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  1. also some of the spec group builds only worked in spec groups the most fun I had was with my con god birdy scout and my int based cloth wearing doting nuketress(when that bow proc'd it hurt...bad) during banes my rat shade assy was awesome. oh to play a theif again....in any game...sigh
  2. *sits patiently sharpening his axe* *looks up at the Peerats and grins...then goes back to sharpening*
  3. i sure would like to knock down another cornerstone
  4. sooooo twitch gaming is skill...but strategic knowledge based gaming is isnt....got it go back to your PlayStation controller and stay away from PC games. that's the thinking that has dumb down rpg's and MMO's in recent years.
  5. more like rolling Roosevelt's
  6. oh...dorf scouts! I hereby claim the name Elmer Fudd!
  7. i am looking forward to harvesting yer souls
  8. +1 for me!? Um....yay!
  9. hillbilly


    I miss forumbane Nowadays it'll get you banhammered
  10. hehe forumbane warriors showed up here on crowfall when it started, and scared all the wiz 101 snowflakes....so the mods brought out the ban hammer to keep us ...nice
  11. Too bad we cant ask him when we die do we get the spinning tunnel, or do you just spawn in the afterlife...dear god dont let it be a mcdonalds commercial! later bro
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