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  1. Managing training times at measured in 42 years for all game skills and more will be added there is simply enough that you give people ability to select what you want and then sell retraining crystals .. or advanced paths ...
  2. Main difference is that Eve speed of training is based on your attributes basically every skill branch (targeting, navigation, mining ... ) have primary and secondary skill, for example navigation skills training speed is Inteligence + secondary perception / 2 a minute. So if you have 20 Inteligence and 20 Perception your trainins speed will be 20 + (20/2) = 30 points a minute The base numbers of skill points (SP) required to train a skill with a training time multiplier of 1x (like Navigation, for example) go like this: Level I: 250 Level II: 1,414 Level III: 8,000 Level IV: 45,255 Level V: 256,000 SO for first lv you will need 250 / 30 = 8+ minutes, second additional 38 minutes, 4 hour, 20.7 hours, and last 117 hours so total time is little less then 6 days to master skill TIER I depend on your attributes. Biggest skills like piloting titan ship are TIER * 16! So as you translate it to CrowFall For Example we will use Mining. To train basic mining skill which is TIER I you will use strength + constitution attributes ... every lv in skill will give you +5% speed in mining so you will after 1 hour be able to mine 10% faster and after 1 day of training 20% faster. Every tier of basic mining skill you learn wil give you ability to mine different Ore. So you will need 4-6 day to learn to mine gold, but you will be able to mine Iron after only 40 min, tin after 4 hours, silver after 1 day. Then for example lets invent skill called RUNE PICK USE it is TIER 2 and you can learn it after you have TIER III in mining this skill will let you use better runes for your mining and spent less stamina so you will mine even faster ... then you can add to this for example skill IRON ORE Geology that let you recognize mineral structure in earth to mine more of specific ore. As you can see adding every one of this skills to max lv give you some 5 % in speed so after month and half or more of training one miner will mine ore twice as fast as newbie, but only some 15% faster then person who spent a week training! This way give you really easy to start hard to master approach and also give you HUGE specter of skills to learn, creating diversity in every Crow
  3. that will be really SUPERB .. EK as PvE playground, winter comes ... snow cover all and you hear howls of hungry wolfs in distance ... still your Pig is so slow it moves step by step every step like eternity, will you bring this load to trade city ... question is in your head as wind is stronger and you feel cold grip around your heart ... Now i can imagine why walls ,,,
  4. Ok so if i understand it well ... EK Eternal kingdom is peaceful place to trade, craft, socialize where nobody can attack you , steal, kill you , jump on your corpse, bring ex-your pig to trump your weak body with weight from ex-your resources .... But ahmm .. Why we have to build Walls around town if you dont have to defend from anything? Wall is normaly used to keep something from one side of it, enemy, weather, prisoners ... fans ... journalists ... WAAAGH!! .... so If i declare my EK to be PvP i dont think any crafter will come in so the wall is of no use as there is nothing to protect in my castle .... if i declare it to be no kill zone to get crafters buyers, merchant tralls, travelers, girls etc .... i dont need walls at all .... Decoration ... oook but i really want people to move around easy to get a BIG market in middle of EK ... walls here just dont fit except if it is good to put around so crafters cannot get lost all over .... So ahmmm ... anyone can find a reason do we need walls for anything usefull in EK, or they are just for decoration?
  5. 1 st there is some 9000 people invited to do testing so it is not open to all yet, testing at moment is fun as all is new and crafting system is really deep so we all experiment with creating items but ... its good that there is no more people because it wil be hard to contain bloodbath. At moment you need 40 minutes of material time you are blind to craft one item that is not basic ... + resource harvesting from 1 to 3 hours to get craft one item and if you are killed in middle all from start ... Crafters started to organize in groups to protect from lone raiders, of course raiders started to do the same ... so in 3.8 im expecting some interesting fights but as soon as there will come safe zone to trade/ craft number of people interested in testing will skyrocket as game is already fun enough to be played
  6. Hi all i wished to say i started playing eve in 2005 and i liked a lot its passive skill tree system. As I like to craft things a lot it is my pass time so even when i have some 10 - 15 min break it was always great to check my crafting que, or check prices on auction board. Still when im at home i like to go on mining runs or get in some fight, and in eve i was able to do right this all time from start. Now as i tried crafting and skill tree in crowfall, crafting is AMAZING but skill tree get me totally @what for@, i was thinking a lot why it was and after some time it become clear. In eve from the start i have TON of short skills that i can start and i feel FULLY involved in game and thinking about millions of different ways to program my training que. Every thing i train OPEN A NEW item or SHIP or New ability, so after day or two in EVE i have basic skills, i can drive fey ships and i can start working on improving quality of items i can use. In CF i have to wait 3 DAYS to train one skill and open 4 other skills ... it totaly KILL MY MOD. Ok every skill in CW train up to 100 and in eve max is up to tier 5, but in eve every skill give you a lot of satisfaction, as i train shields it work better i SEE that i can use better modules and if i dont wish to start 24 day skill i will just share it to some other useful skills. So im now seting relations between EVE and CW ... If you look carefully lets say that EVE ships are CROWFALL vessels, so we have Universal skills that are used by all Vessels and you can train only ONE, and `class` skills that you train one + 2 if you pay monthly subscription. to keep it short i will just say that what skill tree need is to give MASSIVE NUMBER of base skills that will create LOGICAL piramid or requirements for higher tier skills, for example: This can be done also with a lower skill requirements so you can start ore mining with only 10 / 100 in basic harvesting so that you dont need to wait days or weeks to start seeing specialization differences. Uff it is getting late and if there is interest in this thread i will gladly explain more tomorrow.
  7. Hmm simple thing is not to limit veterans but to give everyone something to do that is appropriate to his skills, if newbie wish to go to die assaulting mountain castle its his problem ... but he can have fun harvesting, protecting caravan, hunting some animals, Pvp in some remote zone, making coal, crafting some part that is mass used but dont have to be high quality etc.. Sincerely if there is no sense of achievement that result from your effort invested in game, and you just wish to kil people to no end then you can play Smite? Overwach? I want that i see result from my 1 year training,l if there is no difference, why to play 3 months campaigns and collect resources etc ... so that your master crafted sword with 0.01% chance to get crafted and 1 year of training combat skills get you to same lv as milk noob crawling over his first copper node ...
  8. Also Sanctuary: 12 x 12 Sorry & Misery: 9 x 9 all filled Mourning: 10 x 10 Things are heating up! If we can build some sort oh house to transfer resources to sanctuary, then we will have to search for target, but if it is concentrated in 3 areas like on map with 3 fortress you can create 3 factions that ambush each other. If there is diferent % of resources transferred depending on portal quality ... and crafting is concentrated in safe zone .... mmmmmm
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