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  1. Just like the title says. Lock out EU from NA or at least make it to where when you select a faction on one server the other server is automatic that faction picked.
  2. Guild criteria: Region: NA Atmosphere: PVP/indy Casual/Hardcore?: semi hardcore for now Size: any size as long as active Play-Style: duelist ganky gank Commitment: lot of hours into the game Experience: dark fall,eve,albion,dark age of camelot, WOW, Warhammer online ect. ect. ect. Voice-Chat services: discord, team speak
  3. n game name: Balfizar Times primarily available (Include Timezone): all the time...usually depends on work and kids but mostly all the time What 'role' do you want to play in game? murderer of crows with light gather /craft sprinkled in Class played: duelist Looking for some active people to play with that I can experience the game with.
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