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  1. Murder Grove sounds fantastic to me.
  2. so what I've gathered is unrestricted aoe leads to Abuse and nerf and failure, and splitting and capping leads to zerging and failure.
  3. It could be fun, I could see the mana based self heals as the cost of doing business as a big healer. You make the health sacrifices high but the heals huge with a lower casting time. That way the self heals are sort of built in as part of the big heals casting time. Could create Exciting situations when healing a group instead of playing whack a mole with life bars!
  4. I know they've gone into this hide instead of stealth mode, but if they bring back the concept of a stealth specialist, I'd be more likely to give it a solid go. It could be a really fun full stealth class if it gets fleshed out like the concept.
  5. I'm pretty sure everyone will have a ranger alt at some point, why deny it?
  6. You could always go with an ankle trap or some sort of adhesive ground covering?
  7. As a sniper, will we be seeing a longer range or more cc? Obviously Rangers and Stalkers are going to be different. I'd like to see them vastly different, not just reskins of one another. There's always that possibility.
  8. I'm sort of curious how hide is going to work out for rangers. Will being forced to hold still make detection more difficult? If so, will it be additionally heightened by the hide as opposed to stealth?
  9. Some sort of advancement into a thief archetype would be great, I'd love to steal... Especialy if I was stealing skills/abilities/etc.
  10. 100% this. This is the reason things are slow around here.
  11. The more casual side of me hates the idea that there may not be a centralized location for me to seek out materials and upgrades. The hardcore side of me hates the idea that I can't work to completely corner a section of the market at a centralized location. Player ran shops can be interesting, especially when they stay activ if you're offline. The problem for me is what you all are excited about, needing contacts to find and/or hook you up with vendors. Regardless of what they choose to do, the game will still be new and exciting, however, a lack of auction houses could end up being off putti
  12. Although I wasn't ever really interested in the Ranger as a class I find it a little unnerving that an entire theme was scrapped entirely simply to balance a class within the limited scope of the Alpha. That being said, I do like the way the class appears in the preview, and it gives us a greater insight into new mechanics, however if I was invested in the stealthy Sapper I would feel betrayed.
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