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  1. My name is Sinole! I mainly inhabit the vessels of Stoneborn, and prefer to focus on gathering and crafting over fighting. Although I do welcome the chance to revel in a good fight! As a new Crow I am open to any guidance! Cheers all!
  2. I think I'm going to like the druid a lot. Support heals and nuke sounds like my play style. Now I just have to decide whether to play an avatar thats more like myself and play a male druid or if I just wanna play the female so I have a cute lady druid to look at during my many hours of play.
  3. I disagree, I enjoy playing support role in most MMO/RPGS,MOBAs. I think it is foolish to downplay the importance of such roles. Combat still has a ways to go and grow in CF so we shall see what happens.
  4. I like it, I don't think it would be too difficult to record and replay highlights from the campaign at the end of the campaign if nothing else.
  5. I hope this clears up a lot of confusion/questions people had regarding vessels. The FAQ was very clear and straight forward. I am very excited for this system
  6. Interesting topic... I'm not sure we have enough information to start questioning the alignments of the Gods within the Pantheon. I will say that Yaga is the God most appealing to me at the moment.
  7. New Tomb Raider was pretty amazing, one of the first games I payed money for after I got my Steam account, I'll probably get the new one too. I'll have to check out Blade & Soul. Never got into WoW, I played it for awhile when I had a girlfriend that played it but too much of a PvE grind for me, thats why I liked Warhammer Online a lot, you could compete in the PvP pretty early on after making a new character without too much of a grind, there were different tiers of PvP somewhat like what Crowfall sounds like.
  8. D2 was life. I started my venture into PC gaming with D2 and WC3 (thanks Dad!) and haven't turned back since. I console game too, but Steam makes it really difficult to ever leave my PC. Nice to meet another Brazilian, my co-worker is a native of Brazil and the culture is very interesting to me after meeting him haha we have good times. Have you watched Minha Mae e Uma Peca? Or any other stuff that actor is in? Do you use Steam/what other games you into?
  9. Well said. I'm sure if/when they do start attending events we will be the first to know.
  10. Hi there, I'm not really new but I haven't been on the forums much and saw this thread so I thought I'd introduce myself. I almost always go by the name Sinole online (pronounced sin ol'). My favorite MMO / PvP games are Diablo 2 and Warhammer Online respectively, although I've been playing Dota 2 a lot the past few years. I've played TESO and FFXIV and they are ehhh imo. Can't wait for Crowfall, just want that hardcore balanced PvP experience in an MMORPG, something similar to how Warhammer RvR worked. In D2 my favorite character was the Paladin, in Warhammer I played Knight of the Blazing Sun and in Dota I usually play support or tank/core role. So I'll look forward to supporting as well as crafting a lot in Crowfall, I like the Forgemaster and Myrmidon archetypes, but so far there isn't really a support role that I'm too interested in, I'm hoping in the future there is a support role that also has crafting skills (the forgemaster might be this but not sure yet). If anyone is looking to play with a skilled Support/Tank as well as craftsman I'm still looking for a guild. I'm also a big comic book/literature nerd if anyone is looking for some off-topic conversation My favorite book series is The Dark Tower (as much as I love GoT too). My favorite comic series at the moment is Saga but there are so many good books coming out from Image and Marvel right now, its a great time to be a reader. So look forward to communicating (and eventually playing Crowfall!) with everyone. Peace Crows, Sinole
  11. Ok thanks for the response. Like I said I'm way more for PvP in any MMORPG, I figured Raids wouldn't be happening any time soon if at all I was just wondering if it would maybe be a thing down the road long after the release of the full game. I completely understand that for CF its way more important to just focus on the PvP to work towards and maintain balance in that aspect without having to worry about a larger PvE aspect. Much prefer combat with actual people than AI. Ok Idk if I should start another topic or just include this here so for now I'm just going to keep my suggestions in this topic and hope it gets a response. 2 other suggestions: 1. I know this topic is kind of a hot debate at the moment with the inclusion of vessels, but I'm wondering if this has been talked about even before the announcement was made: will our characters be able to have multiple (preferably 2) item builds that are easy to switch between? I'm thinking like in Diablo 2, I know most other MMOs do it now but D2 is really what I'm picturing where you have set up 2 different sets of weapons/weapon shield, or possibly be able to swap even armor with the click of a button as well? I know people have been debating being able to switch vessels mid campaign.. I'm more for at the very least being able to have 2 weapon sets easily swappable, how much further we care to take item set swapping is up for debate, and as has been discussed in other threads the inclusion of vessels makes this a somewhat tricky topic. 2. Is there a way that we could talk about/ look at another way of doing guilds different from how they are done in other games? I'm not really sure what I mean by this, I'm mostly bringing it up for the sake of discussion but also my feelings about guilds are this: everyone wants to be the founder and leader of a guild, but obviously this can't be... Is there a way that we could make two different categories of groups/guilds? One could be a smaller 'group' and another could be a larger actual 'guild'. The group could be like a collection of your close irl friends/people you've met and developed close relationships with online and the guilds could be bigger groups like PvP focused guilds or like craftsmans guilds etc. I'm pretty sure its already been discussed that people would be limited to one guild (I could be wrong) I actually kind of like in TSO that you can be in multiple guilds, but just bringing this up for discussion and I think it would be cool if CF could find a new way to handle guilds. I can't remember what game it was (maybe Warhammer:Online) there was something like this where you got XP benefit from partying up with people in your small group and this was different from partying up with guildmembers. Again, sorry if these things have been touched upon elsewhere, feel free to link me the thread/s if they have. Stay classy Crows!
  12. Hi guys, my name is Sinole and I'm a 2015 kickstarter backer. I just wanted to take the time and give my 2 cents about the game, and I apologize if my opinions/suggestions have been posted elsewhere, my interaction with the forums here have been sparse up until recently. First off I wanted to say that imo I'm glad to see that Crowfall seems to catering to hardcore PvPers. When I first saw Crowfall on kickstarter what I was hoping it would be was an MMOBA style type of game, and a year later that still seems to be the case. I wanted a game where sandbox arena PvP was front and center, but there is also an open world for me to interact with other players as well as develop my own personal character over time. So far the dream is coming along nicely. That being said I do hope that there is still plenty for RPers to rejoice. I still want to interact with others in this virtual world through our virtual avatars, otherwise this would just be another MOBA clone, its just for me competitive PvP is always my main focus within MMOs. So my suggestions for now (surprising to myself) would be to keep one aspect of RPG based MMOs, really the only thing I like about PvE: Raids and Raid bosses. Has this been talked about? Could this be a thing? Maybe Raid bosses could be actual Gods! Again sorry if this has already been discussed, I don't really have time to read through every post from the past year. What do you all think? Also I'm curious if others have the same opinions as me, when you supported Crowfall were you looking for a more PvP based experience or were you more attracted to the lore RPG aspect? So pumped for this game I've wanted an MMO that I can really get into since playing Warhammer Online (RvR!!!) and then being disappointed with every MMO I've played since (WoW, TSO, FFXIV)
  13. I'm really glad to see a better response to The Big Reveal here. Youtube really is a toxic place. Here's my opinion on The Big Reveal, it was more in response to youtube comments, but like I said glad to see people here are more accepting of innovative change. This is good stuff right here! So I feel bad for the backers that are having a negative response to this change, but I really don't understand the response. The only thing that really changes with this alteration is this: before if I wanted to have multiple "characters" each account had I think it was 3 different character saves available. Now with this change, if you want to have another "character" you kind of have to start another account. Which I can see how this might annoy some people. But the reality of the situation is whether you have 3 characters on one account or 1 character per account you would have to split up your time spent into leveling up each character, so nothing really changes except this way you really have to think strategically about how you level up your crow. For example before this change I thought I would have one character be combat focused and one character crafting focused. Now with the change (I doubt I'll be someone that makes multiple accounts, maybe I'll change my mind over time) I really have to think about how I want to level up my crow because I still want a Crow thats good at combat but I will also want one that can craft well. So I can still try and do this or I can just say screw being good at crafting I want to focus on all combat or vice-versa. TL;DR It doesn't really matter because either way 3 characters per account or 1 character per account you still have to split up your time leveling up each character and should be leveling up strategically to get the most out of the character you are trying to create, which really should be the basis of any good MMORPG imo. Also for the people complaining that adding vessels ruins the game; I really don't think you are understanding how they work (or just aren't watching the whole video/reading the associated FAQ) The vessels seem to be more stat/skill based rather than appearance, you can still customize your avatar to look like whatever you want, they said in the video that instead of character creation just being at the beginning of the game you will be able to customize your character appearance anytime (prob not in combat) you want. So do other people feel the same way, was everyone else getting the same idea/s from the announcement?
  14. Good looks man, I am also graphic design savy, but may hit you up to do some work anyway as I am pretty busy. Are you already attached to a guild Navlaan?
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