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    GRiPSViGiL reacted to Tofyzer in Tomes P2W Model   
    They will setup caps im sure of it!
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    GRiPSViGiL reacted to Zolaz in Can we all just agree...   
    Any time you want to step into the spotlight, headlight.  I am sure we can find some armor for you to fit into.  

    The guy in blue with the big shield in the lower left hand corner is me.  I will be more than happy to beat you with a baseball bat and give you the opportunity to show me how it is done.
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    GRiPSViGiL reacted to XpCjU in How ArtCraft gets $30 a month from me, VIP with value, not power.   
    So people can't play with their SO or roommates? That's just stupid.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Choices No Longer Have Consequences   
    I really like what is going on here.  I think they are on the right path.  This system will allow me to enjoy not being stressed out about my players skills.  The perspective they carry towards the tomes and the time investment for ripening an account is spot on.  Even if there are a few people who will do it more power to them.  I do not think it will be a deciding factor a year later in the whole scheme of thing because acquiring skill tomes can be done via the player economy.  Just another interesting dynamic an entrepreneur can diced to specialize in. 
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    GRiPSViGiL reacted to PsychoBob in Ability trees are overused   
    I think that ability trees (where secondary and tertiary abilities are only usable after the first ability has been triggered) are way overused in Crowfall to the point of being detrimental to the combat/abilities system. 
    I don't see the need for every ability that I have to have 2-4 followup abilities, especially when they seem to often be very similar to the primary ability. 
    Specifically, I don't like throwing UI infront of the player and then having them try to read, is it E, is it Q, is it 2? What is the point of having players memorize these arbitrary key-combos just to get to the ability they want to cast. Simplify for the sake of the player and for the sake of balance!
    And I don't see the gameplay value in burying niche abilities under other abilities. The abilities should simply be placed on their own timer (which can be balanced better anyways), on their own hotbar slot (we need more slots anyways) and let the player decide when to trigger it. Give the players FREEDOM to use abilities without spamming other abilities
    Take the champion's Leap for example. I press it once to leap forward and do some damage. That's a great ability. However, now I have 1 second (of UI on my screen) to press it again to leap forward and do some slightly different amount of damage. What is the purpose of this system? The ability would be much more user friendly if the following changes were made:
    1) the second leap should do the identical amount of damage/leap etc.
    2) it should use the "charges" mechanic instead (where they can leap twice, but at their own pace).
    3) don't throw UI on my screen
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    GRiPSViGiL reacted to Zolaz in UPDATED: ACE Q&A for September - Official discussion thread   
    lol ... the purest form of P2W.  
    You do realize that in order to be Pay to Win, you actually have to win.  Double training does not give you double the advantage in PvP or in crafting.  Right now, we are talking about very small advantages for all that extra training.
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    GRiPSViGiL reacted to Zolaz in UPDATED: ACE Q&A for September - Official discussion thread   
    I think that you are hyperbolizing a straw man argument for yourself.  Perhaps you should open a dictionary and see what convenience means.  I do think we disagree on what P2W is.  
    You seem to think that any advantage that you get from paying is P2W.  Of course VIP will give you an advantage.  If you have VIP will you defeat everyone who doesnt, I dont think so.  A 5% or 10% advantage is not P2W.  Training twice as fast does not equal a 100% advantage in PvP.  Calm down and have a cup of matcha green tea.  The sky isnt falling Chicken Little.
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    GRiPSViGiL reacted to Zolaz in UPDATED: ACE Q&A for September - Official discussion thread   
    Can you train Armor?  Can you train Weapons?  P2W would be if there was a skill that only VIP could train.
    How much of an advantage are you getting from having both at the same time?  Will you never be able to train those skills and mitigate the disadvantage? Sounds more and more like convenience than P2W to me. 
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    GRiPSViGiL reacted to Zolaz in UPDATED: ACE Q&A for September - Official discussion thread   
    That is more pay for convenience than pay to win.  Training isnt gated where you have to pay for it if you want any. You can train twice as much, but you cant have twice as many passive and active skills going or buttons to mash. 
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in What ACE might consider about Albion Online   
    Great point!  When I played WoW there was no joy in crushing some lowbie doing quests leveling...but my rogue Main was always nearby my questing Alts should I get ganked by some max level toon to give them a more sporting fight.  With great power comes great responsibility and if you can wipe someone off the map anytime you want due to whatever advantage you have at the time knowing it is more empowering than doing it when they have no chance fight back or defend themselves.  Different stroke for different folks I guess but it is not to be respected when abusing power is the way you get your jollies off.
    There are hardcore PvP games out there such as ARK among others where everything you make can be destroyed or taken. I think nothing compares to the survival genre when it comes to dog eat dog PvP.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in What ACE might consider about Albion Online   
    The thing about Crowfall is that by design of the campaign worlds the population will be fragmented.  ArtCraft has created a system where people can get their feet wet with PvP or jump in at high stakes.  This was what appealed to me to back the game.  The populations of the various rule sets remains to be seen.  I bet most people will fall in the middle to low risk category and agree that "hardcore" PvPers will be a minority in the whole scheme of things.  There are a lot of variables to play with when it comes time to play the game I just hope the ones I prefer will have a big enough population to support playing it. 
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Todd's thoughts on community feedback for skill training between VIP and non-VIP   
    I have thought about the vacation situation as well and how to manage my skill development.  Queueing skills would be a convenience but I was hoping an app or at least skill management from our crowfall website account would exist.  I have two accounts, one for fighting and one for gathering with 6 and half years of VIP to divide depending on how the VIP/non-VIP situation is sorted out when things really count.  I don't think there should be anything annoying in place when it comes to non-VIP accounts.  Definitely wouldn't want those players alienated in that way.  Surely VIP can be made worth it in other ways and one already being able to train more secondary skills allowing more on the fly diversity with our crows is a pretty big one.
    I don't have a quick and dirty solution or suggestion for this issue I just know I don't think annoying or tedious mechanics should be placed upon setting up training.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Will you use more than one account?   
    The multiple account thing is a concern for me.  I don't want to be gimped but I don't want to manage more than one account but I want to be able to experience all aspects of the game.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Is this an accurate description of Crows/Vessels?   
    I have read about it but this is explained pretty clearly to me and I hope it is accurate.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Save me Crowfall   
    I am right there with you maybe not with as much experience but with what I am looking for.  I was wanting to get back into the MMO thing after having quit WoW a long time ago.  I had played City of Heroes and loved that moving to WoW at release and it was fun until it got, well, not fun.  The grinding thing wasn't gonna be the thing I wanted to do anymore.  The PvP was fun but again another grind for the most part.  I did like to grind for some weird reason and leveling new toons was cool but it got old and tiresome.  So here I found Crowfall and it's concept.  I love how Arawulf  puts it and I hope that is the case.  If most everything is player driven in terms of the the bulk of the game there will be plenty of content to be had.  It could be the perfect recipe for a persistent experience that you can tailor to your liking.
    It will be interesting to see how it unfolds and how it evolves.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Social Environment   
    So I was contemplating some things about player interactions and ways to track reputation or record notes for interactions with other players.  Is there any idea how the social environment will have us interface in game?  I haven't researched in depth but I have some points of discussion that can be kicked around hopefully.  I suppose I could manually document the pertinent info myself but it would be oh so convenient if it was kept in game.  Here goes:
    -Will there be chat lobbies?
    -Will there be some kind of nemesis/friends list to manage where you could input notes or some way of recording info based on whatever interactions occurred? 
    -Will there be some kind of visual reputation metric when spectating a players info?
    -Is there local chat, all chat, faction chat, whisper chat, etc?
    -What should we expect when the game releases concerning the social environment and how to navigate it?
    -Will there be anything in game to document player interactions like trades, purchases, ie. history of transactions?
    Just wondering aloud at this point.  I would assume it would be similar to other MMOs and since I have not played a game like EVE, which I see some people bring up from time to time when making comparisons, I was hoping others could enlighten me.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Social Environment   
    Exactly what I was getting at.  I think it is good to develop rivalries between players and or guilds for that matter.  Faction rivalries are innate by default but my memory is only so good.  Name recognition will eventually occur but I would love to be able to track whether someone double crossed me or had an epic back and forth.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Addons And Addon Support   
    I was entirely dependent on add-ons when I played WoW it wasn't even funny.  life got easier every update when the incorporated add-ons I used with each patch but man I loved my add-ons.  Then when Curse added client to update the ones you used it was so nice.
    I am not against add-ons but I hope the UI has functionality that won't require them or at the very least the Devs incorporate them as we go.  There should definitely be tools to allow gathering or keeping info for social reasons such as nemesis, merchant, transactions, and the like.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in The problem with "Combat" testing & Client Side Movement   
    Hmm Combo's and combo breakers in CF?  Not hating the idea entirely.  Considering their will probably some type of immobilization or stuns with ways to break them why not allow combo's that could be broken just the same.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Time Played Vs Player Skill   
    The way my brother and I see it is the skill for building a toon will come from knowing what skill to train and then when to switch to train the next skill to benefit or enhance your build.  I believe some vessels will be capped so obviously training above the cap is futile.  In the example video of how skills train it seems like mistakes can be corrected rather quickly though.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Playtest time question   
    It all depends on a company's needs.  I build 8-10 Megawatt datacenters all with my company for our needs and we only host a professional networking website as our primary bread winner without virtualiztion.  Of course we got acquired by Microsoft but that is another bag to open.  Perhaps, ArtCraft uses virtualization I can't say but I just wanted to point out it wouldn't necessarily save money turning off the servers.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Playtest time question   
    I actually doubt that.  I can't speak to their specific Datacenter environment agreement but typical retail arrangements require colo customers to pay for space and power regardless if they use it or not.  That is unless they have a wholesale set up where they only pay for the power they use of course.  I would bet the servers need to come down so they can gather metrics and push tweaks to the servers but I could be wrong there as well.  
    In any case I am sure they have good reason for the schedule.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in What's the least enjoyable aspect of the game?   
    For me as an avid gatherer the harvesting tools and timers for pulling them out was brutal.  With Timers gone....a way to make longer lasting tools without it being a chore or not worth the resources will be appreciated.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in <Malice>[NA][Chaos] a loving group of criminals outlaws and murderers   
    Fishing around for a Guild, notice you also have people playing BF series which I am die hard player of.  Thought I would check you guys out.  Play time is currently here and there but i joined the discord and will see if i can jump in from time to time.  Currently I have gathering up resources to make gear for 5.2.1 campaign testing.
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    GRiPSViGiL got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Will EKs be wiped again?   
    Couldn't find an answer or I suck at search but I was wondering if EKs would be wiped again going forward.  When will they go live with EKs where they will not reset them?  
    I just recently loaded up my test stuff and played around in the EK.  I didn't find the the placing of buildings and structures to be working for me.  I wasn't able to move as the controls say you can move things and my camera angle was so low it was impossible to put things where I wanted them or snap them together.  I gave up when it just wasn't working right and it became tedious to attempt over and over..
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