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  1. What I enjoyed about the new build (as a KS backer and who has jumped in periodically over the course of development): graphical fidelity has improved the UI enhancements are much welcomed more optimization options for display (specifically culling) a better on-ramp to understand basic game mechanics updated NPC models (namely wolves) What I think can be improved: performance had a huge drop since the last major build; before, I could reliably maintain about 50 FPS whereas in the new zone, I could hardly keep 15 UI windows are still persistent when I think by default they should close during the early questing phase, there are a few NPCs whom you must speak to yet only tell you to go talk to someone else; these superfluous steps should be removed it feels odd doing 50 - 70 damage per swing as a level 1 character (note: this is entirely subjective. my background is dnd/early mmos like EQ1/UO) when fighting mobs, i see their health bar in three separate places (cursor, above their model, and at the top of the ui); i only need to see it once you start with a weapon in your inventory instead of it being equipped; when I was told to kill wolves, it wasn't obvious that i already owned a weapon the 'alt-p' shortcut for portal is odd as a default key-bind; my suggestion is to make it something more usable with only the left hand may I suggest that certain windows of the ui are hidden until particular points in the tutorial? there is a ton of helpful information yet it isn't obvious, by looking at them, what they do and why they're important when I was given bandages, the ui showed them being usable in an alt slot, set I don't recall it showing me how to add them to that slot so I simply used it in my inventory; this felt like I was doing something wrong because I couldn't easily add it to a quick slot Looking forward to future updates! :)
  2. Equating an assist with a death is a very strange decision which does not encourage me to play with others.
  3. Title. Thanks! (Sorry if it's been posted; I haven't been able to find it.)
  4. The character controller feels so much better than when I last played (early 5.x) The frame rates have dramatically increased even on max settings The bow play, as a ranger, has dramatically been improved however, it's unclear if a mob/player is out of range. I wish the UI told me this more clearly I wish the zoom out, after shooting an arrow, would happen more quickly it took me awhile to figure out where 'blink/dodge' points were located. perhaps move this under the stamina bar items wouldn't auto equip from the inventory if i already had gear equipped my client has crashed twice once when trying to equip, from the inventory, a bow (replacing the default bow) the other when clicking out to another window (i have 2 monitors and run CF in borderless window) in the r1 and 3 realms, there are fire graphics scattered throughout the air in fact, the fire graphics in every place were not animated. this was also true for other glowy effects disciplines do not loot via right click when i put items in the bank, they do not automatically stack there should be chests at the end of each pve area to promote completion my minor discipline says that i drop health orbs on damage but i haven't seen any yet how do i enter 'cursor' mode to view my buffs and debuffs? it isn't clear. i'm also uncertain how to view what my skills do the crafting UI should always close i don't think the entire character UI should render when i'm looting this is the best version of CF I have played yet! congrats, team!
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