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  1. I for one am so so sick of ammie and porn doll and stud muffins. It shall be interesting to see what they go with. I think that if they are going out to break out of the mold, then they are going to change char looks as well and not half *****. Cause then what's the point? Awesome game, great game play with same old stud's, porns, ammies (and what not).
  2. sethra

    The Hive

    Time and a skillet!
  3. SB will not dominate this game. Nor will this be SB2. The dev's already said that. What we need to do is stop making this SB against the rest.
  4. yes would like the day/night cycle and the seasons.
  5. i've played a lot of different games. as of right now i do like to play KI games. but i'm really looking forward to see what this game will be all about. here's another thought, with so many people from W101 and P101 ya'll might be playing next to them in this game.
  6. thank you! i can hardly wait to see it and begin playing.
  7. i'm looking forward to a new game as well. hoping that it's going to be some thing that i will like and enjoy lol
  8. sethra

    The Hive

    i would like in as well please. i'll bring my own skillet
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