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  1. i might be taking water over my head here, but one of the things about crowfall is that its not npc/quest heavy. only npcs im aware of in the game should be the thralls, frostzombies, monsters and most likely the gods. and i can honestly only see the gods being voiceacted, btu lets be honest, how often should a god appear to act godly? a god showing up to often messes with the formula crowfall is setting up. voiceacting really has no use in an mmo like this, story driven ones? sure, but the storys et up in crowfall is made entirely to give a formula to the gameplay. im not saying we dont need lore, but it really shouldnt be first priority here
  2. i tought there was no bug archetype and now we need a list?
  3. this looks really suggestive....
  4. choosing your family over a game? what are you, a casual?
  5. downside here isnt that people realize they will need friends, which btw isnt a very good argument. but rather that this system would cause unecesarry salty people who does nothing but whine over kills when not having the system would leave them havign nothing to whine over
  6. clearly you havent played that many games where kills give prestige in some communities people will get compeltely assblasted over someone accidently stealing your kill because apaprently, it matters. remember, there are always idiots out there, and more for that matter, the one to get the final hit isnt always the one deserving of the glory #glorytotheccbrigners
  7. Imortalis was killed by a burn sent by Karnos.
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