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  1. also some of the spec group builds only worked in spec groups the most fun I had was with my con god birdy scout and my int based cloth wearing doting nuketress(when that bow proc'd it hurt...bad) during banes my rat shade assy was awesome. oh to play a theif again....in any game...sigh
  2. *sits patiently sharpening his axe* *looks up at the Peerats and grins...then goes back to sharpening*
  3. i sure would like to knock down another cornerstone
  4. sooooo twitch gaming is skill...but strategic knowledge based gaming is isnt....got it go back to your PlayStation controller and stay away from PC games. that's the thinking that has dumb down rpg's and MMO's in recent years.
  5. more like rolling Roosevelt's
  6. oh...dorf scouts! I hereby claim the name Elmer Fudd!
  7. i am looking forward to harvesting yer souls
  8. +1 for me!? Um....yay!
  9. hillbilly


    I miss forumbane Nowadays it'll get you banhammered
  10. hehe forumbane warriors showed up here on crowfall when it started, and scared all the wiz 101 snowflakes....so the mods brought out the ban hammer to keep us ...nice
  11. Too bad we cant ask him when we die do we get the spinning tunnel, or do you just spawn in the afterlife...dear god dont let it be a mcdonalds commercial! later bro
  12. gah who let the sand elf in! darn dragon lovin punchy people!
  13. i introduced myself with a nice arrow and bleed Hi!...plink plink plink!! I do miss my high con high run scout'n scout...used to run so many poor bastids around to the benny hill theme. every now n then they would get disgruntled and get a small group to hunt me down...fun days
  14. i dropped a banestone on Ubisoft...but they nutcupped with CN I also dropped on gorrillabane...but it defaulted and was a no show!...I won a empty town with no walls or vendors on a dead server...kinda like magicbane atm
  15. i miss the cat n mouse game we played as scouts n thieves...we all knew each other. roadrunner, stratus, ducky....some thieves were some sneaky good players. Turil, stoker, hazad?, scrubbin some scouts made a living finding and killin thieves. Don't forget the equally nasty huntresses....many scouts got a free recall opening up and picking that fight!
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btrzQ50YpIE a legend singing a legends song both didn't get a smidgen of media love like the purple one
  17. this isnt about capitalism, socialism or any such political nonsense! All those crying about $20 cosmetic horses they don't have to buy, are not willing to share the loss when a game like TITAN goes belly up with millions in dev cost lost without a single ounce of revenue. Lets be honest the real blame for all these in game markets are the players that keep buying all the cosmetics and such. Thus feeding the beast. Funny thing about neo nuevo, paleo, and gluten free capitalism is that you have the free will and choice to buy or not buy. To vote with your feet and wallet...why its the ultimate in democracy! If you don't like it don't buy it, and don't play it....ahhhh freedom actually this is about a multitude of things 1: increased dev cycle. in order to get the realistic char models, purdy visual effects, huge inteactive world that ll play on a xbox,ps4, and cpu's running Win7-win10 w/ various componants the dev cycle has increased dramatically on top lvl games. Titan, and EQN dev cycles took longer then the market supported. With 100's of million$ in dev time lost. This isn't the old days where companies could crank out a completely new game every year. These games are multi year projects that crowfall, star citizen and other indie game makers have found out. And while developers are not slaves to the communist masters, even though they may complain as such, they do get paid before a single profit is made. Age of Conan died because it didn't deliver on its promises and shipped early by cutting its dev cycle short. EQN took to long. I feel star citizen will die to this as well. 2: too many cooks. With the internet, social media, game media, and trying to listen to player demands a game can easily become a complete cluster of poorly made socks. which we seen in a few games that tried to be everything to everyone. Without a core game concept, and plan a game can be destroyed before it hits the preverbal shelves Vanguard, Tabula rosa, EQN would fit in this cat ez. 3: the actual changing of the gamers. and the market. Us old school gamers that can run backward on a quake map and gib you with a headshot at full speed, who also played MUDS, and AD&D are a dying breed. PC gaming is slipping to the console and tablet. The preferred wep of choice of the noob generation. So get ready to have your games simplified and more linear. ESO is a prime example. You can get enough points to have 30 diff wep powers but can only use 6 the amount supported by a ps4 game controller...even on PC! This dumbing down of gaming is one of my pet peeves. Battlefields reward system is like getting a participation trophy for just playing. No matter how much you suck you can eventually open up all the rewards. to try to take the game market and simplify it to a political rant is shallow and misinformed. And Neo in modern political speak is normally code lang for Jewish so I am not a fan of anti-Semitism or any racial/religious bigotry. stick mud stir!
  18. hillbilly


    I like the idea of having a travelling stance type effect instead of mount for this class....call it bull rush...stampede?...Mooo ve B**** git outa my way?
  19. the big dev companies think PC gaming is dead and we all are playing on consoles or ipads. We prolly never see another baldars gate/neverwinter/elder scrolls immersive single player or large scale mmo again. even the FPS games are ditching the campaigns and just doing multiplayer. Content cost money! Friggen diablo3 had a short story line and they expected you to play the same 5 levels over n over with just more mobs. I hope Crowfall learns from their mistakes
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