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  1. Join the First Campaign - Official Discussion Thread

    Good to hear🤘
  2. Cremoria [NA] [Semi-hardcore gaming community]

    Ahhh, these are the tophats i was looking for.
  3. Covenant Of The Phoenix

    can't wait to conquer all the dying worlds with you guys :-)
  4. Covenant Of The Phoenix

    Can't wait to play this with you guys :-) I'm really glad the guild i was part of joined Cotp.
  5. Covenant Of The Phoenix

    Well, all i can say is that, since my chapter joined CotP i felt like i found a new home. Playing with this awesome bunch of people is just plain fun. And it's going to be the same for this game:-) So, if you picked up the game but don't know whom to Play with, have a look at our forum, Chat with us on mumble, and join the fun :-)