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  1. xaraph

    Epic Pvp

    Nope. I know it's long which will turn away a lot of readers, but it's worth the read for those of us who like to reminisce about the old days.
  2. xaraph

    Epic Pvp

    I've posted this elsewhere, but thought I'd share it here. I wrote this a long time ago during the Age of Conan beta. It was my last attempt to convince the devs to stay the path with their original brutal pvp vision of the game. Shortly after I wrote it, they changed the motto of the game from dark and brutal to "we have boobies" (their words, not mine). I wrote it mainly to highlight the advantages of a sandbox, why roleplay thrives in sandboxes, and why consequence is so important to both gameplay and plot. It fell on deaf ears, of course, and I thought the post lost until I found it
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