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  1. Do you make all the destructed blocks dissappear or only part of them ?
  2. Sorry if its been discussed, maybe bump for dev response Did the devs explain what is the EK (and its function) now after the big reveal? Bunch of spirits flying around doing crafting and trading or do the crows still need vessels?
  3. So we know when 18 months is up?
  4. Thanks for the comments, I try to explain again, I want to prevent people trying to sell things and after get paid pretend that their account was hacked and files dispute to get their things back. I propose devs to make it clear will there be support for claims about account hacks, if 2FA was not enabled early
  5. Hi, I would like to understand more/discuss. So both accounts require 2FA for gifting, but I can just activate 2FA right before gifting a package. So unless an account is enabled with 2FA on day 1, this requirement does little to stop a hacker hacking an account with no 2FA and gift the package away. Someone could purposely gift away something and claim that the account was hacked and request for a reversal. One way I can think of is to set a cool off period between 2FA enabled and gifting, to eliminate any excuses cons make.
  6. update: yeah, only layaway payment with paypal works, buying any other store items do not work...
  7. the new checkout system now goes all the way to paypal login without error prompt, good job (location: malaysia)
  8. may I ask if this guild hall is obtainable in game?
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