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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Let us have a successful slaughterfest for the new 2016 year.
  2. If i had to be honest, i completely disagree. If anything, my personal opinion is that the Legionnaire is heavily underwhelming at this point. Aside from scatter horde, his CC is minimal, he has a heal he can't spam, and while it helps, its about all hes got. That and being able to stand in front of a friendly confessor to soak damage. All in all, i don't see him as a "OP dedicated healer" in the least. He has 1 heal that he can use like every 20 seconds. And its not even spectacular. Id much rather have a knight in place of a Legionnaire on my team in the current state.
  3. Lazerus


    Looks like a solid idea you have here. Hope it all Panns out for the best for ya. Cheers from Chalcitis !
  4. It doesn't even necessarily have to be a micro-transaction item. This could be implemented as a cosmetic item you can make in-game, but maybe gives no actual stat bonuses.
  5. Put in a app. Very unique guild with a unique set of goals. Something id very much like to be a part of. Hope to hear back.
  6. Hey all. Thought once i waited the time id make a introduction. Backed the project and look forward to being able to play in Alpha 2 phase ! Will continue checking out the rest of the forums as well.
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