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  1. I never got the chance to play again before the end, but next weekend I will. Maybe I will see what the Duelist is like lol.
  2. I'll give it another go tonight after work, I think I am just letting it get to me too much lol. Maybe I can find a group then to run around with or at least it will be less populated maybe. I did enjoy the mechanics and the crafting and such, just ui blocking and no way to just run away I got a bit annoyed. I understand it is just an Alpha so I shouldn't get uptight.
  3. After testing this morning, Because this is apparently not a game according to @Tyrant, I have to say I already do not like where the community and the what I thought was going to be a game is going. A morning of enjoying and figuring out mechanics that kept getting interrupted every 10 or so minutes by random acts of violence doesn't set a good precedent. I understand this is hardly representative of the final product, I just do not see myself "testing" or playing the game when it releases. If GM's as it seemed Tyrant is from what was being said in chat will be defensive of the "test" rather than offer any ideas or options for those who just don't want to be PK'd over and over in the game. Which it's a test for a game, why does the technicality matter, I just hate respawning and losing random things.
  4. Just getting into my Amber Kickstarter, and I gotta say, I am going to enjoy this game very much I think.
  5. I was hopeful that it would be multiple players on a world sharing, apparently not. really was looking forward to having all my friends living together and we just visit eachothers place and tend to the cattles. hopefully groups of people can come visit and at least have stuff to do on the EK.
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