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  1. Faction swapping should be allowed but it should require more than just a flip of a switch. It should require a little time and cost something to discourage bandwagon tactics (meaning everyone in shadows on the last day should not end up on the winning faction). That said it should definitely exist because it can add interesting game play.
  2. I agree it should punt you to the correct temple if you find yourself in an opposing team's temple. I think faction swapping should only be allowed to the faction with the lowest score, or maybe based on a difference in score based on some threshold number, like you cannot swap factions unless the difference is at least this many points or something. Additionally make it have a real cost to swapping, like some amount of gold or sacrifice value or raw materials or something. increase/decrease that cost based on the transfer - so if you are transferring to the winning faction you pay more, if you are transferring to 2nd or 3rd place reduce the cost
  3. some good comments in this other thread too:
  4. see also... fun conversation there too.
  5. I would like them to come back up NA times, but i bet folks in other time zones would like the campaigns to start during their play time too
  6. I mean these are universal campaigns now, so does it really matter what time they actually spin it up? Like should it be day time NA time zones...or could it be you know day time the rest of the world...
  7. I also need an EK "head on a spike" decoration
  8. I hope at some point they will setup vendors to allow you to ask for something other than gold, then you can make a bounty board, bring me the head of soandso and i will give you this thing
  9. And the sacrifice value should scale accordingly. Discuss!
  10. The issue in shadows is two fold in my opinion. 1st the factions are not auto-balanced in some way at the start of a campaign, 2nd swapping factions is free and easy. I get the desire to have a way to betray a faction (swapping allows for things like mercenary companies, or nefarious betrayals) but it should have an actual mechanic with a cost to it so everyone doesn't just swap as they see fit. ---- A long time ago I believe there was this idea of a free floating faction (order, balance, chaos) that would swap sides automatically based on who was winning at the moment. Order and Chaos were trying to tip the scales in their favor for the win condition, and balance was trying to keep everyone roughly the same as their win condition. Or maybe I am misremembering.
  11. does the day/night cycle adjust based on time of year, days get shorter etc.?
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