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  1. Guild criteria: Region: NA Atmosphere: I enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where everyone has a good time, but can still focus on objectives when needed Casual/Hardcore?: Semi-casual hardcore? I expect I'll be devoting a significant amount of time playing going forward, but my play-times can vary. Size: Large enough that I can get into a group with some frequency. Play-Style: I enjoy PvPing, Crafting, Capturing objectives, whatever is needed for a guild. Commitment: I'm fairly committed to games and groups once I make them. Miscellaneous: Have one mid-level vessel (cleric) but happy to level up whatever is needed for the group. Experience: I've been playing MMOs for roughly 20 years, largely with PvP groups. Notably, I did play Shadowbane back in the day. For Crowfall, I've been loosely following the game development since I backed the Kickstarter and started to dive in with the latest update, getting to roughly 15 solo. The value of having a group is definitely apparent though. Voice-Chat services: There's the obvious Discord, but I can probably use whatever is needed.
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