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  1. Let me make sure I understand what you asked, you wanted to know what a program is call that spends years and years in development and never gets done all the while it keeps sucking down hands full of cash after hands full of cash....That's call vaporware.
  2. I do love your command of language, very elegant while being subtle insulting. While its great being sarcastic, its misdirected in this instance, the term Pay to Win is descriptive with a well founded definition, you only need look at many of the Crowfall videos where the developers talk about Pay to Win and the Kickstarter FAQ... Can I buy advancement, or powerful items from the shop? No. The shop only sells cosmetic (non-balance affecting) items, game time, and additional space (parcels of land, on which structures can be placed) for your Personal Kingdom. Last updated: Tue, February 24 2015 5:48 AM PST And while the above FAQ does mention parcels of land...nothing is said about resources which several of the parcels being offered for sale has. I consider this to be a violation of the agreement under which I bought my package, BUT of even more concern, which I will address directly with ACE is the Relics which give a magical boost to the player.
  3. Wow leave for a few months and everything changes. Anyway as the testing is starting I thought I would catch up with everything. I'll check in on slack as well. Wow leave for a few months and everything changes. Anyway as the testing is starting I thought I would catch up with everything. I'll check in on slack as well.
  4. Thanks for the clarifications, good point being able to hit players on the ground. Your "jetty's' are Bastion terrace's or A bartizan or Echaugette (But jetty's is quicker and easier to type) Sans walls and roof so we can hit ground targets. I'm glad you guy's are taking play-ability seriously and not always listening to us nit pickers. Warprose, on 07 Jun 2015 - 9:56 PM, said: I agree 100%, especially if the players can add a wall around the keep portion (fancy hunting lodge building) the defenders can retreat if need be to a last stand position/fall back line or position. I wish the CF developers would have added walls around the keep portion of the fort instead of wings one one side or both. OMG..if I knew you would respond to my post I would have invested more thought into the post and included pictures...lol, no, really the art of the various forts, keeps, castles etc appears very different from more of less typical castle designs, thus requiring a different defense stratagem. Simple fort. Much more complicated Castle, but both have "inner walls" fall backs. Simple Fort. I don't see a real fall back position here, other than the hunting lodge. Large Keep. Again if attacked in the middle section, the hunting lodge is the fall back position unless the defenders retreat to the side wings.
  5. Psyentific, on 07 Jun 2015 - 05:54 AM, said: The biggest decision impacting your character is going to be selecting profession. These professions are not ambiguous. They're pretty damn straight forward and significant. Every player should already know the style of gameplay they prefer by time they reach the profession selection. This selection is pretty early in the character's life too, so a reroll is not going to set the player back even if they did mess up. For example, look at their example of professions for the Knight: Those 3 choices are considerably different, and significantly alter the course of your character down a path of passive-trained abilities over time. If a player dislikes their character after this point, the best option will be to reroll anyway. I would rather see no ability training caps, which would allow a player that has been passively training an ability the option of switching to another ability they prefer, and start from there forward. There would be no need for rerolling at all. Just accept that you made a training mistake or discovered a better ability and let your character continue moving forward. Like others said, it adds "character" to your character... and a bit of history. Good points, just as now, anyone can decide their chosen profession is a dead end and decide to change, go back to school and start over...that does not mean you forget what you knew before, your just learning a new trade/profession, heck some people change several times and end up being good at nothing, while others like the challenge and become professionals at several trades/professions. If a player wants to devote the time and effort, why not let them become masters at as many specs as they want to devote the time too.
  6. I agree 100%, especially if the players can add a wall around the keep portion (fancy hunting lodge building) the defenders can retreat if need be to a last stand position/fall back line or position. I wish the CF developers would have added walls around the keep portion of the fort instead of wings one one side or both.
  7. I agree fully, it always struck me as extremely bad mechanics for any player character to be able to run flat out for miles without end and then launch into combat at full speed without being winded or have any fatigue. There needs to be, in addition to health and mana bars, a stamina bar. Your speed/quickness/steady hand(aiming arrows)(striking where you aim with sword/dagger)/ability to dodge/etc. should all depend on your health and stamina. As you exert yourself, the stamina bar moves down with a corresponding reduction in your abilities to finally at 10% stamina its all you can do to hold your weapon and stand on your feet, at 5% stamina your down on the ground, sitting or on your knees, hands shaking, labored breathing, you can't lift the tip of a long sword, till finally at 3% and less your passed out on the ground able only to moan. I would not recommend exerting yourself to this point. This would add a new dimension to PvP combat, having to judge if the exertion of your stamina will result in killing while not being killed, Risk vs Reward at its purest form. You can sprint very fast, run, trot, or walk or stand still. the first 3 causes reductions in stamina, graduated according to the effort, sprinting would have the greatest reduction of stamina, working down to walking reduction in stamina just being above the body's ability to renew stamina and standing/sitting/laying still produces stamina. We could have a potion to recover stamina RoSoT Recovery of Stamina over Time, or more likely SoT Stamina over Time, if you ever have a chance to use it, being able to depend on your fellow team members to cover you while you drink the potion. Having stamina restrictions mechanics would greatly encourage team play, making you dependent on your teammates while enhancing Risk vs Rewards theme. This is just a simplified version of stamina effects, there would need additional considerations to determine the rates a player would loose and recover stamina such as constitution, strength, and dexterity to name a few.
  8. CrowFall is not a FPS so you may see archer targeting more like Neverwinter.
  9. The OP should have read http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/6431-this-is-why-we-cant-have-nice-things/ or clarified this for some future, future, way future update after release of the game....
  10. I may need to revise (respec) my stance on this. If crafters can craft and then sell, a respec potion made from the liver or pancreas of the Great Wooly Dis-Respec-Torof Persons, a semi-rare Mob found in the corral located behind my castle in the EK, I guess I would be in favor of Respec's..... Oh, and if they let the players choose the size of the bust on their female characters or in the case of the Legionnaire female character, the size of the udder....lol
  11. That sounds a lot like real life...You think you would like something, say basket weaver, you train and train for this skill/profession for several years and come to the conclusion you really don't care for basket weaving, in fact after your 27th thousand Basket you decide you hate Basket weaving, does that change anything? You have invested the time and effort to learn/tryout Basket weaving before you learned you didn't like it means you did not due your due diligence is studying about the life and times, job market for Basket weavers. So what do you do, you study in depth the skills and professions open to you and then study them some more till you pick one to try again. Choose Wisely. As far as the rest, let the player pick a race, after that its all up to nature, skin shade, hair and eye color, height and weight and apperance are all randomly picked for you.
  12. LOL..I agree with you,...I think. I'm beginning to think what we have here is a misconception of the visualization of what the other is saying. Usually, mass volley of arrows at maximum of 350m with a flight arrow to minimum of 30m range was ordered over the heads of the archers melee troops until the OP troops would reach of 40/30m or less so they would not hit their own troops...(unless your Edward Longshanks) Your right. I'm afraid I was not very clear when I said throw their shield up, It was not clear if I was referring to the stationary of mobile formation versions of shield wall and I should have been. The mobile shield wall the front rank would have the shield just below their eyes so they could see where they were going, the following ranks had their shield over the head of the rank in front of them, much as the shingles of a sloped roof. While the stationary shield wall the front rank would be on one knee or bent over resting his shield on the ground with the following ranks would over lap their shields starting at the top of first row of shields. These positions were not continuously kept in that position but were interlocked on the command when a flight arrows were launched. The actual ranges depended on the weight class of the arrows, Flight arrows were the light class of arrows and could be shot (un-aimed) to about 350-400m and Heavy arrows were the heavy class of arrows and were shot (un-aimed) to about 250m. I'm sorry for any confusion I caused. The Shield Wall and Volley arrow fire are two mechanics that would greatly encourage team play. One reason the Roman army consistently won battle after battle was because they were soldiers that fought in formation and not individual warriors fighting where ever without organization. If CF implements the mechanics and buffs to support formations and organized warfare/siege would almost require player interaction.
  13. Warprose, on 04 Jun 2015 - 5:11 PM, said: I think that all sounds great and I think health bars should not even be in a PvP game, but (I bet you knew that was coming) I don't see it being that easy to get a crack in a wall so someone can slip through. I don't see the mechanics of the game being that far into fantasy. Even the grey box castle shown in the video had projections out from the curtain wall so it could be observed and defended, even if it was wide open and exposed. The CF castles more closely resemble the late period of castle building when they were moving more into prestige and less and less defense. and less like the one's your life depended on it to keep the bad guys out.Or some where in between. I see the gray box castles more like what we will see in the EK's where you don't need proper embrasures and merlons protecting the walkway behind them. But who knows, this is a fantasy game and we may find castles like that in the CW's...it would be fun to defend and attack such as that. In the CW I would think the player built or player rebuilt/repaired fortification would be more like Motte and Bailey fort and maybe larger clans would be a stone keep style castle and the concentric castle would be in the EK. But it's all good, I'm just ready to play it and see what wonderful worlds the CF Developers have made for us.
  14. No, it's the chart for cutting up the meat into shoulder and rump roast, ribs. flank steaks, brisket, etc.
  15. IDK, all the folks over in the Please be careful with overuse of Windows of Opportunity Mechanic thread who want WoO's so their pixels are not damaged when they are off line will disagree with you, that having Thralls (NPC's) would make this a PvE or PvW (Players vs Wall's) game and if you try to offer a justification for your position they will get nasty. Don't say you haven't been warned.
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