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  1. Death and Respawn feedback: I understand the goals of limiting fast returns to battles etc. I did some testing and death and respawn maybe should have another look. I walked out into an adventure zone with a few items in my inventory and stood at the spawn point for a r5 cat, and waited patiently while it slowly clawed me to death. Next I flew my crow over to a dragon statue in a nearby fort and respawned. I saw my previous corpse on my compass and headed that way. I specifically ran through a group of monsters on the way with death shroud running, got myself killed again (this time with nothing in my inventory) and flew back to the fort to respawn again. I had to wait 2+ mins to respawn, then had death shroud to wait through again for another 3 or so mins then decided to head to my first corpse. Unfortunately i had no corpse at all on my compass -- i assume empty corpses do not show up and it must only show your most recent corpse (which was empty...) I knew where i had left my first corpse so i headed there, i specifically had died at a spawn point for a monster with the plan of seeing how tough it would be to retrieve a body in a not safe space (this was just a single monster spawn point, but it served as a proxy for death deep in a wartribe camp). If that body was in a less safe place it would definitely have been tricky to get. Each death also causes durability loss to gear, which is good but maybe it could be tempered a bit if you have death shroud active? if you get into a fight with active death shroud you are probably going to die no matter how nice your gear is... the death/respawn mechanic is clunky and a bit annoying. I do not mind about half the travel time, I do not mind the difficulty of fetching a corpse deep in dangerous territory. The double travel, the lack of an icon on the compass with consecutive deaths, the additional wait time for rapid respawn plus death shroud, and full durability damage while under death shroud seems unnecessary. Maybe there is a way to check if when you died last you had death shroud active, and if so it reduces some of the penalties of death but adds additional time to your current death shroud?
  2. Slowly growing still looking for more people. We want folks interested in any aspect of the game (combat/crafting/harvesting) so please do reach out if any of this sounds interesting.
  3. Back at it again Bring out your dead! and also anyone who wants to build stuff (out of dead things, or other stuff)
  4. EKs and seizures Not sure if this has been talked about anywhere yet (too lazy to look) but the constant quick zone screens when trying to walk anywhere in EKs really bothers me in a way that feels like it could trigger seizures in someone who is sensitive to that sort of thing. It is not just that it is annoying but it actually causes some discomfort and i have to look away from the screen (also i assume these are loading screens based on the art the flickers up)
  5. Posting to bump. We have a small group playing often now. Looking for more folks. Message me here or in game or apply via the guild section of the main crowfall site. Really looking to to focus on more crafting and harvesting at the moment. But neither of those can be done without the combat side of things too. Trying to amass enough folks to get a solid pipeline of materials and goods going to outfit ourselves and allies.
  6. We are open for recruits. Preference is to hit me up in game or here and have a chat make sure we match what you are looking for and you match what we are looking for.
  7. Necro! because... you know it makes sense... Soon as i can convince the guild leader to log in and change it to recruiting that will happen, until then i can invite folks if interested just need to know names...
  8. Guild created a list of our mottos: Sewing People Together Since 1653. Waste Not Want Not. We Dig, Revive, You Live Again! Bring out your dead - or just leave em in the ground, we can get 'em later. Save that bit... We might need it later. Can you dig it? We can dig it! How did YOU think centaurs were made? reply to this, send me a direct message, shoot chamberpot (guild package owner) a note saying you want to be added, or just giggle at our motto list.
  9. I got my email today. I purchased an upgrade to my existing keep the day of the stream. You can see the rewards under backer rewards just search for pig (its the merchant pack pig vs the pack pig) or archers tower.
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