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  1. I love when people start saying wow is slowing dying out.. wait lets see.. 4million paying subscribers and wait the game is how OLD?? and still releasing content and they just released a movie. Now I'll be clear, I dont play wow because of the lack of pvp but they are and still are the most successful mmo ever created. They might be slowly dying but they're still chugging along and still maintain a high level of paying subscribers. As for shadowbane, it was a great concept, before its time using a poorly made engine that couldnt handle 200+ people with DIALUP.
  2. I doubt they'll make changes to the system. It almost feels like they used the name "shadowbane" as a means of promoting what they're creating now. It was a good marketing strategy but as they said from launch. this game will never be shadowbane 2.0. I'm shelving this as a bad investment & moving on. Sad though. Just imagine how much fun a game would have been if you simply take shadowbane (rich pvp & castle buidling with all the player freedom) & world of warcraft (The content rich PVE aspect with a simple combat system that works and is fun) and make them one. Sometimes
  3. I second you sir! We need Freedom!!Where's Mel Gibson when you need him..
  4. Thats EXACTLY what I loved in SB. You can have 10 of the same class, but those 10, each played completely different then the other. It was amazing. The most satisfying reward is when the guy with the same class messages you asking you for your build/spell rotation.
  5. That sounds genious!! Almost makes me want to dive into it and try it lol
  6. It sounds like Thomas Blair is settling on a very vanilla combat system. Here's a theory, imagine a battlefield where say its 10vs10 with pretty much the same class make up. So basically everyone's going to be casting the same spell to build up to the same combo and whoever button mashes or has low latency will get the spell out first. Shouldn't it be more like, 10vs10 and trying to figure out who's going to open with what spell and counter with another spell to offset their strategy so your strategy works? I'm just saying Thomas Blair's combat system is easily predictable which un
  7. Like Age of Conan, DC Universe (Both failed games) Does anyone find your not really playing the game but just following directions as spells " flash" telling you, you've spammed enough with one key and its time to use the next key which unlocks a new spell? OR Does anyone miss the combat from shadowbane? Where players chose what spells to use and when making the battlefield unpredictable? It was a sense of freedom allowing you to play how you liked, using spells at will when you wanted. Just looking for opinions.
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