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  1. What I enjoyed about the new build (as a KS backer and who has jumped in periodically over the course of development): graphical fidelity has improved the UI enhancements are much welcomed more optimization options for display (specifically culling) a better on-ramp to understand basic game mechanics updated NPC models (namely wolves) What I think can be improved: performance had a huge drop since the last major build; before, I could reliably maintain about 50 FPS whereas in the new zone, I could hardly keep 15 UI windows are still persistent when
  2. Equating an assist with a death is a very strange decision which does not encourage me to play with others.
  3. Title. Thanks! (Sorry if it's been posted; I haven't been able to find it.)
  4. The character controller feels so much better than when I last played (early 5.x) The frame rates have dramatically increased even on max settings The bow play, as a ranger, has dramatically been improved however, it's unclear if a mob/player is out of range. I wish the UI told me this more clearly I wish the zoom out, after shooting an arrow, would happen more quickly it took me awhile to figure out where 'blink/dodge' points were located. perhaps move this under the stamina bar items wouldn't auto equip from the inventory if i already had gear
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