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  1. Just make a game with different skills, 1) An execute, 2) A disengage to mitigate damage, 3) A skill to stun/root/etc.. than some defensive/offensive buffs skills that the player can decide to take whether they prefer offensive or defensive style of fighting. So this provides a leveling field for players to decide how to use their skills and combo effectively. Adding armor and weapon damage with different buffs to complete their style of play. In this way, the game revolves around smart intelligent choices to make and less on range and item differences. Keep it simple and intuitive, trying to it complicated will only add an additional layer of complexity to the game which might put-off all the casual players and Crowfall needs a good substantial base of players to be effective since it is a group base game.
  2. The problem with most so called modern MMO's are trying to definition and pigeon hole a player's experience via achievements, dailies, quests, etc... So players logging in have a 'nice enjoyable ride'.... Where as the older MMO's cuz of technology and other limitations only have limited activities and these players took it upon themselves to entertain themselves at the expense of other players. Fast forward, look at league of legends, its a very casual friendly game with a system that actually separates the skillful from the less skillful, and provides a nice balance to eqpt, and different team compositions and builds. I look forward to Crowfall setting a new kind of game that is able to set a new standard in the MMO gaming industry. To achieve this imo, there needs to be more player vs player activities in the world that are inter-related to the world, eg. trader caravan's, bounties, assassinations, etc... In short, create more content for player to player interaction and let the players decide when and how to play them. Most MMO's are boring now is because players are literally told that they have to do this to have fun.... For Crowfall, the hunger system is good, but than why stop with the hunger? Why not go further and look at the main culprit behind the hunger? Can these be the reason players are able to delay the hunger to buy time to win a campaign? The point is give the choice to the players to make, rather than force it upon them like what is happening in so many so called modern MMO's.
  3. i have some questions with regards to servers. If I understand, EK is one large server that holds all player's kingdom. Campaign's are servers with different rulsets. If this is the case, can't Campaign's also be localize server, e.g. For the FFA ruleset, total of 4 servers are created, 2 servers will be base in US, 1 server base in EU, and the 4th server base in Singapore for Oceanic region including the asean countries. Than after the Campaign, players from all 4 servers will go back to the master server base in US where all the player's kingdoms are located. Will this scenario work for Crowfall?
  4. I am from Singapore, there is a publisher here in Singapore - Garena. They also the publish league of legends, path of exile, etc... Another publisher cubinet interactive sdn bhd, base in Malaysia which is near to Singapore. Well Singapore we have fiber optic broadband for most homes, offices, etc.. so the server located in Singapore is really an idea place an MMO, and the Singapore Government thru EDB(Economic Development Board) offers incentives that Artcraft Entertainment might even consider setting up a small office and the servers here, rather than go through a publisher. Putting the servers in Singapore, might be idea to support these countries, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, etc... For Japan/Korea - u need publisher because of language issues. For China/Taiwan - the regions is really big and u need a big publisher to cover these 2 countries.
  5. Two sides to this issue, first you get a huge alliance that literally stomps over all opposition, imagine all the former sg guilds joining into a big alliance against the wizardry 101, and other MMOs player guilds. Guess what now you have a permanent uncle bob that no alliance can overthrow. Can this happen? History has shown that it can early gw2 HOD server was dominated so hard by PRX alliance that no other server was able to even come close. So if this happens what do u think will happen to Crowfall? I think the risks are to high because if this scenario happens, rip Crowfall.
  6. If leveling can help the player understand the class skills and progress to the higher level skills that leveling is good. Example, leveling a knight at level 1 u have maybe 1 or 2 skills than as u level up u get more skills that u can combo, chain, etc.. This allows player to appreciate the class skills better. So if leveling is like a tutorial for the player to understand the class, rather than a time sink to extend the player to spend time in the game while more features are being developed. Since, Crowfall has reset campaigns, we do not need grinding levels, rather for the player to progress at a decent rate to experience the class skills better. The grind for Crowfall would be the gathering of resources, runes, etc.. for EK and within the campaign.
  7. There is a fine line between fun and realism, finding the right balance is impt because in real life, realism is a chore. Isn't that the reason gamers are addicted to? To get away from the mundane tasks in real life. Why do people think adding realism adds fun and enjoyment to a video game? a good rule of thumb is determine what adding that level of realism brings to gameplay. Example breakable shields, or finite ammo. The issue than is can the player carry a backup shield? Or carry stacks of ammo? How hard or easy is the ammo obtained? What is the time spend for the player to replace these resources? What about weapons? Well, if the game is designed to have everything that will break thru wear and tear, than we need to consider the time spend by the player to replace these items. What does it mean to a player that have 2-4 hours game time? Will it favor the player that has 6-8hrs or more? Will the player with limited time find it fun to play if every time he Gets into the game he spend time getting the resources to replace his items? Remember for a player to player interaction game, we need players since there isn't much PVE involved. Imo, the game should cater to casuals as well as the hardcore.
  8. Exactly there is a fine line between realism and fun to play. Placing to much emphasis on realism will make the game a chore to play. I hope the devs are smart enough to realize that they have to make the game fun and engaging to play, not try to model everything base on realism otherwise, I rather deal with my real life than play Crowfall.
  9. Finite vs infinite. My thoughts on this, we need look at it from the player's perspective. Imo, for finte ammo, it adds another factor towards the balance for all players. For players with limited time imposing finite ammo will literally force them to play me lee class or spend most of their valuable playing time farming for the resources or craftsmen to sell them arrows. For players with lots of time to play this is a non-issue but still imposes a time sink for range players vs melee class players. I also do not see any advantages or balance for Crowfall to implement finite ammo. Infinite ammo allows the dev to balance PvP for range vs melee better as the ammo factor is taken out of the equation. Therefore, infinite ammo is the way to go, and devs can focus on other more impt aspects of the game and make the game fun to play.
  10. Nice idea. But the devil are in the details. 2 questions arise. 1) how do you balance the number of personal kingdoms to a single EK as you have propose? The problem is guild size is never the same. Also what about guild alliance? How do you factor that into the your idea? 2) you mentioned that buildings are destructible, after the war how easy is it to Rebuild the cities? You need to factor that into risk reward if it takes too long to rebuild than it might put off guilds from offering serious challenge. Too short and the anchor kingdoms will be very busy fighting off challenges. Bear in mind, if you have hundreds of guilds than factor in the number of anchor kingdoms is the potential number of challenges. Anyways nice overall idea, but need to really look at this in the micro level cuz in most cases it is where nice high level design ideas fail, cuz it doesn't take into account the minor but very important details during implementation. One very clear example is the Emperor system in TESO, giving 1 player out of thousands of players a reward and for that player to get it he basically have to be very good in farming points, do it 24 by 7. Which basically excludes a lot of players. But, smarter players was able to game the system via the low population campaigns. In essence it cheapens the whole achievement. Anyways, to me the whole idea is wrong as the scoring system rewards time spend in the RVR conflict rather than actual skills.
  11. Anyone here played clash of clans? Well EK could be the space you build all the buildings in your kingdom. Do people go visit other people's kingdom in clash of clans(coc)? Yes, u go see what your friend has build, or go scout the land before raiding it, or look for the best design etc... I would think if the dev do implement such a system would be great and would serve the purpose of having your own EK.
  12. The dev can set any type of win conditions for dregs. Eg. Can't die more than "x" number of time or/and collect "x" number of resources, and/or reach certain skill levels, and/or kill "x" numbers of infected etc... You get the idea. Stop having tunnel vision people, the ruleset <> win conditions. Get it into your head and I and sure everyone can suggest more win conditions. I would also like if the win conditions can be a tier such that it can satisfy the casual to the hardcore players so that as long if there is effort and time spend everyone should get something to take home. The real losers are those who don't spend any time and effort to achieve something. For the tier reward win conditions for the rarest resources should be at a higher difficulty to ensure that the best gets it.
  13. @op - No one is forcing you to contribute to this project. For most of us that contributed and wish this project every success, we have taken into account the team presented to us(a decent team with key members in place), the experience of the 2 founders and that they have put in their money into this project. Anyways, once they start selling 'virtual spaceships' for thousands of dollars than I think something doesn't really seems right. If you feel that this project and how the funds are to be spend isn't to your satisfaction, it would be best if you backout of your pledge and just leave since you clearly do not trust this team and this thread u posted is very insulting imo.
  14. Well if they did what guild war 1 did by introducing guild vs guild fighting basically, a guild can challenge another guild and if they accept than they both get to fight each other and select their team for the fight. Similarly if the EK can have a similar system so guilds that have farmed and buildup their EK can than challenge other guilds. For Crowfall, both sides will fight each other as defender and attacker, so cities/fortress buildup will play a part and strategy for each guild. So if one guild wins both defense and attack means they win the contest, if both win 1 than its a draw. In this way, guilds which pride themselves for guild warfare can go toe-to-toe with other guilds and in this way, the guild that is able to win most guild challenges can be crown and sit on the iron throne after a season or x number of battles. Than leagues can be formed so that u have difference tiers for guilds and the best guilds will fight to get to the top tier and remain for x number of weeks/challenges to be crowned as the undisputed champion for that season.
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