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  1. My name is Sinole! I mainly inhabit the vessels of Stoneborn, and prefer to focus on gathering and crafting over fighting. Although I do welcome the chance to revel in a good fight! As a new Crow I am open to any guidance! Cheers all!
  2. New Tomb Raider was pretty amazing, one of the first games I payed money for after I got my Steam account, I'll probably get the new one too. I'll have to check out Blade & Soul. Never got into WoW, I played it for awhile when I had a girlfriend that played it but too much of a PvE grind for me, thats why I liked Warhammer Online a lot, you could compete in the PvP pretty early on after making a new character without too much of a grind, there were different tiers of PvP somewhat like what Crowfall sounds like.
  3. D2 was life. I started my venture into PC gaming with D2 and WC3 (thanks Dad!) and haven't turned back since. I console game too, but Steam makes it really difficult to ever leave my PC. Nice to meet another Brazilian, my co-worker is a native of Brazil and the culture is very interesting to me after meeting him haha we have good times. Have you watched Minha Mae e Uma Peca? Or any other stuff that actor is in? Do you use Steam/what other games you into?
  4. Hi there, I'm not really new but I haven't been on the forums much and saw this thread so I thought I'd introduce myself. I almost always go by the name Sinole online (pronounced sin ol'). My favorite MMO / PvP games are Diablo 2 and Warhammer Online respectively, although I've been playing Dota 2 a lot the past few years. I've played TESO and FFXIV and they are ehhh imo. Can't wait for Crowfall, just want that hardcore balanced PvP experience in an MMORPG, something similar to how Warhammer RvR worked. In D2 my favorite character was the Paladin, in Warhammer I played Knight of the Blazing
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