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  1. There really is no reason not too show all the information a skill or training will provide you. In the end you will just make it an annoying and potentially lose casual players over something so trivial. If you are hardcore and don't want any information or I should say minimal information about a skill then maybe a detailed tooltip toggle at most. Even then does it really matter if you know or don't know what it would provide you? If you are that hardcore fanatical about immersion you probably would just go with what you want anyways right? Knowing more about the skill shouldn't matter, you
  2. No just no... I want the content to be good enough to make players want to be there.. not some crappy bonuses or weapon perks.
  3. Thanks guys! @Hunter64 Yeah I love WC3, check out Sins of a Solar Empire if you get a chance. Fantastic RTS game but few years old also. @a4sayknrthm I will have to check that game out, good looking out!
  4. Sad to hear about DAoC but thanks for the welcome... lets keep our fingers crossed Crowfall takes us back!
  5. Hey everyone! So obviously everyone is aware of crafting and enchanting equipment with spells or proc effects I hope. I would be interested in taking these a bit further than normal. Instead of my dagger of darkness just cause you to cast and move slower while you are blinded. I would rather actually have your screen turn black for a few seconds. Your character could still move and cast as fast as normal but now you really are blind. Another example maybe an armor buff you had crafted on your latest magic robes To counter ganks from assassins. Blah blah of Illusions. So whenever
  6. Wait sorry if I miss understand.. but I was under the impression if you pledge now whatever level you pledge you would receice the same items and perks as the kickstarter it was just a bit more expensive because of shipping? I am going to be pretty disappointed if I pledged sapphire and don't get everything included.
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys, currently I am mostly playing Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. MMO's have pretty much died off for me now, every now and then I log back on to Landmark but just really not in the mood for the current state of them. I keep debating on reactivating some of my old accounts from DAoC or AC I use to play. EVE has even lost interest for me right now... its a sad day.. As for UO its been hell probably 15 years since I played but I think the server I use to play on with my buddies in middle school was Lake something or other.. I think there were actually a few Lak
  8. I can understand both sides of the argument here. So I just admit I voted negatively purely best from an RP standpoint I like to have as much control over my character as possible and no matter how much reasoning behind a system where Archetypes are locked I would much rather be able to mix and match as I felt. Either way though I will still be enjoying this game.
  9. Hey guys! Just wanted to introduce myself. I been playing MMO's since UO days.. grew up through Asheron's Call, DAoC, SWG, EVE Online, SWtoR and World of Warcraft. Played a bit of every other MMO to give it a shot but nothing has really found my passion like AC and DAoC did. I dabble a bit in RTS and I'm pretty solid at MOBA's. Enjoy back story and story arch way to much, it really adds to the immersion and game play for me to know the history of my characters and their motivation. All said and done though PvP is where I spend most of my time, find myself generally playing the Rogue, S
  10. Thanks for the link, as a new pledge and member I was interested in the back story and info on the gods myself.
  11. Insidious

    Hello :^)

    Greetings! Good to see you decided to stop lurking and get involved. Hope to hear more from you and see you in game!
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