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  1. well, now is the time to join the guild lol

    1. GRiPSViGiL


      Unfortunately, My brother and I decided not to play.  I am selling our bundles.  Good luck to you.

    2. Zolaz


      did you ever play Eve?

    3. GRiPSViGiL
  2. I really like what is going on here. I think they are on the right path. This system will allow me to enjoy not being stressed out about my players skills. The perspective they carry towards the tomes and the time investment for ripening an account is spot on. Even if there are a few people who will do it more power to them. I do not think it will be a deciding factor a year later in the whole scheme of thing because acquiring skill tomes can be done via the player economy. Just another interesting dynamic an entrepreneur can diced to specialize in.
  3. It is pretty easy to set up. You add the google authenticator(highly recommended) app to your phone and then from your Crowfall.com Account/Security Tab page you can use the code or scan the barcode there to add the 2FA. It is really that simple.
  4. Ah and all is right in the world of Crowfall!

  5. Great point! When I played WoW there was no joy in crushing some lowbie doing quests leveling...but my rogue Main was always nearby my questing Alts should I get ganked by some max level toon to give them a more sporting fight. With great power comes great responsibility and if you can wipe someone off the map anytime you want due to whatever advantage you have at the time knowing it is more empowering than doing it when they have no chance fight back or defend themselves. Different stroke for different folks I guess but it is not to be respected when abusing power is the way you get your jollies off. There are hardcore PvP games out there such as ARK among others where everything you make can be destroyed or taken. I think nothing compares to the survival genre when it comes to dog eat dog PvP.
  6. Wondering why JamesGoblin hasn't liked every single post i have made.

  7. The thing about Crowfall is that by design of the campaign worlds the population will be fragmented. ArtCraft has created a system where people can get their feet wet with PvP or jump in at high stakes. This was what appealed to me to back the game. The populations of the various rule sets remains to be seen. I bet most people will fall in the middle to low risk category and agree that "hardcore" PvPers will be a minority in the whole scheme of things. There are a lot of variables to play with when it comes time to play the game I just hope the ones I prefer will have a big enough population to support playing it.
  8. I have thought about the vacation situation as well and how to manage my skill development. Queueing skills would be a convenience but I was hoping an app or at least skill management from our crowfall website account would exist. I have two accounts, one for fighting and one for gathering with 6 and half years of VIP to divide depending on how the VIP/non-VIP situation is sorted out when things really count. I don't think there should be anything annoying in place when it comes to non-VIP accounts. Definitely wouldn't want those players alienated in that way. Surely VIP can be made worth it in other ways and one already being able to train more secondary skills allowing more on the fly diversity with our crows is a pretty big one. I don't have a quick and dirty solution or suggestion for this issue I just know I don't think annoying or tedious mechanics should be placed upon setting up training.
  9. It all depends on a company's needs. I build 8-10 Megawatt datacenters all with my company for our needs and we only host a professional networking website as our primary bread winner without virtualiztion. Of course we got acquired by Microsoft but that is another bag to open. Perhaps, ArtCraft uses virtualization I can't say but I just wanted to point out it wouldn't necessarily save money turning off the servers.
  10. I actually doubt that. I can't speak to their specific Datacenter environment agreement but typical retail arrangements require colo customers to pay for space and power regardless if they use it or not. That is unless they have a wholesale set up where they only pay for the power they use of course. I would bet the servers need to come down so they can gather metrics and push tweaks to the servers but I could be wrong there as well. In any case I am sure they have good reason for the schedule.
  11. I see. So no compensation for the Hamlet Parcel though?
  12. Do the stretch goals from Microventures factor into any of the initial kickstarter pledge packages or is it only exclusive to whoever "invested" through that?
  13. Hi, Fishing around for a Guild, notice you also have people playing BF series which I am die hard player of. Thought I would check you guys out. Play time is currently here and there but i joined the discord and will see if i can jump in from time to time. Currently I have gathering up resources to make gear for 5.2.1 campaign testing. Regards.
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