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  1. This guild sounds amazing! I hope you'll let me join you all. I am looking forward to crafting and learning the ways of pvp in Crowfall!
  2. Hello there! I backed during the KS, but have been so busy with college that I decided to ignore the forums. Schools about to be out. Time to catch up on everything I have missed. I haven't played many MMORPGs, just WoW. I am looking forward to a much better crafting system in Crowfall!!
  3. Falandar


    Wish I could upgrade to Sapphire, but college student money problems.
  4. Hello! What kinda guild are you going to be starting?
  5. So I decided to test Synast's theory on the 2 account thing. I've had this account registered with the site since December, but never did anything with it until I linked my KS. The only difference between this account and my main account is that I cannot post in off topic at the moment. Seems weird.
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