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  1. Stormwald isnt ds any more, hes C&L. He tried to change ds to meet his own image. Epic fail.
  2. I emailed him today and linked him to these forums. So fingers crossed. I took over nation lead when we moved to the magicbane emulator. I was an IC on Mourning and Steven gave me his royal seal of approval in the continuation of the DS legacy.
  3. Yes, as suggested we cater for more casual players...having said this, we do have a dedicated core of skilled pvpers. If you want to get to know us come play with us on the magicbane shadowbane emulator
  4. Yes. Also, we are currently somewhat active on the Magicbane shadowbane emulator, so you are more than welcome to come play with us there whilst waiting for Crowfall.
  5. I received a pm from Riffats on the MB boards a few weeks ago....seems that he has "found God" and has been "born again"...kept refering to me as "brother" lol, it was slightly disturbing in the fact that it sounded nothing like the Riffats we all know and love/hate.
  6. Magicbane. Y'all should come give it a go!
  7. Unfortunately Steven's health has not been too good in recent years, he did not return to play on either of the emulators, despite my efforts to try and get him to come back via email. So, with his blessing, I decided to start Dragonscale once again, along with some of the old DS core (Xemise/Exodeous, Zanpactou etc) as Shadowbane has always needed a home for new players and I feel DS should have a presence in this game also.
  8. While waiting for Crowfall, y'all should get a taste for the pvp of old and come play Magicbane!
  9. They literally destroy any game they play!
  10. Aye! I am gonna email him now actually to let him know it exists.
  11. Indeed. Good to see you again Xemise!
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