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  1. Let me get this straight... So are you allowed to move across worlds in the same rule set only, or across worlds in any rule set as you see fit? The latter feels a bit immersion-breaking. I am hoping that the way Eternal Kingdoms appears separated from all the others in the Universe maps means that it is its own game. This is how I see it too. The first Universe map shows multiple worlds within each rule set themselves.
  2. How about, Medics will be able to perform the usual task of heals but instant heals will only recover health moderately whilst the stronger heals are Heal over Time (and I am not talking about ten seconds). Aside from this, healing skills will require the use of 'prescriptions' (couldn't find the ideal word) which are basically crafted from medicinal herbs or involve difficult processes of extractions that only the most experienced Medics can accomplish. For all I care, the plants in the wild won't have any names and you will have to depend on their looks, and there may be similar looking poisonous plants. Back to what I was saying, these 'prescriptions' could be carried in a separate Medical Kit and once exhausted you can no longer use your heals. Perhaps you could even have caravans bringing medical supplies to your camp. Or even better, over-healing will trigger off the side effects of the plants in a way similar to how poison can be used to neutralize other poisons (according to Traditional Chinese medicine anyway) In a way this would put it at a cross between Crafter/Support but I suppose you could choose whether to specialize in the Crafting aspect (Apothecary) meaning you produce better quality 'prescriptions' or in the Support archetype (Healer) which will give you bonus stats that will help you survive on the battlefield preferably in terms of elemental resistances and whatnot, or even follow the same line as above to manufacture Poison Kits. I can see how the involvement of Crafting might be a serious flaw, but does this concept sound like it would work in principle? Doesn't hurt to dream I suppose.
  3. ... You appear to believe that full loot actually removes equipment from circulation as item decay does, but it does not because the piece of equipment has merely changed hands.
  4. My position at the moment is in favor of Inventory Loot with Permanent Item Decay though I am open to change (full loot) if the next part gets proven wrong. People say that in the event of Inventory Loot everybody would run around with empty inventories but I disagree. Why? because Crowfall has Hunger Resistance and Warmth Conversion! Since there has been so much stress about strategic locations it is not wild to imagine that people may have to carry food and blankets (sophisticated weather system!) with them for drawn out sieges. In my opinion it would make the whole concept of Hunger Resistance and Warmth Conversion more interesting and more purposeful, though I can see why this still might not be enough for some people but at least from this perspective inventory loot isn't necessarily pointless.
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