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  1. I also think some concepts are so foreign to new players it leads to negative feelings about stuff. Example: Vessels "i can level to max in 2-3 hours" is a little jarring at first because the vast majority of mmos the leveling of a character is a huge part of the game. I think the vessel system should be better explained to new players, the idea that you will throw away your starting vessels at some point (because they are ultimately starting equipment) just doesn't get communicated well. No one would play (insert mmo name here) and never swap out their starting equipment... D
  2. when I open the account vault in god's reach the sorting side bar doesn't visually update until I close the vault and re-open. tried a variety of resolutions/mix of full screen vs windowed, all the same. Note: no innocents were protected in the filming of this bug.
  3. Time to dig this back up... The restless dead are crawling out of their graves and gathering their shovels as beta approaches... join us!
  4. yes test, because the most recent patch is up there.
  5. bump, hit me up with questions if interested.
  6. Eagerly anticipating the next patch, we will poke around on test as soon as it hits and prep for release.
  7. Another bump, more of a gentle tap.... less of the full-on whack! of the previous.
  8. Looks like it is time to dig up this grave and rub the lotion on the skin... We're not dead! We're getting better! We feel happy! We feel happy! We think we'll go for a walk! WHACK Ah, Thank you very much. See you in game...
  9. Slowly growing still looking for more people. We want folks interested in any aspect of the game (combat/crafting/harvesting) so please do reach out if any of this sounds interesting.
  10. Back at it again Bring out your dead! and also anyone who wants to build stuff (out of dead things, or other stuff)
  11. Posting to bump. We have a small group playing often now. Looking for more folks. Message me here or in game or apply via the guild section of the main crowfall site. Really looking to to focus on more crafting and harvesting at the moment. But neither of those can be done without the combat side of things too. Trying to amass enough folks to get a solid pipeline of materials and goods going to outfit ourselves and allies.
  12. We are open for recruits. Preference is to hit me up in game or here and have a chat make sure we match what you are looking for and you match what we are looking for.
  13. Necro! because... you know it makes sense... Soon as i can convince the guild leader to log in and change it to recruiting that will happen, until then i can invite folks if interested just need to know names...
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