually go to core rulese
  2. This is the kind of story I was talking about, not your typical MMO Themepark quests. I can see a good story where the Gods say there is this dragon and it is important to kill it (obviously more detail than that). However, don't have this "quest" pop up in each campaign. Make it progressive over time. Maybe you can start off the first season where you see signs of a dragon, second season you see the dragon, but can't get to it, third season it gets crazier, and finally winter, you kill it before other players/factions/guilds can kill it and the "win-condition" is whoever kills the dragon firs
  3. I still think there may be stagnation in this game, even though they are claiming there won't be. When the game launches and for awhile after launch, I agree - there won't be any stagnation because you are going to various "servers" where the rulesets vary and the terrain is different after each reset. You do this to get your resources for your Personal Kingdom which resides in the Eternal Kingdom world (which does not reset). You also retrieve resources for crafting weapons/armor (which ultimately decay, break, can be looted upon death, etc). I understand ALL of this. However, what happens af
  4. Disney Infinity is the greatest. Hundreds of dollars well spent. I can certainly see them being chalked up as a business expense (creative motivation, right?). There is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!
  5. Glad to see BillyG is into Disney Infinity!
  6. As I have never played a game with friendly fire, can someone explain what kind of "debuffs" or similar consequences there are to hitting your own players? Are we talking a reduction in damage, reduction in hit chance, etc? or something like not being able to fire another spell for a few seconds? I realize Crowfall will have their own system, but I am just curious to see what has been seen in other games.
  7. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1326-the-costs-of-unlocking-the-gender-lock/
  8. I read it just as you did, the Elken being the hunted and ultimately the one who shot the arrow. "How quickly he fled the paved streets to seek refuge in the wood." "...wasn’t he wearing armor? Scale mail, could be enchanted." Those two lines, especially.
  9. Don't take everything you see in the videos as "How Crowfall will look or feel" Just see the potentially incredible elements that we will be introducing that Voxel Farm allows. We will be using physics. Moving a rock that size would take... considerable force and not really possible by a single character. Perfect. I wasn't sure if you guys had direct control over the "weight" of objects or if you just had to use the tech from Voxel Farm and the physics they have in place (I know nothing about tech, I just play the games).
  10. The only thing that worries me about this update can be seen here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on-0Ou48tak#t=65 (The video should take you to 1:05 - 1:16, if not, that is the part of the video I am referring to). The dude just runs into the large stone objects and the stone gets pushed back. Granted, it was already knocked off of the main structure, but I still found it odd. I know Crowfall mentioned they are using physics in this game. I am curious if that was meant for combat only?
  11. Excellent point, updating right now! That also makes sense as to why they don't refer to their father by name. It would be pretty tough I would think for them to call their father by name if it is Kane since he is Arkon's brother and Arkon is married to Gaea. I won't put that up as it's not confirmed, but I bet you are right.
  12. Thank you! Thank you! I am as well. I want the missing pieces to make sense of everything. Patiently waiting lol. Welcome! Feel free to let me know if I missed any important details.
  13. I am huge into lore and I am putting together quite a large thread to try and make sense of different stories and list things that were mentioned be we don't know about as a "?". Please feel free to leave a comment if I have missed something or stated something incorrectly. I am going to try and keep this updated as time goes on. All the info is taken from the archetype stories and the lore drops. I am not sure if the Archetypes are actual Lore characters, but I put them in anyways. Battle of Cyrena - Centaur Legion defeated the "Stonemen". Beggar’s Crusade - ? Book of Deeds - ? Cloeli
  14. I figured this is what it meant, but technically your furniture and costumes are "in-game". Someone explained they are items that are still in-game but they just cannot be obtained in-game.
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