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  1. I really like what is going on here. I think they are on the right path. This system will allow me to enjoy not being stressed out about my players skills. The perspective they carry towards the tomes and the time investment for ripening an account is spot on. Even if there are a few people who will do it more power to them. I do not think it will be a deciding factor a year later in the whole scheme of thing because acquiring skill tomes can be done via the player economy. Just another interesting dynamic an entrepreneur can diced to specialize in.
  2. It is pretty easy to set up. You add the google authenticator(highly recommended) app to your phone and then from your Crowfall.com Account/Security Tab page you can use the code or scan the barcode there to add the 2FA. It is really that simple.
  3. Ah and all is right in the world of Crowfall!

  4. Wondering why JamesGoblin hasn't liked every single post i have made.

  5. I see. So no compensation for the Hamlet Parcel though?
  6. Do the stretch goals from Microventures factor into any of the initial kickstarter pledge packages or is it only exclusive to whoever "invested" through that?
  7. It depends. I don't think grieving can be a consideration in this game under any circumstances. If someone uses exploits or cheats that isn't grieving. One is a hack and well using an exploit should be fair game until a patch can fix it. I will note that I do not subscribe to using exploits though for the record. Surely we can play in multiple campaigns so having your current crow locked into a vessel won't be a problem if someone wants to graveyard camp you right? If you get run out of a campaign or get camped go play another campaign until it cools down.
  8. I am suppose to have alpha 3 so was I suppose to receive an email to get in or what?
  9. I don't identify with Los Angeles I rep Long Beach. 1 - Long Beach
  10. I do not think team work should be nerfed. If a group can effectively Focus fire then they should not be penalized or dissuaded from doing so. Friendly Fire is probably the best way to deal with zerging one target. I come from a game that has routinely attempted to punish groups for efficient play and that is not the answer. Damage mitigation through whatever means be it powers, movement or whatever would be a more intelligent way to deal with the issue than outright nerfing group coordination.
  11. I have to agree here. Can't say I want any elements of RnG outside of that in combat. Not sure if I want it in crafting or not....probably not.
  12. Classes that are less mobile should probably have attacks and defense mechanics that are stronger then. Since this is group and team based it also puts responsibility on your group and team members to not leave you high and dry if you are in the less mobile class. I feel this mobility issue comes down to balance mainly. If a Ranger can dance and juke all around the battlefield they probably shouldn't have the strongest attacks or even as strong as the less mobile classes because that would lend itself to making Rangers OP.
  13. Some epic scenery you sport that shirt in.
  14. Hoping Crowfall will scratch my itch.

  15. I made a point of not looking at any entries before I worked on my ideas with my limited skills in GIMP. Anyway I see someone else already had one of my ideas but I will post it anyway since it took me forever working on it . I present my entries: 1. Creation of Crowfall. 2. Eiffelcrow Tower. 3. Crowfall Island. I am most proud of 3 . Edit - Adjusted images contest size.
  16. I am all good on the short duration buffs used to boost damage, healing, and resistances. The long term buffs are not needed. Just becomes as is said tedious to maintain they may as well be a piece of gear.
  17. I like that worlds will die and campaigns have an end or time to live. As far as win conditions I think some interesting bars can be set to achieve before a time limit is reached deciding the winners. Anything from resource collection, kill count to territory controlled would be fine with me. Some percentage of multiple aspects needing controlled by a guild, faction, etc. to decide the winner maybe. All I really know is there is potential for interesting engaging win conditions so I anticipate a fresh new experience in whatever campaign worlds I decide to partake in. Should a win conditio
  18. The way my brother and I see it is the skill for building a toon will come from knowing what skill to train and then when to switch to train the next skill to benefit or enhance your build. I believe some vessels will be capped so obviously training above the cap is futile. In the example video of how skills train it seems like mistakes can be corrected rather quickly though.
  19. I am not here for PvE trust that. Let me be more specific. We were just more concerned with the kind of hardware needed to see it and play it all smoothly. I always run the best of the best hardware there is and upgrade everything every other year. Even doing that with large scale battles video lag was an issue at times even with the best of the best Hardware. I would rather have a no frustration experience at the scale that allows that. Whether it be 16v16, 32v32, 50v50, 100v100, or even 400v400 is fine. I don't think my hardware will be an issue. So as big a scale as they can do whil
  20. My brother and I were talking for hours about what the ideal size of a guild would be and the ideal size of group you could throw together at any given time. I can't say I liked the chaos of some of the large scale battles I participated in for WoW. I really hope the sweet spot for groups is somewhere between 20 and 32.
  21. I honestly don't care about lore. Back story makes no difference to me and doesn't enrich the gaming experience in my opinion. I just want good gameplay, I will create my own lore with my conquests.
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