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  1. Guild created a list of our mottos: Sewing People Together Since 1653. Waste Not Want Not. We Dig, Revive, You Live Again! Bring out your dead - or just leave em in the ground, we can get 'em later. Save that bit... We might need it later. Can you dig it? We can dig it! How did YOU think centaurs were made? reply to this, send me a direct message, shoot chamberpot (guild package owner) a note saying you want to be added, or just giggle at our motto list.
  2. I got my email today. I purchased an upgrade to my existing keep the day of the stream. You can see the rewards under backer rewards just search for pig (its the merchant pack pig vs the pack pig) or archers tower.
  3. I would be happy with a player population that works like the secret world did. it was a slow burn, a few at the start and then as more folks heard about it and gave it a go the population grew. I would actually prefer a smaller player base where the devs can continue to be active and known, just so long as all the bills are being paid and talent isn't wandering off for greener pastures.
  4. We have a discord server up, if you want to join us we can give you our GHOUL Friends channel info...
  5. We are actively looking for more folks. Hit me up via PM or go to our site. Thanks!
  6. Yeah our only concern is that the game may limit the number of characters for the guild name, but if that is the case we will just go by the short name [GHOUL] or maybe [GHOUL 451]
  7. US based mostly. At least the core of us are all US thus far. That said, our last game had folks from across the EU too. So we are not opposed to folks outside of the North American time zones, it just makes grouping weird.
  8. So we have been tinkering with our command structure a bit and have decided to go with a structure based around a very recognizable set of books... We will have a King (guild leader) a Hand (or two) dedicated at combat and statecraft, and a small(ish) council of Ma(e)sters as our primary officers. Each Master will be responsible for some branch of the guild (examples: Master of War, Master of Magic, Master of (whispers) Intelligence/Information, Master of (Coin) Commerce, Master of Craft). Our Smallish Council reports to the Hands (roughly split between the Left and the Right hand), the Hands report to the King. We have most of our command structure filled with folks we will pressure into playing... i mean who are totally on board... Many of which are theorycrafters we have collected from previous games (eq, eve, tsw, etc.) I have a pretty flow chart somewhere but since things are still very much up in the air I didn't want to end up scrapping it later. We will be mostly in North American time zones (though this may change). If you have an interest feel free to post here or hit me up via a pm. I am the primary recruiter for the guild (not the king!) Gremel (aka SPOON)
  9. I sort of hope the trees are just stand in mechanics for supply lines. Meaning if attackers or defenders cut off your supply lines (destroy your trees in the test) then bad things happen.
  10. Hey all, Just throwing this out here for now. More details as we formalize things. Adding our (Temp to Perm) site: ghoul.guildlaunch.com we have a discord server up too. Gremel (SPOON)
  11. I like the mechanic from The Secret World. Larger list of abilities to pick from but smaller number of slots to build into. Meaning you have to pick and choose what skills/combos you want to create from a larger list of possible selections. Though that sort of system can lead to flavor of the month builds once folks crunch all the numbers.
  12. So this bit from way back on page 2 I think is a really good thought process. When looking at larger scale of combat (that I expect will be some of the most rewarding combat) the 1v1 pvp issues will shrink away. Right now Knight combat is not much fun because small group and 1v1 combat is all we really are seeing. I expect to see large groups of knights as infantry marching slowly together, with Centaurs as Cavalry, rangers as your scouts, etc. How about keep defense, you have a smaller force defending against an invading force. A shield wall of knights blocking and holding entrances while the range rain fire from the walls and the crafters run around repairing structures. Just some random examples from the top of my head that could make what seems like clunky or un-fun styles of combat become supremely important and rewarding in a different combat setting.
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